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    Senate Bill 312 SB NM

    Also the main reason I have seen for concern is the economics. It's going to short money a lot. If they wanted to change the structure of tag allocations they should have raised every non resident tag fee because the increase in elk tags isn't going to make up the deficit from less nonresident...
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    Senate Bill 312 SB NM

    The Game and Fish does not have to put any money into the General Fund I don't believe. Don't quote me. But since they're a self funded organization through tag fees, they don't have to contribute to the general fund. I believe that was why they have tried to combine it with parks in the...
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    Senate Bill 312 SB NM

    Here is where this can become a slippery slope. By delineating away from Game and Fish species being the focus of the agency. It opens Pandora's Box on where the funds from tag fees can go. That is how I personally see it. I am going to contact a few people who are more knowledgeable than I to...
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    Senate Bill 32 SB NM

    NMDGF is a state organization and the employees have to represent the department in these meetings. Since they are a state organization, they must either go with what the governor supports or not say anything. Since MLG has not made any statement involving this bill, they are not allowed to...
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    Sheep Units

    This is completely off topic but what smarba is saying is correct. And what they really should be doing is trying to get themselves separated from the legislature so they’re not fixed in the amount of jobs they can provide. If they were able to add biologist jobs at will then the quality of...
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    Rutting activity

    Thinking about heading out this weekend for the end of the season. Anyone have any rutting activity updates in the SE say near willcox or so?
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    2021 Regs

    I'm not completely sure why they're doing that; however, many people I have talked to, scientists included, see the deer numbers differently than they used to be. They also have said the large increase in elk population has boosted lion numbers which in turn lowered the deer population. That is...
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    Did someone actually mistake a bighorn

    The first ewe from the first transplant went all the way to Ruidoso and they believed that someone’s dog killed it in in the backyard area that they found it in. Could have been a cougar though but I never followed up to check.
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    Unit 21A Late Season Archery Hunt

    Hey everyone, I was one of the lucky 15 people to draw the unit 21A December archery hunt. Being as I have never hunted this unit I know I'm in for a rough go. I will not be able to scout as far as I know. I have done a lot of time on the OnX looking for spots to hunt. I had looked at the...
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    Unit 34 Mule Deer

    I worked out there for the majority of the hunts last fall and based on what I've seen, as long as you hike off the road into a roadless area a mile or two you're unlikely to see people. I saw tons of people driving up and down roads looking for bucks. Unit is tough at the time, large elk...
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    Who's killed a Barbary in high winds?

    I have killed 2 of my 5 in 20+ mph wind. Really narrows down where to look I find. This ram went down last Saturday in the wind.
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    Big Game RIB online

    I think it's tough to lose the option to hunt both September and January. However, the size and amount of bucks should definitely increase because obviously there will be less success during the September hunts and then the January hunt there is about 40% of the normal hunters so more of the...
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    Pack it in Pack it out!!!

    Here?s a hard issue to talk about but it needs to be said. We have people in the sport of hunting and even camping that ruin the opportunity for everyone else. We degrade our wild places by littering and then wonder why more and more of our public lands are being taken away. Come on guys please...
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    I definitely think a comments section would be a good idea. Maybe along with how many deer you saw, what's the biggest buck you saw, that type of stuff. It's hard to manage individual areas because everybody hunts their spot and the game and fish is managing by a region not by your spot.
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    Meat eater Podcast 145

    I agree. The amount of hunters that hunt and comment on this stuff is very disproportionate. Doesn?t mean we don't have guys down at the commission meetings, but there was a meeting in LC about the Barbary, ibex, and oryx rules and there were about 30 people maybe. And I know for sure that there...
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    Javalina statewide

    I know for a fact there's a good amount in both 21 and 20. Have seen em multiple times. Last year I only hunted two hours in 21 near las cruces and got it done with the bow. Just find a place that looks good on the map that has water and go out exploring in the hills. I think getting off the...
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    Meat eater Podcast 145

    Here?s another one to listen to that has to do with antler point restrictions. Hunt Talk with Randy Newberg podcast EP 094. I went to school for wildlife management and some people don't understand what an antler point restriction does to the bucks age class in a population.
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    Meat eater Podcast 145

    Heck yeah. I would 100% pay more for both deer and antelope to help the department fund more projects for them. Only problem is the license fees are through the legislature so getting them changed is a whole nother ball game. $60 for javelina vs $41 for deer. That needs to be changed.
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    Meat eater Podcast 145

    Hey guys, there has been a lotta of bashing on NMDGF and how they manage some stuff. I encourage you all to listen to this podcast with the Idaho Fish and Game director to see what is going on with how they decide management and to understand how large scale they manage on. If we want better...
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    October & November

    Go onto GoHunts YouTube channel and watch their stress test. For me it's a no brainer. I have known people to snap the load lifters on their kuiu packs. That being said I just began my kifaru run. Once they get there I think I'll be done with looking for backpacks. The modularity is the nice...
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    NM unit 30 Updates

    Last weekend I saw three different dear come out of blm land near the black river area while working. All small bucks but good eating it looked like. Was also working parts of 31 and seeing deer activity. Think it seems to be doing well so far but that's from an outside perspective.
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    Desert Bighorn in Sacramento's?

    Here's another possible concern. Tell me what hunter is going to wait and identify this ram. Older rams are easy to tell. Youngers are much more difficult if you have a bad sun glare and can't see color. This is a 2 or 3 year old desert in Nevada.
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    Need to modify harvest report

    Personally, I believe for both rifle and archery hunters, figuring out if the hit is a non-lethal or lethal hit is a big deal. Of course you want to chase the same animal and try to get another arrow/bullet in them but if the hit is not lethal it is much less of an issue if the animal does find...
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    Desert Bighorn in Sacramento's?

    I did my last case study of college on this predicament. Honestly, I am working as a technician in Nevada right now with California Bighorn and I have noticed that they tend to hang out in the exact same areas I would see Barbary in. However, barbary are a generalist species, that's why they can...
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    Antelope proposal

    There's something many people need to consider so there is a lot of landlocked public land that is inaccessible without this system areas like in the Northeast quadrant than areas and Unit 32 33 stuff like that is going to be locked up because private landowners are not going to want people to...
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    New to Winnemucca

    Hello everyone, I am going to be moving to Winnemucca for 6 months starting May 29th to do work for NDOW and I was wondering if anyone thinks there could possibly be any leftover deer licenses for archery in the surrounding areas, or any other opportunities to hunt. I am originally from New...
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    Prairie Dogs??

    Yes they are Kangaroo Rat dens; however, I am unsure on the species as we have 3 different species in our state.
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    4 in 4 years Unit 32

    I'm lefty but the wooden gun wasn't sighted in some of those hunts
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    4 in 4 years Unit 32

    The biggest was the 3rd year and he measures 20". The Ram I saw this year would have trumped him easily but there's always another year.
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    4 in 4 years Unit 32

    1st year unit 29 2nd year unit 32 3rd year unit 29
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    4 in 4 years Unit 32

    Got it done again on opening day this year. After a late night finding somewhere to camp and hunt the next morning after running into two locked gates, we got started at around 5:45 AM. The wind was making it tough to glass in the morning. Hands were way too cold to do anything. We walked 8...
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    North end of 27

    Hey guys! I had an unfortunate event that took my hunting partner away for my coues deer hunt in 27. I'm going to try to get down there for two days but I don't really want to get all the way down to cloverdale and there if I don't have someone with me. I was wondering if anyone has ever seen...
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    NM game and fish roadblock

    Did they have any other equipment set up? Could have been a CWD checkpoint out there.
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    Youth Deer Unit 17 (Late Hunt)

    Go with the latest date. The bigger bucks will be starting to come out of their hiding spots and search for does. Granted it won't be anywhere near full rut; however, it will be the longest time they've had without hunters near them since muzzleloader season started.
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    16E wolf situation

    It was a difficult hunt. We hunted hard and had limited opportunities. Every elk hunt I have ever been on, I have shot a shot; however, this one I never got an opportunity. I was busted by 2 cows and a spike while tying to get shots off on them. We saw a very limited crop of bulls until my...
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    NM Wolves and the ESA

    Also another thing I've seen is most of these people are the people that don't believe in hunting, but are also not content with eating meat from a regular old slaughterhouse. There has to be one or the other, if we continue to lose Elk, we as hunters will have to start relying on...
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    NM Wolves and the ESA

    This is my issue that I see with this specific wolf population. These are not natural wolves that had survived and then were saved from the brink of extirpation; they're wolves that were brought from another area and were bred in captivity which changes their DNA. If it was the natural...
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    16E wolf situation

    Hey guys, Hate to beat a dead horse here with the way that the wolves seem to be headed these days and the many threads that have come up lately. However, I'm going to be in 16E for the first archery season and I'm wondering how much an issue it is going to be there since I will have a first...
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    New Mexico fishing forums?

    That's what makes them money is the triploids. It's weird because I know tons and tons of people that would be really happy if they started focusing on some of the other species around the state. I'm sure the Butte could be an absolute great bass fishery they just have to continue putting the...
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    Unit 27 Archery Coues

    Against my better judgment, I decided to pull the trigger on a leftover coues tag. Will be nice to get to be in the mountains at least. Just wondering if anyone has hunted the unit and has any advice? Mostly looking for how to keep safe with all the illegal activity. I have hunted coues with a...
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