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    Cabelas closed til 4/30

    Walked up on this yesterday AM.
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    Valle Vidal youth this weekend

    I know there may be some weather Sat-Mon, but I was wondering if anyone knew the current road conditions into Mccrystal? how quickly do the roads go bad after a storm? We have a small 18’ bumper pull and I don’t wanna be skiing or mud bogging lol. thanks in advance and good luck to all the...
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    Youth encouragement 16D

    Good morning all, We are headed down to 16D the weekend after Thanksgiving, and I was hoping someone could give us a general vicinity to look into. I normally hunt 16A and 6A ( and sometimes 9 ), so I am more than willing to share what info I have to any youth hunters hitting those areas...
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    Meat locker/storage in Reserve

    Anyone know of a meat locker or storage in or near Reserve? We are lucky enough to be going into 16a this weekend, and I told my wife if I get lucky early in the hunt, I am staying all the way through ( still have a turkey and bear tag too ). So I will need a place to hang my meat if the stars...
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    Unit 9 Youth Encouragement ELk

    Good Morning MM'ers I am taking out the young man I have been mentoring, and was just wondering if anyone has some pointers for the Unit 9 youth Muzzie cow hunt this weekend. I hunted 9 for first archery, and spent more time swimming, sliding, and digging than chasing elk. If you have hunted...
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    Tough going so far in 9

    LAST EDITED ON Sep-05-13 AT 01:51PM (MST)[p]Needed to recharge my batteries both figuratively and mentally so sleeping in my own bed tonight, and hugging my kiddos but will be back at it Saturday morning through the 15th, So i thought I would share so far. Been hunting first archery elk in...
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    Take a Kid Hunting!!!

    LAST EDITED ON Mar-19-13 AT 09:13PM (MST)[p]Greetings greatest forum on MM!! Just wanted on this application deadline eve, to remind everyone of the importance of getting more and more of our youth into our hunting heritage and passion. Many of you may remember that I had brought up the story...
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    Bear / Turkey Draw

    Anyone know when they will release the results today? -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Teach your kids to hunt now, and you won't have to hunt for them later.
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    Youth 6A elk

    Morning MM'ers Just a couple quick questions if you all have the time. I have 3 youths I am taking out this upcoming weekend to 6A, and was wondering: Is there any snow pack anywhere? Do I need to be concerned with road condition anywhere? Are the elk still up high? Weather looks to be dry...
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    A Promise Kept

    About this time last year, there was a thread come up about how some felt that it was ridiculous that the youth in our state got some of the "prime" hunting windows. I took a personal exception to this, and made a public promise to take one new hunter under my wing every year and hopefully...
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    You be the judge

    Out scouting yesterday, and saw this. Is this considered a "motorized vehicle"...? -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Teach your kids to hunt now, and you won't have to hunt for them later.
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    Weather "up North" Unit 6A to be precise

    Good Afternoon all, Just wondering what the weather and ground is like up in 6A, as my oldest daughter has a youth encouragement tag for the weekend after Thanksgiving. We hunted the area in Dec, of 09 for the encouragement hunt ( my middle daughter )that year, and were driving around on 12+...
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    Southern Co. Success

    LAST EDITED ON Oct-31-11 AT 06:01PM (MST)[p]Just wanted to share some success my cousin (in-law) and a friend of the family had this past week while hunting ( public land )in Southern Colorado. The first one And the one they waited for. Very proud of these guys as they are some Texas...
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    Hot and wet

    Get your minds out of the gutters..... :) Went out this weekend as I had a little bit of down time from work, and man was it brutal. I hunted down in 16C for Muleys, and in 2 days of hunting covered ~20 miles according to my GPS. And NO it wasn't on a 4wheeler. If it wasn't 90+ degrees it...
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    I see all the questions about where to start for maps for Public/Private, access etc. Here is what I use/found I then use an...
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    16 archery Deer

    Good Morning Gents, First year I have put in for deer in a long time, and I was hoping it would compliment an elk tag, as I put in for 16A ( and have hunted 3/5 years there, knowing the area fairly well ). But alas, the gods of the draw decided a deer tag was enough ( Sept 1-24, and Jan...
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    Gila Fire

    12k+ acres so far The URL changes as they update it, if the above does not work, just click the "Active Wildfires" on the left...
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    Got tomorrow off!

    Gonna give the thunder chickens some hell! Or at least sacrifice some $$ to the Gas station. Anyone else going out tomorrow? Been a LONG time since I killed a Turkey, so I am bringing the BoomStick rather than the stick and string. More than anything though I just need to get out in those...
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    Great day to be an outdoorsman

    UnderArmor cold gear top $60 Merino Wool Socks $10 Danner Pronghorns $200 Arctic Shield Gloves $50 Listening to my co-workers who call me a redneck gun-nut complain they are freezing, and that the weather sucks. PRICELESS!! Good luck to all in the upcoming draws. NMYB...
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    Is tomorrow the day?

    Been hitting it hard the past week and weekend for my daughter's Off Range Oryx hunt, and haven't seen squat ( ok a few antelope ). But I have a good feeling about tomorrow. We have had some exchanges with a few other MM'ers and we may have a plan in place for tomorrow. Wish us Luck! Good...
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    Look out Wapiti, here we come

    Hitting the road up to the Vidal in about 30 minutes to share an elk hunt with my daughter and another new hunter. Going to try to lay the smack down on a couple freezer fillers. Thanks to all who gave us advice! NMYB...
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    Campgrounds at Valle Vidal

    Evening all, This weekend is my daughter's cow hunt at the VV. How big are the 2 campgrounds up there, how many spaces. Should I worry about them filling up? To all the folks who have PM'd me and shared your knowledge; thank you so much, we will try to make you proud. We went out this...
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    Cell Service in Valle Vidal?

    My daughter has a cow hunt oct 30 thru nov 3 in the VV, and I was wondering do they have any cell coverage up there? Also, how hard is it to get to the Shuree ponds campground that time of year ( we have a 28 foot 5th wheel )? She took an oryx last year at 300+ yds so I am confident if we put...
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    Antelope access

    Evening all, I was drawn for Ant 2-106, and was wondering if anyone could point me in the right direction to perhaps contact a land-owner or 2 about some access to private land ( I am well aware it ain't always free ). I am not looking for the biggest pronghorn out there, just an opportunity...
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    Antelope Rut

    In southern NM, when does the rut get hot and heavy? NMYB -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Teach your kids to hunt now, and you won't have to hunt for them later.
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    Archery Antelope "Costumes", Do these things work?

    My bro-in-law and I got drawn for antelope this year aug 14-18, and had some private land lined up. After being drawn, we spoke to the landowner and found out that he had sold the land. So it is up to us to get some leather on the ground, find the goats and chase em. I have heard of flagging...
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    Valle Vidal Worth getting a Bear tag?

    Evening Gents! My daughter drew a cow tag for VV, and I saw that if you have an elk tag, then she can carry a bear tag for the same weapon allowance as well. Is the bear population up there worth getting a tag for her? I hope to be getting up there a couple times before her hunt which is the...
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    You have got to love the first day of spring in New Mexico. About 3" here just South of Albuquerque. What's it like near you? -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Teach your kids to hunt now, and you won't have to hunt for them later.
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    Buy a Gun-Safe. Know your serial #'s

    Wife called today and said when she arrived there was a kid sitting out front of our place, and as she pulled in the drive he took off like a bat out of h311. She got inside, and all of my firearms were laid out on the living room floor. He had helped hisself to my daughter's Gym bag, and had...
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    Little bit of fabricating

    Neither of us are fabricators, but we just had to give this a try. Myself, and My bro-in-law ( biohazardman ) decided to have a go at a skinning rack for the back of the truck, as we have grown tired of skinning on the ground all the time. After a bit of cussing and discussing, we got to...
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    Good Luck

    To all of those chasing Oryx this weekend, good luck. Looks to be decent weather this weekend, if a litle wet on Sunday. If you happen to see any 40"+ broken horn, let me know. NMYB
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    6a cow elk after Christmas

    Evening all, Just wondering how the weather looks up north? And I thought I would throw one more feeler out for a bit of info for my daughter's youth encouragement hunt after December. Heading up tomorrow to do a bit of scouting, and get a better feel for how that area is this late in the...
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    Youth 6A elk encouragement hunt Dec 26-30

    Evening all, Now that we scored the oryx for daughter #1, it is time to get daughter #2 hooked as well. Due to the length of the drive and lack of extra brownie points with the warden, errr I mean wife, we will be keeping closer to home and going up to 6A. Any info you all have would be...
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    She did it!!!!!

    After going hard all month, it all finally came together. This is my oldest daughter, Cristina, she is 11 years old, and this was her first big game hunt. I think she is hooked. This would not have been possible without the kindness of another hunter and his daughter. We ran into them...
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    18 hours....

    Until my 11 year old daughter's off range Oryx hunt starts. We are chomping at the bit, as this is her first big game hunt. I am so glad the G&F is offering those youth tags. We have taken a couple before, but this is the one I have been waiting for. There won't be much sleeping in our house...
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    Youth Encouragement Hunts

    Good morning all. I have a daughter (10 yrs) who was unsuccessful this year in the draw, and am looking at the youth encouragement elk tags for her. The sale starts on the 28th, and I was wondering where you all would recommend for the December dates of the 26th - 30th. I am not against...
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    packer near silver city

    I have a friend who will be hunting near silver city for elk with muzzleloader. Anyone know of a packer in the area he may contact if he gets a big stinky in a gawd-awful place? Thanks in advance, NMYB
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    Getting it done on opening day

    After 300+ miles and a beautiful day ( though DURN hot ). My buddy Dennis was successful at 7:30 PM on this Bull. We saw 3, and this one presented the best shot at about 300 yds. The horns went about 32 a piece. Not the best pics, but we were tired ( we left Abq, at 3AM ), and we were losing...
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    Getting closer to Gobbler Time

    Evening Guys, Just wondering what your thoughts are for a general area ( not looking for anyone's honey holes ) to take my daughters out for their 1st turkey hunt this year. They both ( 9 and 11 ) got their Hunter's Safety this past year, and I am looking for an opportunity to put a bird in...
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    Unit 54 Colin Neblett WMA

    Evening ALL, Just wondering if you all have any suggestions about this area? My Brother in Law has the rifle hunt starting on the 11th, and we have scouted a bit, but was hoping there is someone who may have some pointers for him. He has never shot a bull, and we thought this would be a great...
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