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    Who's up for a horse hunt?
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    Just in

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    Ruby Valley help

    The landowner we've had access from for the past 15years passed last year. We've been trying to contact his son to no avail. Yellow pages are useless. We may have to take a trip up to make contact. It's a small area and I'm aware a couple of you live there and was hoping for a little assistance...
  4. Bossbrott

    Finally, my first badass pic,,,,

    From my iPhone IV
  5. Bossbrott

    Tipped one over

    Took him about 0930 10414, happy I connected. Who sYs Ca has no big bucks left!!
  6. Bossbrott

    Solo success

    LAST EDITED ON Oct-06-14 AT 08:21AM (MST)[p]LAST EDITED ON Oct-06-14 AT 08:17?AM (MST) Made the hike into 7b for the openers. Been scouting this particular buck since July, and really hoped he would be feeding on a particular hillside come sunup. Well he wasn't there like previous trips. Maybe...
  7. Bossbrott

    Outdoor Heritage Network Please take the time to read about this opportunity for us sportsmen. Past generations never created a network, and now Mr. Steve Eberhart is attempting to make our voices heard. Collectively we can win this war, but we've always lacked a network,,,,,until...
  8. Bossbrott

    SB53, please help We're constantly under attack here in Ca over our gun rights. This time they're after our ammo. The democrats of Ca want to ban Internet sales of ammo, place a tax on ammo, and require an annual permit to purchase ammo. Your help...
  9. Bossbrott

    SB53, sign the Petition! We need every signature we can muster to defeat this POS bill. Please sign it.
  10. Bossbrott

    Sportsmans Act of 2014

    Sportsmanship Act of 2014 Sportsman's Act of 2014 The Sportsman's Act of 2014 is being considered by Congress, and the HSUS is rallying their membership to oppose it. I'm posting this and hoping people will call Boxer and Feinstein to let them know we support the Sportsman's Act. I realize...
  11. Bossbrott

    National Day of Resistance .223

    Please join us on the steps of the state Capitol at 13th and N street, Saturday .223, at high noon, for the National Day of Resistance. Wrap yourself in the flag and rally for your 2nd amendment right to keep and bear arms. Hope to see you there.
  12. Bossbrott

    New to EHJ forum

    As this is my first post, I would like to introduce myself. My name is Steve Brott, from Colfax, CA. I've been hunting since I was a young man, and have never looked back, its what I love doing. If I had to choose my favorites, deer hunting would top the list with waterfowl a close second. What...
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