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  1. ElkHunterNM

    Well Boys....

    I’m leaving to Alaska on April 24th for a brown bear / black bear hunt. I guess I’ll find out if I drew anything when I get back into cell service. good luck to everyone!
  2. ElkHunterNM

    Another big un

    I am always amazed that their is seldom a full story of the monster animal. I enjoy the pictures don’t get me wrong, I equally enjoy the story.
  3. ElkHunterNM

    Bear hunt back on

    Due to Covid my 2020 spring brown and black bear hunts are canceled. I’m back on for 2021. Thank you to Alaska game and fish for their help and support through this pandemic. Flights booked. Locking tags in hand and .338 sighted in. I can’t wait for the to happen.
  4. ElkHunterNM

    Video: My wife gets scoped by the muzzy

    😡 poor thing!
  5. ElkHunterNM

    Rifles Inc 300 RUM for sale

    With scope right at 6lbs. The short muzzle break does its job. It likes my hand loaded 250 Nosler partitions.
  6. ElkHunterNM

    Rifles Inc 300 RUM for sale

    I have a Rifles Inc. model 70 light in .338 win mag. It shoots looks a dream. Very solid rifles.
  7. ElkHunterNM

    Did someone actually mistake a bighorn

    I haven’t heard anything about this. What an idiot!🤬
  8. ElkHunterNM

    Unit 51 muzzleloader bull

    It was a fun hunt. This was the smaller one of the heard of 5 bulls. This is only one that gave him a shot. The first shot wasn’t the best, we tracked over a mile and made the second shot count. We had a wonderful 2 mile walk back to the truck in the snow and in the dark. The following morning...
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  11. ElkHunterNM

    Unit 51 muzzleloader bull

    I helped my brother on his unit 51 muzzleloader hunt. Harvested on the first day in the afternoon.
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  14. ElkHunterNM

    Game Proscessing

    Green valley on 4th street.
  15. ElkHunterNM

    swaro z5 with turret

    I know a guy that has 2 turrets. One for 6k and below and one for 6k and above. They seem to work.
  16. ElkHunterNM

    swaro z5 with turret

    I have this scope, I replaced the factory option with one from the Outdoorsman. I have one made for my .300 win mag. 200 yard zero to 775 yards. In 25 yard increments. It it amazing. Worth the money.
  17. ElkHunterNM

    Unit 4 Deer

    To apply for a unit 4 private land deer tag someone had to get the authorization code and hunt code from a private land owner. An is only good on private land with permission. Page 47 or the proclamation.
  18. ElkHunterNM

    Hunter etiquette and being a sportsman

    Remember, you can’t fix stupid.
  19. ElkHunterNM

    NM Bugle Report

    Snow in the high country 😊 This is a game changer, it was way too hot at 10k this weekend. I sure this will kick the rut off in a big way in many areas . 🤤
  20. ElkHunterNM

    Elk hunt turned into a bear hunt

    Good job 👍🏽
  21. ElkHunterNM

    NM Bugle Report

    High up in unit 4 I got one to bugle. Way too hot. We'll see what happens after the weather change this coming week.
  22. ElkHunterNM

    NM Bugle Report

    I was up in the high country of unit 4 Saturday and Sunday. No bugles. All satellite bulls with cows. All big bulls together. Cows talking mor than I have ever heard before. Extremely vocal. None of them were wearing masks 🎭 😂🤣
  23. ElkHunterNM

    speed goat down...

    Nice 👍🏽
  24. ElkHunterNM

    NM Bugle Report

    I was out yesterday morning. All bulls peeled and white horned. Rag horns with cows. Bigger bulls still together. I heard a few squeals, nothing close to a real bugle. At 10k in elevation it was hot, dry and extremely smoky.
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  26. ElkHunterNM

    History Question (Mule Deer)

    I still remember my dad telling me about the glory days of mule deer hunting in New Mexico. Late 50’s to early 70’s. Two buck limit and doe harvesting was available in many places. My dad never really hunted elk. He said you really don’t see many elk back then. I was able to hunt the Jicarilla...
  27. ElkHunterNM

    History Question (Mule Deer)

    When I was a kid in the late 70’s it was over the counter and you got a deer, bear and turkey for $10.50. The entire month of September for bow, and two weeks in January. 1st rifle hunt was 5 days. Second hunt was 7 days and the 3rd hunt was 11 days. All in November. The entire state was open...
  28. ElkHunterNM

    Antelope Buck down

  29. ElkHunterNM

    Antelope Buck down

    Thank you guys !
  30. ElkHunterNM

    Bro connected on Antelope

    Good job 👍🏽
  31. ElkHunterNM

    I think he's hooked!

    It’s nice to see kids out there hunting. Great experience, congratulations !
  32. ElkHunterNM

    Antelope Buck down

    Yup, many hunts have been great “nature walks”. Remember, a bad day hunting beats a good day at work.
  33. ElkHunterNM

    Antelope Buck down

    It nice to here the positive responses. Thank everyone!
  34. ElkHunterNM

    Antelope Buck down

    Hey thanks MR. Rio. The second shot that finally hit him was perfect.
  35. ElkHunterNM

    Antelope Buck down

    Thanks !
  36. ElkHunterNM

    Antelope Buck down

    I had an a amazing hunt yesterday. After about a 2 1/2 mile nature hike I connected on this Antelope Buck. I missed he first shot 🤣and connected on the second shot @473 yards.I
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  38. ElkHunterNM

    Dall hunt + covid19

    I the know the feeling, my spring brown and black bear hunt was canceled. My outfitter took it in the shorts. He had to refund 10 hunters. I asked to be pushed to next year instead of a refund. 10 hunters @22k. I feel for all outfitters this happened to.
  39. ElkHunterNM

    More State Parks opened for day use

    Eagle Nest opens today 5/30/2020 @6am. 6am-9pm no camping. Just happy it’s open.
  40. ElkHunterNM

    Dall hunt + covid19

    That really sucks. I know the feeling.
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