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    Best everything semi auto shotgun

    What do you all think the best semi auto shotgun for shooting everything from big birds to clay pigeons would be?
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    Unit 501/50 moose

    I have a moose tag for 501, I have been hunting my ass off, I have passed on some moose I should not have and screwed some opportunities up. With the rut starting up the bulls have become very mobile. I have a lot of time left, but was hoping if someone have seen some cows (I have a bull tag)...
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    What do you think?
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    Lost GoPro

    I lost my goPro in the flat tops about a month ago, I know this is a long shot but...If you did find it and watched the video I hope you enjoyed it!!
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    Best Hunt

    What do you think the best elk hunt in CO, resident, 14 points, any weapon? Im thinking 61 archery.
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    I have beed watching the TV show Alone since it started. I really like the show, and have respect for the participants, I don't think I could be alone that long. I do feel most of the participants are not very good survival people. Watching the show tonight when Dave started crying over...
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    Polaris General

    I was thinking about getting a Polaris General Hunter edition, curious if anyone has an opinion. If anyone has purchased one recently how much did you get off MSRP? The offer from my local dealer was $600 off, reading some ATV message boards the average is about $1800 off. Thanks in advance...
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    Home Security System

    I am looking to get a different home security system, currently have ADT. Reading reviews they all kinda suck. Thinking simplisafe. Anyone have one that is simple, works and they like?
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    Grizzly Hunting

    Planning a Grizzly hunt, what rifle would you bring. I have a 300 win mag, 338 Lapua, 458 win mag, 348 Model 71 Win, or should I go by a 375 something? Dirty
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    6.5 Creedmore VS 308 Winchester

    Which do you like better and why? I don't get all the fascination with the Creedmore.
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    60 days...

    ...without chew.....had to tell someone.
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    Wy wilderness outfitter

    I have 2 points for elk and deer, non-resident. I am looking for a good WY outfitter that has good deer hunting. Any recommendations would be appreciated.
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    Guided Hunting Trip

    I am planning my first guided hunting trip next year. I am really having trouble deciding where and what to do. I am a Mule Deer fanatic but really want to shoot a moose. I have a $9000 budget. I was thinking about British Columbia because I can drive there and hunt multiple species. I have...
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    Scouting Deer

    I was curious what the guys out scouting for 2nd season are seeing. I have been hunting the same unit, in the same weather/temps, same week for 20+ years. After 4 days of hard scouting I have not seen one buck. Every year the week prior to 2nd season I find several bucks and at least one good...
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    338 Lapua

    Never really been able to get my 338 Lapua to group well at 100 yards. I purchased some RL 33, 106.0 grains, Barnes TTS 225gn, CCI mag primer. This is a 4 shot group, the hole to the left is my first shot, the hole to the right is my next 3 after scope adjustment. Did not chronograph, but...
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    Ford No more Fords for me.
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    How would you hunt?

    My son and I have really good 4th season mule deer tags this year, my father has a second season tag in the same area. I have hunted this area for 20 years and know it really well. My plan is - while scouting and hunting with my father to mark on my map everyplace I see does, and rank the...
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    ATV carburator issue

    I have a 2002 Yamaha 660 Grizzly. I rebuilt the carb due to running poorly, after re-installation the Griz started fine and ran great. After a few minutes it started stalling and fuel was pouring out of the overflow tube in the float bowl. I rebuilt the carb after buying a new one and it...
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    Sawtooth Outfitters BC

    Thinking about booking a hunt with Sawtooth, Moose and Mule Deer, curious if anyone has any reviews.
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    300 Win Mag

    Looking for a good load for my Winchester 300 WM, 180 grain bullets, Tried 180 Barnes TTSX, 71 grains reloader 19, this load shoots great out of two of my other rifles, but not my Browning X Bolt Western hunter. Any suggestions would be appreciated.
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    Old man need an elk

    My father who will be 79 in October has 10 points (resident) for elk in CO. I finally got him to pull the trigger last year on a mule deer. Next year will probably be his last year, I would like to find somewhere he can shoot an elk that isn't too difficult. Im thinking a Wildlife for...
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    Idaho OTC deer

    looking for somewhere to hunt mule deer in Idaho, never hunted Idaho. Looking to get into the wilderness with a backpack, somewhere that has some good fly fishing. Im from CO so hopefully southern Idaho. Thanks
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    Colorado gun law question.

    I would like to buy a long slide 9mm pistol, such as a glock 34 or 17L. However..they only come with 17 round magazines. I found some on armslist but I am pretty sure it can not be transferred to me. If I went to WY and purchased one would it be legal to bring it to Colorado, I am guessing...
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    How to call Mt Lions

    I have been hunting Mt Lions for a long time, I have never killed one. I have used different strategies over the years but in a nutshell I find a fresh track and follow it, calling in different intervals, usually sit for 20 minutes and then move. I have a ton of cats in my area as my trail cam...
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    WTB Encore 15" 22-250 barrel

    If anyone has one they are willing to part with I would love to get one.
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    Unit 501 meeting

    Did anyone attend the unit 501 deer and elk meeting in Conifer last Monday? I am curious what was discussed.
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    Cub Creek

    I hunted Cub Creek drainage, went in from Brooks Lake. I was warned by a lot of people that there was a lot of wolves and grizzly bears but I didn't believe them. I should have listened, saw more grizzly and wolves than deer and elk. There was a lot of outfitted hunters back there also, one...
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    WTB small farm tractor

    I am looking for a good farm tractor that can lift 1200# and has a loader and three point. I have been looking for a long time, want to spent up to $7500. Im in Denver. Thanks, Dirty
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    My 15x56 Swarovski broke, the focus screw inside the housing fell out and you can see it in between the lenses. I over nighted them to Swarovski in the hopes that I could get them back before my hunt that starts on 11/13/13. The response I received from customer service was "due to the volume...
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    Forestry Employee

    I just got home from a 9 day mules deer hunt in CO. I saw a lot of good bucks and one really good buck. Most of these bucks were bedding in the bottom of a canyon coming out the east side to feed about an hour before dark and early in the morning. I watched these buck for 4 days do the exact...
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    Savage 116 keeps blowing up

    I recently had my Savage rifle blow up while shooting it. I did not have a blockage in the bore, the bullet left the barrel and the case is still in the chamber. I wanted to warn everyone that may own this rifle, 300 RUM model 116. I know that this is the third exact rifle that has blow up...
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    Savage 116 keeps blowing up

    I recently had my Savage rifle blow up while shooting it. I did not have a blockage in the bore, the bullet left the barrel and the case is still in the chamber. I wanted to warn everyone that may own this rifle, 300 RUM model 116. I know that this is the third exact rifle that has blow up...
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    Wilderness pack in mule deer hunt Outfitter

    I am looking for a good outfitter that does wilderness pack in hunts for quality mule deer. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks, Dirty
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    Game meat, how long can I hang it?

    I am going on a long deer/elk hunt in WY next week. We will be no where near ice, coolers or trucks for 10 days if needed. I have hung skinned and quartered game meat in the shade for a couple days and have no problems but with the length of time we will be hunting i was wondering how long I...
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    Horse Problems

    I am new to horse ownership, I have had my horses for a year now. I ride almost every weekend and have never had a problem with either horse. The last two weekends my 11 year old horse stopped on the trail and would not go any where. I got off and with about 20 minutes of work I got him to...
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    WTB 458 win mag

    I am looking for an inexpensive 458 win mag. Thanks
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    sign the petition

    info from Senator Bill Cadman Democrat Gun Control Bills to be Heard on Monday Six far-reaching Democrat sponsored gun control bills are scheduled to be heard in the Senate Judiciary Committee and the State Affairs Committee on MONDAY, MARCH 4th. Take action today. Click here to sign the...
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    Gun rally at the Capitol

    There is a pro-gun rally at the Capitol Friday Feb 8th from 1-4, we need a good turn out. Also you need to send messages to our government, you can go right to the top -
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    Registered 357 Magnum

    I have a 357 registered magnum, box, two copies of registration papers and the mail tube with a stamp and stamped 1937. Its all in mint condition. I have been looking for a long time trying to find out what its worth and can't find good information. All the blue book price the gun, box and...
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    I am a non resident, I would like to hunt Unit 148 for deer and 70 for elk. I believe these are both general tags, am I correct? Or is the deer tag a region tag? Looking at the statistics for drawing I should be able to get the deer tag. The elk tag looks like I would need preference points to...
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