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  1. peez3006

    Is ammo availability gonna affect your hunting season?

    I've got plenty of supplies to keep me hunting for a long time. It has slowed down my target shooting though. I don't want to waste a bunch of stuff that I can't replace right now. So I bought a 17hmr and a bunch of ammo. Bad news for the local ground squirrels! Don P
  2. peez3006

    NV 131-134 Early Rifle...

    I hunted it prob 5 years ago, with my muzzle loader, and killed a good buck. And saw a few decent bucks while scouting. There were bucks everywhere. I hunted it again a couple of years ago, early rifle. There were lots of bucks around, but never saw a big buck. Didn't really see any decent...
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  4. Sweet Nevada Trophy Buck

    Sweet Nevada Trophy Buck

    What a great buck right here that community member, peez3006, scored on in Nevada. He shared the photo in a thread called, "NV 131-134 Early Rifle".
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  6. peez3006


    I don't think that there is much lead free 17hmr ammo in my neighborhood. I bought a Tikka T1X a few months ago. I scooped up what I could find locally. I was able to find 900 rounds. Should keep me squirrel shooting for a bit. Don
  7. peez3006

    SOLD Swarovski SLC 8x30

    Sounds like a good deal. If I was in the market for some, I'd snatch them up. Last year I was looking for some, ended up buying some 8x32 ELs for my wife. She likies! Don
  8. peez3006

    Wanted!! Lefty 7mm-08 or .308

    Sent you a PM Don P
  9. peez3006

    Credit Card Hits

    I just checked mine for the 1st time since applying. Mine shows "pending" too. Don P
  10. peez3006

    Cali big game statistics

    Ok, I changed the link. Try it now. Don P.
  11. peez3006

    Cali big game statistics

    Homer, did you copy and paste it? Just tried it again. Works fine on my computer. Don P
  12. peez3006

    Cali big game statistics

    I think the data that you're looking for is available. I couldn't find it for 2020, but here's a link to 2019 data. Maybe 2020 data isn't published yet Don P
  13. peez3006

    SOLD A Few Rifles to List For Sale

    I was thinking the same thing. You better buy that 22
  14. peez3006

    ttsx 168gr or accubonds for 300wsm

    I shoot 168 TTSXs and RL17. Great hunting load out of my 300 WSM. Don P.
  15. peez3006

    Non Resident Elk- You in or just points?

    Two of us applied for Gen. tags in the special draw with 3 points. We wanted to hunt this year. We're booked with Tre Heiner. Don P
  16. peez3006

    Lassen Antelope

    I don't remember the exact temps. But there was a big temperature swing. It was cold in the morning, but then hot by lunch. I had an EZup shade at camp, and it was a life saver. Not much shade around. Don
  17. peez3006

    Lassen Antelope

    Yeah Paul. Craig and Jeff.
  18. peez3006

    Nevada 131-134 Mule Deer

    My limited experience, is that the Northern end is loaded with deer during the archery and muzzle loader seasons. During the early rifle season the deer start to thin out. Especially the better bucks. I've scouted/hunted during the arch/muzz seasons and better bucks were much easier to find. I...
  19. peez3006

    Lassen Antelope

    I'm back from a good time in Lassen County. I hunted during the 2nd period. Antelope numbers were great. We looked over a ton of bucks, but never could locate anything big. I'd guess that we saw 120 different bucks. I knew he was short horned, but liked the look of this buck. So I decided to...
  20. ca antelope 2.jpeg

    ca antelope 2.jpeg

  21. ca antelope 1.jpeg

    ca antelope 1.jpeg

  22. peez3006

    Camping lanterns?

    All I use are battery powered lanterns anymore. I have a bigger Coleman that take 4 D batteries, I believe. And some smaller ones that came in a four pack at Costco. They all put out decent light and battery life is long. Don P
  23. peez3006

    truck tires

    I just replaced the Toyo Open Country II tires on my truck. I replaced them with Toyo Open Country IIIs. I was very happy with the first set of Toyos. I had 42K on them and they had a little more to go. But I wanted fresh tires before hunting season. And I'm happy to report that these tires were...
  24. peez3006

    Bought a Kodiak 10x10 Flexbow

    It's a great tent. I have the 10X14. It's the perfect size for 3. We have used it for 4, but its tight. I use a big buddy heater, when its cold, and it works great. Don P
  25. peez3006


    RL17 is my go to powder in my 300 WSM. Accurate and fast. I don’t think that the temp sensitivity is anything to worry about in real world, hunting situations. Maybe, in a long range gun. Don P
  26. peez3006

    Wyo Draw

    Got on before the crash! Going back to Reg G. Hope I can still get up the hill! LOL Don P.
  27. peez3006

    Ca posted

    Anybody on MM draw a Cady sheep tag? A buddy of mine is alternate #1. What are the chances of someone not claiming their tag? Don P
  28. peez3006

    Ca posted

    Hey Paul. I drew Lassen 2nd rifle. Don P
  29. peez3006

    Ca posted

    Well, finally drew my antelope tag!!! I'll take it!!!
  30. peez3006

    For Sale FHF Bino Harness

  31. peez3006

    How many points for G & H this year?

    Yup. A guy has gotta hunt when he can. Tomorrow is never promised. 4 of us applied for G with 7.5 points. I think we had a chance with the regular, but we ponied up for the special draw. Hope we're hunting come Sept! Don P.
  32. peez3006

    Hidden Creek Outfitters

    Yeah, for sure. I've never been on a guided hunt before. It's a lot of money and I don't want to screw it up. Don P.
  33. peez3006

    Hidden Creek Outfitters

    Me and a couple of buddies are wanting to do a guided wilderness elk hunt in 2021. Has anyone hunted with Hidden Creek Outfitters recently? Any opinions on them? (good or bad) Thanks! Don P.
  34. peez3006

    Thorofare Outfitter?

    I'm in the same boat. I've talked with Hidden Creek a couple of times. Still trying to come up with a game plan. Don P.
  35. peez3006

    For Sale FHF Bino Harness

    Bought new, for my 15x56s, a few years ago. Size is Lg. I believe. Binos fit perfect, I just decided that I'd rather have my 15s in my pack. Used once or twice. Great condition, no issues. $75 shipped. Don P.
  36. peez3006

    Good Luck in the Draw

    I hope this is my year. Max points on sheep, elk, antelope! Gimme just one and any ole deer tag, and I'll be tickled! Don P
  37. peez3006

    Ahhhh, just beautiful

    Beautiful knife. Good work RELH!!!
  38. peez3006

    Close call

    That kid has bigger balls than me!!!
  39. peez3006

    My California desert bighorn

    Beauty!!! Congrats
  40. peez3006

    Favorite 209 primer

    I've been using Winchester. Mainly because that is what I have on hand. I use Blackhorn 209 powder, which calls for a hot primer, and they work fine. Also worked good with 777, but powder too was dirty for me! Don P
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