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    051 youth deer

    Hey everybody, my 12 year old son drew his first deer tag this year in 051. We went scouting once, and hunted once during archery. He missed a couple bucks with his bow so now onto rifle. I am posting on here hoping to get a starting point we haven’t tried yet. Due to a foot injury, I’m not...
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    Rut activity?

    Hey all, leaving for my bull hunt in two days and curious if anybody has been seeing rut activity in the north yet?
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    Area 6 late cow elk

    Anybody have any insight on where the elk in area 6 winter at? A buddy of mine drew a late cow tag in there and I will be going with him. I have been in that unit but it isn’t one I put in for. Any starting points would be appreciated. thanks
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    Norther Nevada taxidermy

    Hey fellas, Does anybody have a taxidermist in the Fallon/Reno/Carson area they recommend? I have seen a lot of different work come out of these areas I am not extremely impressed with. any pictures you may have would be appreciated. Happy hunting.
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    6.5 120gr for elk?

    Ok so I've read a lot on the subject already but I wanted to put it out to the experts. I recently obtained a 6.5 creedmor that I absolutely love. It came with a custom turret for Hornady 120gr gmx. I have shot Hornadys for years but never the gmx. I drew a cow elk tag this year and debating...
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    121 cow elk

    Have a rifle cow tag in 121, curious if anybody has been in there this year yet and may have insight on if the fires have affected the area at all/elk locations, I know there was one close to there and I haven't been in there since about June.
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    Sako 7mm

    I have a sako 7mm a7 that has never been shot. I was going to set it up for a long range gun but I'm flirting with selling it and buying something different. It's a sweet gun just putting it up here to see if there might be interest. It goes for about 1300 new, I'm asking 1100 or trade for a...
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    Ely cow hunt

    Just looking for opinions here I guess. Drew a cow tag in 104,108,121, I've hunted 121 in the past and am pretty familiar. Although there's still not a ton of tags in that unit there are like 4 times as many as the last couple years. For those of you who are familiar with this area would the...
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    15 doe antelope

    I drew a doe antelope tag in 15. Plan is to just take a day riding theough the deserts until I find a herd, figured I'd put it on here if any archers want some gone. I'll come shoot on off a hat field or pivot if any of the local rangers are trying to get rid of some. Won?t be hard killing...
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    New website for draw

    Does anybody know how to view your preference points on the new NDOW website for tag applications?
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    Let?s get rid of the horses

    So I know this is a sensitive topic for some, but not for me and I know not for most that will read this. I am seeing more and more of these things in areas that used to have few to none, and as the horse populations go up the deer and elk are harder to find. My question (if anybody knows the...
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    So I'm not new to this site or elk hunting, but I did have to recently create a new account as I could no longer access my email. I am a Nevada resident but am looking to possibly put in out of state for an elk hunt. I have looked into Colorado and Idaho mainly, but I've never hunted in either...
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    Best muzzle loader zones?

    Hey there everybody. Started back on the forum this year after my email got hacked and having to start my profile over again. I have hunted throughout Nevada but decided to try something new and buy a muzzle loader this year. Even though the draw is still a few months out I figured I would...
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