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  1. ReinerDude

    Advice sought for 2021 deer

    I am a NR with 18 points and was hoping some of y'all might offer some good advice for me on a deer hunt. My situation: I was lucky enough to have gotten to hunt 44 and take a couple of nice bucks there in the past and I never intended to build up as many points as I have, but I kept building...
  2. ReinerDude

    Leftover Tags

    Hey fellas, I was hoping somebody might be able to give some guidance as to what the best way to buy the leftover tags is? Online, phone, or in person? I realize they will go fast but I don't know how fast. I appreciate any help so thanks in advance.
  3. ReinerDude

    Unit 66 Meat processing

    Trying to think positive. I'll be hunting in Lake City 2nd rifle and was hoping someone might recommend a place to work one up around Lake City or even Gunnison at a decent price? Thanks in advance for the help
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