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    Another Bad Winter

    LAST EDITED ON Feb-26-19 AT 07:24PM (MST)[p]LAST EDITED ON Feb-26-19 AT 07:23?PM (MST) For those thinking about applying. February has been brutal in Montana as far as cold and snow (2nd coldest in recorded history). 2 bad winters in a row on an already depleted deer resource - I would not have...
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    AZ Draw - 1 Tag Quota Question

    For hunts that only have 1 NR tag (early rifle elk), does the tag go to the highest point holder or to the bonus/random applicants?
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    Honda Pioneer 500

    Anyone have any reviews on these? Thinking about selling my 4 wheeler and getting one. Looked at one today and my main concern was the low ground clearance - any issues getting hung up or in the snow?
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    Box Elder Grouse Creek Mid - Elk

    LAST EDITED ON Jun-15-17 AT 05:00PM (MST)[p]I'm aware there's a lot of private/CWMU's, 2 hunts before mine, and a general spike hunt during the same dates; with 0 points I figured I'd at least give myself a chance of drawing. I'm spent a fair bit of time in that area on the NV side of the...
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    Public Land Sell/Transfer, LDS Connection?

    LAST EDITED ON Jun-22-16 AT 08:16PM (MST)[p]Seems that many of the leaders of this transfer/sell movement are also affiliated with the LDS religion. Is this simply because the movement sprouted in Utah/Eastern NV/SE ID, or is there a connection and possible financial backing? I'm of the...
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    Sheep & Goat Posting Date?

    I believe the last couple years it's been around the 1st of May?
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    Outfitter Set Asides Legality?

    LAST EDITED ON Mar-21-16 AT 06:01PM (MST)[p]LAST EDITED ON Mar-21-16 AT 05:56?PM (MST) LAST EDITED ON Mar-21-16 AT 05:53?PM (MST) First of all, I have no grudge against outfitters. I have always been curious about the "legality" of these outfitter set aside tags on PUBLIC LAND. Seems to me...
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    Hilleberg Nallo 2

    Virtually new tent. Bought in 2014 and only used 2 nights. This tent is sand colored and includes all stakes, extra pole section, stuff sacks, etc. that come with the tent. Tent sells or $715 new - asking $550 including shipping.
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    Red Desert Road Conditions

    Was planning on hunting unit 92 for Antelope starting Thursday. Looks like some weather is forecasted for Friday & Saturday. I've heard that the roads can get bad with moisture in this region. Will I have problems if I stick to the main roads and use the ATV on the secondary roads? How fast do...
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    New Basin and Range Monument

    LAST EDITED ON Jul-10-15 AT 09:03PM (MST)[p]LAST EDITED ON Jul-10-15 AT 09:01?PM (MST) Does the new monument designation (704K acres) Obama signed today affect hunting access?
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    Zeiss 85 T*FL Diascope

    LAST EDITED ON Jul-29-14 AT 06:46PM (MST)[p]As you can see from the pictures the scope has been used, though the glass is in very good condition. There is some paint rubs/chips where the neoprene cover doesn't protect the scope and a small "dent" out past the objective where the tripod fell over...
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    GoLite Hex 3 Tipi

    Tipi is in very good, condition - probably used <15 nights. Comes with 10 stakes/bag (1 stake is bent), trekking pole "extender" piece, bathtub floor addition. I do not have the original center post or storage sack. Great option for someone wanting to install a stovejack? $200 including shipping...
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    Hilleberg Akto

    Tent was purchased in 2011 and has only been used 7 nights. Tent has been well cared for and stored indoors. Comes complete with all bags and replacement pole, only thing wrong is 1 tent stake is bent. Tent retails for $498, I'm asking $350 including shipping.
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    Minox 15x58 ED

    These Binos are about 4 years old and hardly used. The glass is in excellent condition. They come with a "leather" case and tripod adaptor; I am missing one objective lense cap. $350 shipped!
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    Cody Area Packer

    Can anyone reccomend a good horse packer or horse rental place in the Cody area? Also, what's the going rate for packing an elk out (I don't require a camp packed in)? Thanks.
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    Kuiu Icon 6000 Pack

    This one is the solid brown/green color. Only used for two trips, no meat/blood. $375 shipped, PM for more details.
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    Cache Bull Moose - 2nd Season

    Been up scouting over the summer a few times; didn't see a lot for moose, but was told not to expect to that time of year. I was able to drive/hike a good deal of the unit. Only able to take 1 week off of work so I'm hunting the 2nd season starting Oct. 9th (glad I did with the warm weather the...
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    Rawlins Info

    LAST EDITED ON Jul-15-10 AT 07:48PM (MST)[p]May be recieving job offer soon. What is the town like? Housing kind of looks like slim picking? Recreation? Schools? I know its cold & windy, no wal-mart (which is not all bad), and have heard the stories about oil/gas towns. I'd be coming from a...
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    Online Application - Pref. Points box

    I had a deer license last year, and just want to gain points for deer and elk this year. On the online application page, there's a box that looks like it should not be checked if I want to gain points (although it is worded poorly). Then when I get to the payment page it says something about...
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    SW Desert Late?

    Just got a call from Utah Div. of Wildlife. Someone turned their tag in, and I'm the alternate; have to decide by tomorrow morning. Being a nonres. with only 7 points, I think the decision is pretty simple. I heard the area is thick, and I'm not likely going to get a chance to check it out...
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    Snow today

    The mountains got a good dusting today in northern NV, snow level appeared to around 8500 ft. After sweating my tail off last weekend, its a welcome change.
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    53 2nd Season

    Drew unit 53 2nd Season deer with 1 point, which was unexpected. I'm guessing the winterkill of 2007/2008 and the economy dropped the odds some. With the early 2nd season dates this year, and barring any major storms, I'm planning on backpacking in and hunting fairly high. Also considering a...
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    Minox 15x58 Review

    I recently purchased some from cameraland, on sale for around $550. Cameraland's service was fine. I took the binos out his morning for the first real test; and my old swarovski slc 10x42s made them look poor. Eyecups were somewhat uncomfortable, sharpeness & color were subpar; they are bright...
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    Dream Tags?

    LAST EDITED ON May-26-09 AT 01:00PM (MST)[p]LAST EDITED ON May-26-09 AT 12:57?PM (MST) From a quick glance, it looks like a provision for conservation group raffle tags (no limit on # purchased) was "added" to the mentor hunting license bill (AB246) before it goes to the govenor. It looks like...
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    Deer Tag Allocation Question

    How are tags allocated when the 2nd and 3rd season quotas are listed together? Example would be Deer unit 41, shows a 2008 quota of 1836 for both seasons.
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    Deer Tag Allocation Question

    How are tags allocated when the 2nd and 3rd season quotas are listed together? Example would be Deer unit 41, shows a 2008 quota of 1836 for both seasons.
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    4 or 6 arrow quiver

    Looking at getting a fuse 2 piece quiver. Pros vs. Cons of having 2 extra arrows in the quiver?
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    Hogg Wrap

    About to purchase a spot hogg sight. Is the hogg wrap worth the $50 if I only hunt out west/spot and stalk. I read it can be "too bright" during the day.
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    Sleeping Bag Liners

    Thinking about getting one to enhance a 15 degree bag for a mid October hunt. Does anyone use these? Silk or sythentic?
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    Nevada Rocky Pics

    This little guy was pretty curious. Took these photos with my little digital at about 40 yards in the East Humboldts. Before he left, he did one last pose. I don't think he was too worried about me after seeing me crawl up the mountain in the afternoon heat.
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    Best Diesel Chip?

    What is the best chip for increasing mileage? Not really looking to make my truck burn rubber ect. It would be for a 2006 Dodge (Cummins).
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    Lightweight & Compact Tripod

    Any reccomendations for something extremely light and compact, but tall enough to use sitting down? Trying to keep it below $100 as well. This would be for a lightweight spotting scope and binoculars.
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    Wounded Buck, Kid's Tag?

    LAST EDITED ON Oct-06-07 AT 07:53PM (MST)[p]My daughter shot a buck in the butt from 220 yds, he looked pretty hurt. We circled a around, waited about a half hour, and jumped him again at 200 yards "running". She shot 4 more times (all misses). Tracked him for 1.5 more miles, the blood almost...
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    Gun Safe Location (Garage)?

    Is it ok to put your gun safe in the garage? I live in Northern Nevada, so humidity isn't much of a problem. But we do have large temperature swings between day and night. I don't store any ammo in the safe.
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    Lowa Tibets, less than 1 year.

    I have a pair of mendls from cabelas that I have basically worn the sole out on in 5 years. The rubber on the toe is also coming apart from yhe leather. Expected a little more for $260. Maybe some shoe glue can get me through the year?
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    Pilot Peak NV (091)

    LAST EDITED ON Jun-13-07 AT 08:44PM (MST)[p]Luckily I drew this tag. I'll be up there quite a few outings between here and September 15th. I'm not really interested in an outfitter/guide, but am very interested in hiring a reliable packer to get my bull off the Mtn in the September heat. I have...
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    CO 53,54,55,63 2nd Season

    LAST EDITED ON Feb-02-07 AT 09:25PM (MST)[p]I'm looking for some advice about which of these Colorado units to apply for, my Dad is older and in OK shape, and I'm in my thirties and tend to seek out the rough stuff. We have a small travel trailer or a wall tent. Of coarse the trailer would be...
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    Wifes Nevada Buck

    Opening morning, my wife shot him from 400 yards right through the heart. He's 24" wide and his body was huge for a Nevada deer. Had a good layer of fat on him. Me hiking him out, luckily it wasn't too far. Unluckily it was uphill. I'm off to Idaho on Monday. Good luck to everyone else.
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    Nevada Scouting Pics

    This is the best buck I've located so far. I know the photo's are not very good, but he's a 6x5 plus eyeguards. I figure he's 24+" wide and will go around 170-180 gross. Hopefully I'll have some better photos on Sept. 16th.
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    Cattle and Deer Competition

    I've been seeing at least 20 cows for every deer I see scouting this year, granted cows are a lot easier to see. But how much do cattle compete with deer? I've heard two different schools of thought, one being grazing is detrimental and the other is that cattle eat mainly grass which helps...
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