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  1. 09Bigbuck

    My sons 2020 buck

    Awesome congratulations!
  2. 09Bigbuck

    NM youth tag sucess.

  3. 09Bigbuck

    Son's Arizona Coues

    Awesome buck!
  4. 09Bigbuck

    Oryx #2 for my boy

    Awesome congratulations
  5. 09Bigbuck

    Youth hunt success

    I agree it would be hard to get kids into hunting if they couldn’t draw tags. I have enjoyed tagging along on his hunts the last two years way more than any of my hunts. I can’t wait till my second boy starts hunting, hopefully next year!
  6. 09Bigbuck

    Valle Vidal 2020

    Awesome congratulations
  7. 09Bigbuck

    Youth hunt success

    No the last photo is cheddar bratwurst. The picture in the smoker was Eldon’s snack sticks. Mixed the elk 50/50 with pork butt for both and it came out great!
  8. 09Bigbuck

    NM Youth Hunt Success

    Amazing buck! Congratulations to the young man
  9. 09Bigbuck

    NM Recap

  10. 09Bigbuck

    Youth hunt success

    My son was fortunate enough to draw the youth on range oryx tag, 34 cow elk, and get a private deer tag. Thanks to some help from friends and my brother we had a blast and the freezer is full!
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  14. 09Bigbuck

    Unit 15 Youth muzzleloader BULL DOWN

    Congratulations! That’s awesome
  15. 09Bigbuck

    My 2015 NM archery antelope

    Very nice!
  16. 09Bigbuck

    OTC sheep

  17. 09Bigbuck

    OTC Sheep Down!

  18. 09Bigbuck

    Barbary Sheep

    Thanks It's a fun and challenging hunt. Finding them on public land can be quite the challenge which makes it that much sweeter when you finally find them. I love my BOGPOD, I don't have the attachments but use them frequently to steady my binoculars and occasionally my rifle.
  19. 09Bigbuck

    Barbary Sheep

    Sweet, that wind was horrible the first 2 days. Glad you were able to get one they are awesome animals.
  20. 09Bigbuck

    Barbary Sheep

    Thanks everyone. He is a DIY public land NM sheep. I probably wouldn't have gone straight at him but I was afraid if I went around him I would spook him onto some private ground. That and in the past I have noticed that when beded in good cover thay tend to hold tight till you get pretty close...
  21. 09Bigbuck

    Barbary Sheep

    I didn't see many sheep this year but got lucky on the 1st and only ram I saw. He was beded at the top of a hill overlooking the only route to approach from so I decided to go straight at him. I worked my way toward him glassing as I got closer hoping I could spot him before he busted out...
  22. 09Bigbuck

    Any Bikers on MM?

    Yah I just started riding! Man it's addictive, it's just hard for me to get out as much as I would like with a little one running around. Some day though I am gona ride all the way up the Alaska Highway from ( NM). Actually might just ship the bike up and fly to Alaska and ride back. Just...
  23. 09Bigbuck

    Results When?

    LAST EDITED ON Jun-18-12 AT 02:45PM (MST)[p]No sheep or goat. Come on super tag!
  24. 09Bigbuck


  25. 09Bigbuck

    Gas station, services near Hope?

    I am pretty sure the old gas station in hope still sells burritos, snacks and drinks, however; they don't sell any gas. Good luck
  26. 09Bigbuck


    That is a very nice coues deer. Is that a jaguar above the fire place.
  27. 09Bigbuck

    Desert Muley Rut ---- Hey Stinky------

    The rut is definately on. I went out last Saturday in 31 and saw several nice bucks pushing does.
  28. 09Bigbuck

    barbary sheep

    Congradulations on a nice ram
  29. 09Bigbuck

    1st Barbery Ram

    Thanks Michael, did you hunt sheep this year?
  30. 09Bigbuck

    2010 Barbary sheep

    Congradulations, nice ram.
  31. 09Bigbuck

    1st Barbery Ram

    Thanks guys
  32. 09Bigbuck

    1st Barbery Ram

    Finally had a day off when the weather wasn't nasty and headed down to go out with one of my friends. I was only going to have 1 1/2 days so my hopes weren't to high but I was hoping I could at least catch a glimpse of some sheep. I got out to the 1 st spot about noon on thursday right as the...
  33. 09Bigbuck

    Stallion Range Oryx for ELKSNIPER

    Congrats, that is a fine looking oryx.
  34. 09Bigbuck

    Waterfowl Fun

    Congrats, looks like ya'll had fun.
  35. 09Bigbuck

    My dads McGregor Oryx

    Any oryx on the off range hunt is a good one. I posted a summary of my season on here, never got anything big but we had a good time. The wife just killed a 33" bull saturday on the jan badged hunt Take care Glenn
  36. 09Bigbuck

    My dads McGregor Oryx

    Tell your dad congrats on a nice bull. How was your hunting season? Take care Glenn
  37. 09Bigbuck

    Oryx pics & story

    Nice oryx. I love everything about oryx but the best thing about them is how good they taste. Congrats!
  38. 09Bigbuck

    My 2010 FREAK!

    Congrats on a nice buck
  39. 09Bigbuck

    Unit 22 4th season deer

    We hunted the 3rd season saw a couple decent deer, but not nearly what we expected. The locals said they were still hurting from that bad winter 2 years ago. From what they said the 3 year is uasually the worst in terms of deer numbers before the herd starts to pick back up. Sorry, hope that...
  40. 09Bigbuck

    Texas Hunt

    LAST EDITED ON Dec-09-09 AT 10:34PM (MST)[p]Hey Wes, looks like you had a good time. That a big ole pig. How have you been? Glenn
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