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  1. 09Bigbuck

    Youth hunt success

    My son was fortunate enough to draw the youth on range oryx tag, 34 cow elk, and get a private deer tag. Thanks to some help from friends and my brother we had a blast and the freezer is full!
  2. 09Bigbuck

    Barbary Sheep

    I didn't see many sheep this year but got lucky on the 1st and only ram I saw. He was beded at the top of a hill overlooking the only route to approach from so I decided to go straight at him. I worked my way toward him glassing as I got closer hoping I could spot him before he busted out...
  3. 09Bigbuck

    1st Barbery Ram

    Finally had a day off when the weather wasn't nasty and headed down to go out with one of my friends. I was only going to have 1 1/2 days so my hopes weren't to high but I was hoping I could at least catch a glimpse of some sheep. I got out to the 1 st spot about noon on thursday right as the...
  4. 09Bigbuck

    Fun filled hunting season

    Finnally got my pics downloaded and thought I would share them. We had a busy fall so far the big ones always got away but it was fun anyway. After getting skunked on my female ibex hunt and missing a bull with my muzzy we headed to Co for deer. After passing on several small bucks and...
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