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    X2, X6A, X6B

    PM Sent
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    Cali big game statistics

    Easy Schmalie, I'm sure they'll hold a B tag with your name on it for you.
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    Droptine Buck Photo Contest

    Montana 2004
  4. Jacob Montana - jpg.jpg

    Jacob Montana - jpg.jpg

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    Droptine Buck Photo Contest

    Not sure if a down turning main beam fits the bill, but a cool looking California buck from 2014.
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    X Zones

    How was everyone's X-Zones hunts this year? Hot, dry, full moon, locked public access, and a mid-season Covid scare made for an interesting one for me. Thanks again to everyone I reached out to for information on my hunt.
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    Is 87 really all gloom and doom?

    I'm interested to hear how you do, 87 is on my short list of units to apply for and I would like to know how its doing. I had a Ferris elk tag in 2015 and we saw quite a few bucks throughout the hunt.
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    30” California mule deer, they do exist!!

    Great Buck, Congratulations!
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    It can happen

    D3-5 has sold out the last couple years, but if there are too many bucks on her new place I'd be happy to help her out.
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    Good day backpack

    I bought a Mystery Ranch Pintler a few months back that I have enjoyed so far. It should be about the right size/setup as you're looking for.
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    X6A help?

    There was a large burn there last year a secluded spot within there is where I would start.
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    Hunting This Year Burn

    Thank you for the replies, it looks like I will be spending some time in those areas.
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    Hunting This Year Burn

    Does anyone have any experience (good or bad) hunting burns the same year as the fire? There is currently a good size fire in a zone that I will be hunting this fall and was wondering if it would be worth giving that area a look. Thanks
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    Broadheads for longer distance with the new Raven crossbows

    I have been using slick trick vipertricks this season and they have been flying unbelievably well.
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    J8 Daugherty Wildlife Area

    That time of year the entire zone should be pretty much the same. Like anywhere else the further away from the road/parking lot the better.
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    WIN a Pack! Easy to Enter!

    "I want that pack on my back!"
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    Trail Cameras - Seeking Advice

    For work I keep upwards of a 100 cameras out year round in the Mojave desert which have captured both snow and 120 degrees days. we have tried browning, Bushnell, among a few other cheaper brands and I keep coming back to cuddeback. For the $90-$100 price point they have given me the best...
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    Were there any areas that you found particularly interesting while you were driving around last weekend? It might be easier to narrow down some areas to scout if you mention what looked productive to you and then have members chime in on if you are on the right track or not.
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    Help with anchor and form

    I am far from an expert as well, that being said I agree with middlefork. Your best bet maybe be to find the best archery shop that is reasonably close to you and have them help with the adjustments. Those formulas for draw lengths are guidelines and not always exact for your body/anchor point...
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    X2 Archery

    This is a very small snapshot of what the zone has to offer so take it for what it's worth. I scouted the Devils Garden portion of X2 a couple years back over Labor Day and was very surprised at the lack of deer that we saw.
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    Found a Pair

    Hard to beat a big fork by three point, thanks for sharing.
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    Max deer points

    My dad and I took advantage of the opportunity in Colorado the year they had the program. I like the concept but it did fall out of flavor fast. I would certainly consider it again given the right circumstances.
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    Max deer points

    I agree that high point hunts can come with added pressure. It seems silly but it is true. As someone who has cashed in max/high points on a couple hunts and who still has a handful of them left, I don't regret accumulating them but won't do it again.
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    Another one of those, I've got 13 pts.....

    I drew the 3rd season in 2013, if you decide on 66 shoot me a PM I'll tell you what I know, although it's a few years old.
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    Which buck would take?

    They're probably both going to get away while I clean the mess in my pants! But if I was able to compose myself top buck.
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    Favorite 209 primer

    I shoot Fiocchi 209
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    Win a Bino/Rangefinder Harness - Easy to Enter

    Set Me Up with Goodies
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    Mike Tyson

    Those wacky "sitting" bee contests
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    Consolation prize

    Not silly at all, actually a really neat idea. He looks like an old warrior, thanks for sharing.
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    Consolation prize

    Beautiful Buck! Just curious, what's the deal with the mounted lower jaw from your post on Jan 23, 2019?
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    Colorado area 61 for archery elk.

    Coloradoman I sent you a PM
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    I want to kill a whitetail!

    Eastern Montana
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    2019 kill pics!

    I love a freak show, what a great buck.
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    A11 (X6a)

    Deerhunter, how was your A11 experience? I am considering applying for A11 or the rifle hunt this year and curious about your thoughts, thanks.
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    270 145 gr eldx

    Have you thought about 140 barnes tsx? They hit hard and have great weight retention. They make a 150 as well but recommend a faster twist.
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    First time muley hunt

    It more or less mimicked what has been stated above.
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    First time muley hunt

    PM Sent
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