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    Frying pan to the head

    Ok, who were the good guys?
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    Watch this..

    I'd say he earned that meal.
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    Almost 2 years later...

    Yea, turn around. Nah, half joking. It's a great place for outdoor recreation. General OTC deer & elk can be frustrating, pretty good otc bear hunting, fishing can be tough to beat. Don't pay attention to politics here or you'll be headed back to Texas.
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    Drew New Mexico 2B first rifle super excited

    You can't look at it that way. Go kill a big one and prove them wrong.
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    Nope! Here in Washintifa, we just got road kill salvage law passed a couple years ago...and limp d*** libs around here have been able to f*** their horses for years. Actually, they don't own horses, they molest their neighbors'.
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    Robbery doesn't go so well.

    Yep. There will be a next time, and the victim will be someone helpless, or they'll get it from behind.
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    Robbery doesn't go so well.

    I didn't think it could get any better. Then I turned on the volume!!!! He let him up too soon. Should have really gotten his point across to him.
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    Robbery doesn't go so well.

    Thats probably the first interaction that punk has had with a grown man.
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    Hard draws

    Those hybrid draws have been my first choices the last few years. Of course, it's about the same as putting in the preference point code.
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    J & J vaccine.

    That may be deaths "with" covid, not deaths "due" to covid.
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    Anybody know this guy?

    Yep, I used to watch all his blacktail stuff I could find. He's killed and filmed a lot of BIG blacktail bucks. Then the Bigfoot crap started showing up. No thanks. I've got enough crazy, don't need to buy any from him.
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    Region G point prediction

    There are many, many opportunities to hunt deer and elk in the west. More opportunities than I can take advantage of. You can get a mule deer tag in a several states every year without any points. Elk too.
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    You better get the kids cat in the house!

    Here's a little clip of a backyard visitor we had a couple evenings ago. He saw my daughters cat on the porch and came down for a closer look. Fat bugger. I'm sure he's had a steady diet of chickens, Kittys and poodles.
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    Deadline Extended

    Well hell, I thought they'd at least blame it on the wuhan flu.
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    One Liners

    When I was a kid, my gramps would pull out his "flask", which was Canadian Mist in a plastic syrup bottle off the saddle and smile and say "My mouths dryer'n a popcorn fart on the fourth of juuuuly."
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    Colorado point creep

    I'm in with 14 points for a 3rd season tag that took 12 last year. I'll probably be trying again next year.
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    A sign of the future

    No one would program a robot to shoot a gun and have him aim it at your head.
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    Which buck would you be getting after?

    Well, I was thinking that typical, but after seeing that non typical hard horned, I think I'll kill him.
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    I do think infrastructure is a good investment and I'd gladly send my tax dollars go to do just that. But...they don't need to tax its citizens more. They have more than enough money to take care of everything the government should be doing. Its all the other complete garbage that the...
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    In what state did you take your biggest buck?

    This one's from WA.
  22. desertbuck 021.jpg

    desertbuck 021.jpg

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    Meet Miss Silver State

    You probably don't even need to do that. Just refusing a date with a tranny will be a hate crime.
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    10 PP mule deer Wyoming What the options

    Just over three in the regular, just over two points in the spendy draw.
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    10 PP mule deer Wyoming What the options

    Especially when you consider you could go to H every 3 years or so, when you'll have to wait twice that long for a G tag.
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    Which buck would you be hunting?

    Though I agree the top one looks bigger, I'll go after buck #2 since all of you will be stumbling over each other going after #1. I like my odds.
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    POLL: What makes you trigger happy?

    And one with some tine length
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    POLL: What makes you trigger happy?

    Heres a buck with some mass.
  30. desertbuck 012.jpg

    desertbuck 012.jpg

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    POLL: Archery Hunting or Nothing???

    I would not support it, but I would hunt archery if thats all I could do.
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    Taxidermist question

    Looks pretty good to me. I do notice the head tilted, but that looks intentional.
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    A very cool giant buck mount.

    Ok, thats one of the best mounts I've seen. I have an old saw buck from my grandpa, I might have to borrow this idea. And, yea... thats buck is a hammer!
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    They are listening.......

    I don't like black olives. Much prefer a green olive. Aren't black olives just rotten green ones?
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    How big?

    173. I like him.
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    Now, who’s going to WIN the Super Bowl?

    I guess we can find our own studies to argue our points, but i really don't care either way.
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    Now, who’s going to WIN the Super Bowl?

    The percentage of douche bags in any given field are likely going to be similar. Out of every 100 NFL players, there's probably 5 pieces of trash. Out of every 100 carpenters, mechanics, doctors, teachers, taxidermist, there's probably 5 pieces of trash. It's just that the NFL is on national...
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    Now, who’s going to WIN the Super Bowl?

    I think the old man gets one more.
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    Flat Brimmer was in such a hurry to check his cams, he got a little whiskey throttle.
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    Is it the same buck?

    I think its the same buck. Nice buck.
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