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  1. Slayer

    credit card hits

    Last year we got hit for deer tags 3 hours apart. My boys first, then mine. Today we got hit for antelope and 1 deer tag just a few minutes apart.
  2. Slayer

    credit card hits

    Probably because they are starting to get ready for the draw and processing cards in the next week or so.
  3. Slayer

    Winchester triple seven muzzle loader primers

    Looks like they are sold out everywhere I looked...
  4. Slayer

    2020 LE Muzzle-loader Bull

    Good lookin bull!
  5. Slayer

    Watch today's Wildlife Board meeting

    At least the Any Bull Elk tags will NOT be unlimited!! Now if only we could do away with the 3 season any bull elk tag to increase opportunity for more people to hunt!! Looks like they are passing things that may have unintended consequences that affect other hunts, dates, youth, etc.
  6. Slayer

    Archery Elk Shot Distance?

    My 2 archery bulls were killed at 40 yards and 13 yards, both in AZ.
  7. Slayer

    Perfect Timing

    Awesome Buck!
  8. Slayer

    10 Seconds to Decide ... You Shootin’?

    Shoot!! No hesitation.
  9. Slayer

    CVA Wolf Accuracy

    What is considered to be accurate for the CVA wolf or any other similar muzzleloader. I am shooting the wolf at 100 yards and have groups the size of baseball with a rest. Is that good or should something be adjusted? Shooting 250 gr bullet with 100 gr Triple 7 powder. Maybe its what I get with...
  10. Slayer

    When Will Utah Post Results?

    Yah I would think Friday or Saturday we will see emailed results.
  11. Slayer

    How big?

    Love those 3rds and whale tails, Looks more like 390ish to me. I see Mass and long curved points.
  12. Slayer

    Any CCs been hit yet?

    I like Friday the 8th better than the 15th. C'mon Hit the launch button already!!
  13. Slayer

    Any CCs been hit yet?

    If it goes like last year we are looking at May 8th for cc hits and results around the 11th.
  14. Slayer

    Draw results

    25 more days...
  15. Slayer

    Utah DWR RAC Meeting Agenda?

    Will this delay the draw this year? Or will draw happen as planned?
  16. Slayer

    Draw results

    Draw is done... charges next week on the 15th!
  17. Slayer

    Utah tag numbers?

    I think they approve the tag numbers the end of April
  18. Slayer


    What I want to know is what about the 2 sandals in there.... why are they in the whale??
  19. Slayer

    Multi Season Elk Thoughts

    We didnt experience any increase in hunters in our areas on the any bull rifle opener. Didnt even see another hunter out there! But the elk numbers seem to be way down this year... or they have all gone elsewhere.... pretty quiet out there this year!!
  20. Slayer

    Nebo Hunts Status

    LAST EDITED ON Sep-25-18 AT 03:53PM (MST)[p]Any bulls killed on Nebo during the LE rifle or muzzy hunt? Or did everyone turn thier tags in due to the fire and nebo loop closed. Wondering what the muzzy deer hunters are going to do as well tomorrow?? Turning in tags? Hopefully the animals are...
  21. Slayer

    Nebo fire

    I was just thinking the same thing. Very unfortunate for those hunters!
  22. Slayer

    Big game draw

    Card hits started May 17th last year. A couple more weeks to showtime!!
  23. Slayer

    Wildlife Board meeting is Thursday, April 26

    Wow! Who ever put in for 4/5/6 should be getting a tag! I should have put that down as one of my rifle choices! If only I would have known the permit numbers before the application deadline....
  24. Slayer

    Speed Loaders

    What speed loaders do you recommend? I have looked at them and not sure which would be best. I have .50 cal and 209 primer. I like the T/C ones that have the little compartment for the primer, but not sure about having the bullet and pellets/ powder in the same compartment. Thoughts?
  25. Slayer

    When is the elk draw?

    Tick... Tock... Tick... Tock...
  26. Slayer

    When is the elk draw?

    How do you know that? Is there a reg that says within 12 hours?
  27. Slayer

    Draw has begun

    Bring it on!!
  28. Slayer

    Can I be the first to say

    LAST EDITED ON May-02-17 AT 08:29AM (MST)[p]Bring it on!! Take my money please!!
  29. Slayer

    What general season did you put in for?

    I dont think there will be many leftover deer tags... unless you are a youth.
  30. Slayer

    General Season Deer Draw

    I agree it will take a few years to see how the change affects the draw and everyones points. I think it is a good thing though. I think about all the hunters that like to hunt the southern units. They will have a hard time waiting 2-3 years to hunt general season deer... It will be interesting...
  31. Slayer

    farmington canyon

    Its closed at the bottom. Found out the hard way this morning...
  32. Slayer

    My manti elk

    Great job! Great bull! Thanks for sharing!
  33. Slayer

    2016 Public Land Archery Success

    Great job my neighbor!! Awesome buck!!
  34. Slayer

    central mountain manti pictures

    I hope to see more pictures to this thread as I just picked up a surrendered LE Manti Rifle Tag for Sept today!! Wahoo!! Scouting begins this weekend! Cant believe it!!
  35. Slayer


    Well... No tags for me... Atleast I know where to start scouting now for general elk!!
  36. Slayer


    Hit my card first!!
  37. Slayer

    card got hit

    >So if CC hasn't been hit >by now does it mean >NO Tag? > >Thanks Joe > > > >"Sometimes you do things wrong for >so long you >think their right" - 2001 >"I can't argue with honesty" - >2005 >-Joe E Sikora I am wondering the same thing unfortunately....
  38. Slayer

    Has anyone had their CC hit today?

    Not yet....
  39. Slayer

    Best Flying Fixed blade?

    G5 Strikers 100 grain
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