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    Non Resident Bull

    I was out quite a bit last year and also saw hundreds of elk. However, very few of those were legal bulls. I sat back and glassed while the word got out and people flooded in and started chasing them. This year going for a cow...
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    B License draw is happening

    Nada on the B tag. Do have a 270 tag though...
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    Antelope is UP!!!!

    Got a 900 tag.
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    Howa rifles yeah or nay?

    Years ago I bought a Howa barreled action in .300 WSM and put it in a stock that I had bedded. It was a tack driver. Not sure if they are still selling them that way.
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    Youth rifle choices

    A BOSS equipped rifle will reduce recoil but it is louder. They make a non-vented attachment for it if the noise gets to bothersome.
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    Youth rifle choices

    My daughter grew up on a .260 Remington Mountain Rifle and took many animals with it. I "borrowed" it a few times and enjoyed everything about it.
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    Need a rifle for the wife...........

    Which ever caliber you choose, look at the Browning BOSS system. Makes my 7mm RM a soft shooter.
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    Just weird how things work?

    Had me checking my FWP page.
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    draw results

    Just a point for me... BTW, the FWP webpage is jacked up.
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    draw results

    FWP site is having issues. Cant get in...
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    Any SPOT GPS Deals?

    RE: Any SPOT GPS Deals? (Got me a Delorme) I got the Explorer version and have had it out a few times to include in a plane. I like it much better than the SPOT.
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    Any SPOT GPS Deals?

    RE: Any SPOT GPS Deals? (Got me a Delorme) After doing some research, I ditched the SPOT idea and went to REI and got the Delorme Inreach Explorer. The current sale at REI made it nice and the features this unit has sold me. I had 2 previous SPOTs and after playing with the Inreach, I am glad...
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    Any SPOT GPS Deals?

    Getting ready to start scouting. Looking for a deal on a SPOT GPS and the service. Anyone know of any out there? A few years back, I found a deal where the service was free with the purchase of the unit. I think that was posted on either a motorcycle or off-road forum. Thanks!
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    Sturdy Safes

    They make a good product!
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    Draw Results

    270 for elk and 204 for deer along with the general tags.
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    Draw Results

    Should be this week.
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    Stabilizer question

    Tromping through the bush, I would think 10" would get in the way. Some guys roll with no stabilizer.
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    Broadheads for turkeys

    I am using the Bullheads. Today is opener. Hopefully I can report back soon. I would rather lop the head off or have a clean miss. Not sure how my taxidermist will feel about this...
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    Stabilizer question

    I just got the 6" version. It just fits in my bow case. Depends on what you want to accomplish and what you will be doing with the bow.
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    Border Huevos in TX, Az to Follow?

    Will Gov. Brewer follow Gov. Perry in sending the Guard to the border?
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    CA Premium Hunts..What did you people try for and how many pints?

    Maxed on antelope and elk. As a NR, I didn't put in for deer, did Griz Island for elk (if I come back, it will be worth it!) and Lassen for antelope if I remember right.
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    Anti Hunt Rally In Yellowstone

    LAST EDITED ON May-26-14 AT 08:25AM (MST)[p]Family friendly? Unless you disagree with them.
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    How do the AZ people feel about Sen. McCain?
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    Montana youth Succes

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    Elk Success

    Good job! Congrats!
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    Labrador Breeder

    Thanks gents!
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    John Deere Gator XUV

    Found this today of the XUV getting a workout.
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    How do the AZ people feel about Sen. McCain?

    Let him and the other elected folk know how you feel. After seeing the video of how the rebels treated the soldiers, McCain needs to remember his POW days.
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    How do the AZ people feel about Sen. McCain?

    Seems like he is more Independent like Lieberman. Is this a false perception? Presidential bid was a failure. Does he bring home the bacon for AZ?
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    John Deere Gator XUV

    craggar, Did you buy it off the lot or build it from the JD webpage? Any recommendations on what to get on it if I were to build it? From what I gather the power steering is a must have. Probably a good idea since the wife might drive it every now and then.
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    John Deere Gator XUV

    LAST EDITED ON Aug-31-13 AT 09:44AM (MST)[p]Wondering if anyone has experiences with the Gator line of John Deere side-by-sides? Looking for one around the property, hauling wood, and overall hunting. Had an older Polaris Sportsman that I was not too impressed with.
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    Labrador Breeder

    Looking for recommendations for a Montana breeder that specializes in Labrador Retrievers. Don't mind paying for a lab that is going to be a waterfowl dog. Any recommendations?
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    Dividing California

    LA needs to be in the blue part so it can go democrat with SF.
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    DIY Sheep in California

    I was just sent pics of some dead rams from the Kelso/Old Dad epidemic and will try to get them posted up later. Apparently the disease outbreak was from a domestic sheep that was released in the area. Not sure how this is going to impact the hunt this year. If you put in for this zone, stay...
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    DIY Sheep in California

    It can be done. Prepare to spend a ton of time in the unit. Judging is the hardest part. I went guided for Zone 3 and the guide was right on the money what my sheep would score. Get tons of range time in as the distance and wind can be challenging. The below link is bad news for sheep...
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    Hunting Regulations Booklet

    If you don't want to print them out, Walmart has them.
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    AZ Joins the Fray

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    AR or MK?

    Check out the 68 forum and there is a plethora of animals taken with the 6.8 just this year alone.
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    AR or MK?

    The 6.8 SPC opens more doors for you when it comes to hunting.
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    hows the hunting

    The road conditions are horrible around Choteau now. Should be out hunting but am in a hotel waiting it out. The high country has to be a mess. Travel with due caution. I was going to head down to Great Falls to get my son but that did not work out. Hopefully, I can get down there tomorrow...
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