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  1. 3TOE

    My Oregon turkey hunt

    Thanks! I’m planning to start applying for AZ. A buddy was there a few weeks ago shed hunting & he had a small flock roosted near his camp. He said when the season opened up the birds disappeared.
  2. 3TOE

    Avocado prices where you’re at

    So this is what y’all talk about around a campfire? 🤣😂🤣 My group of friends are usually talking about the gal that was stocking the avocados. Before I moved west I seriously have no recollection of anyone eating one, let alone seeing one in a store for sale.
  3. 3TOE

    For Sale Swarovski ME 1.7 magnifier/extender

    If no one shows any interest in a few days, I would be interested at $250.
  4. 3TOE

    My first turkey hunt in Oregon, won’t be my last

    Thank you. It’s was an amazing hunt. We met some great people & saw some beautiful country.
  5. 3TOE

    dwr emails

    Good for you!!! Congratulations & I hope you have an awesome hunt.
  6. 3TOE

    Fiber optic upgrade for the Williams globe sight

    I’m not sure. I verified the the threads by calling Williams before I purchased it. I would try calling Lyman.
  7. 3TOE

    dwr emails

    Did you apply for ALW, muzzleloader or bow? Just curious because I had 5 points going in this year but opted to just take a bonus point instead of entering the draw. Pine Valley was going to be my first choice.
  8. 3TOE

    Anyone applying in Nevada

    Unfortunately they might be done. I got my “Thanks for entering the Big Game Draw” email yesterday afternoon.
  9. 3TOE

    Fiber optic upgrade for the Williams globe sight

    I have only shot it with the scope. I haven’t even fired a single round through it with the globe mounted. I have a whitetail hunt this fall in OK & they allow the use of scopes.
  10. 3TOE

    credit card hits

    I’m with you Wiszard. I actually looked into it a few years ago & understood at that time that a NR could participate in the program, but my issue was taking the time off & the commute to complete the hours. I will have to research it again as time allows. I will let you know what I come up with.
  11. 3TOE

    credit card hits

    Congratulations to everyone that drew a tag / tags. We should see some good pictures this fall.
  12. 3TOE

    Credit Card Charges

    Congrats to everyone that drew!!! 👍🏻
  13. 3TOE

    Anyone applying in Nevada

    Same here... no issues for me either.
  14. 3TOE

    My first turkey hunt in Oregon, won’t be my last

    Yes it was Jim. I sincerely appreciate everything you did. 👍🏻
  15. 3TOE

    Spring Time Hunting Fun ... Photo Contest

    That is awesome! Congratulations to the young lady & to you also.
  16. 3TOE

    My Oregon turkey hunt

    Thanks! It was a great trip. We met some super good guys, hunted & saw some amazing country & the birds are everywhere. It wasn’t a hard hunt at all, but we had a blast.
  17. 3TOE

    Turkey Hunting Time!

    Just returned from a trip to Oregon myself. Between 2 of us we took 6 birds in 3 days. That hunt will remain one of my most memorable for years to come.
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  23. 3TOE

    My Oregon turkey hunt

    I posted a full story on the Oregon page, but wanted to share my success here with my fellow Nevadan’s. The short version of the story... I made some great new friends as a result of MM’s. We put down 6 birds in 3 days. 👍🏻 It simply doesn’t get much better than that. 👍🏻
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  29. 3TOE

    My first turkey hunt in Oregon, won’t be my last

    To start... I have to say that I have met some amazing & generous people here on MM. I received a PM one day from Jim (aka Desperatehills) offering the opportunity to turkey hunt in Oregon. After weighing my options & multiple PM’s later, I was booking a flight, hotel & rental car for myself &...
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  35. 3TOE

    Anyone applying in Nevada

    My personal situation with time availability is difficult. I travel for work & I am on call 24/7. The only way I can get time off is to take vacation time. I don’t get weekends off unless I take vacation on a Friday or Monday. I already have a few hunts scheduled & I simply don’t have the...
  36. 3TOE

    Anyone applying in Nevada

    I hear you buckhorn! This just isn’t a good year for me if I did draw. It would mean canceling a hunt with my dad that is far more important to me. There is a very real possibility that it could be his last hunt & I wouldn’t miss that for 5 sheep tags. God willing, I will get back in the pool...
  37. 3TOE

    209 primers

    Sounds like you are lined up buckhorn. I’m glad to see some folks here in NV that are willing to help. 👍🏻
  38. 3TOE

    Anyone applying in Nevada

    This year I entered the draw for pronghorn & deer. I bought points for everything else due to vacation time availability & other hunts. Next year will be a different story. I have enough points now that drawing an elk or desert sheep tag is a possibility. A bit slimmer for the sheep but still...
  39. 3TOE

    2nd day rio

    Good deal!!! Give them birds hell. Congrats. 👍🏻
  40. 3TOE

    KUIU & Trailcampro Customer Service

    Before Hairston passed I approached him at the SCI show here in Vegas & informed him of some issues a buddy had with his KUIU solo tent. He gave me his personal business card & told me to have my buddy contact him. He did & Jason sent him the 2 person tent with carbon poles & a hat with no...
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