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  1. One_Duck_Limit

    credit card hits

    Congrats. That's a long time to wait for a deer tag.
  2. One_Duck_Limit

    Lifetime License auction

    I'd like to see them offered again. Give those that were too young, or not even alive back in 1994 the opportunity to have the same benefits of the LL. According to some random inflation calculator on the net $500 in 1994 is $893.65 today. Open it back up for a limited time, giving all the...
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    Utah Fishing Trip- Suggestions

    +1 I would also add Strawberry to the list.
  4. One_Duck_Limit

    West Desert Vernon

    Yes, my profile pic is my Vernon buck.
  5. One_Duck_Limit

    This is ridiculous!!!

    Amen. And the ban from hunting should be at a minimum the number of years it takes to draw the tag in the bonus draw.
  6. One_Duck_Limit

    West Desert Vernon

    I hunted Vernon last year on the muzzy hunt. It was a fun hunt and I ended up with what I thought was a slightly above average buck for the unit. We did see one next level buck scouting but couldn't turn him up during the hunt. For me the great part about Vernon was the amount of bucks. All of...
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    Slim Odds at the expo!

    I know you didn't have to pay to validate. I"m asking how many people paid to go to the show because they were already there to validate?
  8. One_Duck_Limit

    Slim Odds at the expo!

    I agree that odds will be worse this year without the in-person validation. But, how many people go to the expo and pay the $15 or $25 to go in because they have to do in-person validation? During a normal year where they have the show would the additional money made on application fees cover...
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    One hunt, one Animal...

    New Zealand Red Stag
  10. One_Duck_Limit

    Where is our money going?

    I renewed mine and my sons combination license online 1 month ago. The licenses we received in the mail were printed on the same type of paper they’ve always been.
  11. One_Duck_Limit

    Displaying multiple euro mounts

    Skull hooker make a nice tree stand for multiple euros
  12. One_Duck_Limit

    What do you guys think of this #2

    Fair chase comes to mind. I wouldn't be comfortable hunting in any situation inside that fence.
  13. One_Duck_Limit

    5yr waiting period...

    Given the choice would you apply for elk again or switch to deer or pronghorn?
  14. One_Duck_Limit

    5yr waiting period...

    That's my question. Does it really give those that are waiting a slightly better chance? According to the big game drawing odds report in 2020 there where 1546 resident LE Deer permits issued, 2705 resident LE Elk permits and 1049 resident LE Pronghorn. If those successful applicants chose to...
  15. One_Duck_Limit

    What do you guys think of this?

    The Back Country Boy even said the side of the road "were the best kind".
  16. One_Duck_Limit

    5yr waiting period...

    IMO a 5 year waiting period for deer and elk is a bit excessive. Does the waiting period accomplish what it is designed to do? From the guide book. "Waiting periods keep successful applicants out of the drawing for a few years and give other hunters a better chance at drawing a permit." They...
  17. One_Duck_Limit

    Garmin Alpha GPS systems

    Do you run the TT15 or TT15 mini collar on your Drahthaar?
  18. One_Duck_Limit

    Hunting gear found on the mountain????

    I've never found anything while hunting. My hunting buddy lost his cell phone this past October. It fell out of his pocket while opening a gate. Someone found the phone laying next to the gate and tied it to a post. Everyone else that came through was good enough to leave it there. When he...
  19. One_Duck_Limit

    Garmin Alpha GPS systems

    I'm looking at a dog tracking GPS system for upland game hunting. Does anyone have any experience with the Garmin Alpha 100? I've got a German Wirehair Pointer and we hunt mostly chukar and pheasant. The ground we hunt pheasant on has waist high extremely thick cover. It's easy to loose track of...
  20. One_Duck_Limit

    November Muleys

    Great video. Thanks for sharing!
  21. One_Duck_Limit

    Utah Game Wardens

    I've been checked hunting deer, elk, pheasant, ducks, sage grouse and fishing. I must look guiltier than the rest of you.
  22. One_Duck_Limit

    No Hunt Expo in 2021

    My guess is the number of applicants will double.
  23. One_Duck_Limit


    Incredible buck. Is this the deer that caused the commotion in the camp ground last year?
  24. One_Duck_Limit

    what is your favourite hunting dog

    Most of my upland game hunting is for Chukars. I've been very happy with my GWP.
  25. One_Duck_Limit

    Dog collars

    What kind of hunting? Are you looking to correct the behavior, track your dog, or both?
  26. One_Duck_Limit

    BBD and he tastes great!

    Incredible buck. Congrats.
  27. One_Duck_Limit

    Middle of the day

    What are your techniques for glassing bedded deer?
  28. One_Duck_Limit

    Middle of the day

    I like your schedule. I've never considered that noon - 2pm could be great glassing.
  29. One_Duck_Limit

    Middle of the day

    That's crazy.
  30. One_Duck_Limit

    Middle of the day

    How effective is mid-day glassing and what are your techniques?
  31. One_Duck_Limit

    Middle of the day

    What do you all do during the middle of the day while deer hunting? Most of the time we head back to camp for lunch and a nap.
  32. One_Duck_Limit

    Camouflage orange

    From the Field Guide Book Requirement to wear hunter orange Utah Code § 23-20-31 You must wear a minimum of 400 square inches of hunter orange material on your head, chest and back while hunting any species of big game, unless you are involved in one of the following types of hunts...
  33. One_Duck_Limit

    Maven Optics???

    How do Maven B series binoculars compare to the big names like Swarovski?
  34. One_Duck_Limit

    Noisy backpack

    Thanks for the tips, washing it did the trick.
  35. One_Duck_Limit

    Vernon road trip

    You coming out for the muzzy or rifle hunt?
  36. One_Duck_Limit

    Velvet Thickness

    I found a decent buck during a scouting trip on August 1st that looked like he had good mass. I haven't been able to find anything bigger and have decided it's time to relocate him. How thick is antler velvet towards the end of the summer? Have you ever found a deer during the summer you thought...
  37. One_Duck_Limit

    Noisy backpack

    It is dirty, I'll give it a good washing to see if that helps. It is a decent pack, has one of those carbon frames.
  38. One_Duck_Limit

    Noisy backpack

    Yesterday I noticed my backpack was making a ton of noise. About 15 lbs of gear was all that I had. What have you all done to quiet down your pack?
  39. One_Duck_Limit

    LE Buck Quality

    Book Cliffs, Vernon and Diamond Mountain all take around 13 points to draw the rifle tag. On average, what quality of buck do you think is the upper end? 160"? 170"? 180"?
  40. One_Duck_Limit

    Colorado 68

    Pm sent.
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