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    308 Brass

    I’m just curious if people are looking for 308 brass? I bought a gun a while ago and it came with a bunch of brass some I believe has the new primers installed but I don’t reload so I don’t have much use for them
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    Keeping my stuff on the wall

    I’ve got a question for you guys, I’ve got a couple deer that I had mounted for me and they just have a hole in the back in order to hang it on the wall. The problem is that they constantly twist and even fall from time to time. I have one that has a steel plate on the back with a groove and it...
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    Finally Dropped

    Found this buck with my son last Monday and picked up his antlers on Friday! Pretty good CA buck, and my best set of browns.
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    I love having a cup of coffee on the mountain, which I was recently introduced to a new method on a Jet Boil, and instant coffee pack. Do any of you have a specific brand of instant coffee that you swear is the best?
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    Big 3

    Finally got one of the bucks we’ve been looking for this year, due to smoke we haven’t been able to glass real long distance so just got into the bedding area and after the fifth time going in finally found him. He’s 26 inches wide and super heavy. Here’s a few pictures of him, one is him in...
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    Long Range Shooting

    I just had a gun built by ACE rifles out of Nevada, If anyone on here is looking for an awesome rifle then talk to Brandt. My first shot at 1000 yards landed right on target. This guy knows how to build a gun! Just figured I would let you guys know if you are looking for long range to talk to...
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    An old Match

    After 3 years I finally matched up one of the two sides off of this buck, his one side that’s busted up is a 4 point with a kicker but the impressive thing is his mass. 6 1/4 inches at the base! I was bummed after 3 years to find out he was a main frame 3x4 but so pumped to finally find one of...
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    It was a great day

    I have been shed hunting for probably 4 years, I have found a decent amount of sheds. But only one set of brown deer sheds, until today! Three sets of brown deer sheds! Unbelievable, praise the Lord for such an incredible day!! None of them were side by side. But what an awesome day
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    Nice CA find

    He’s not a giant but still excited to start finding some antlers in CA.
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    Shed Hunt

    The grass is finally falling over enough to start collecting in our area! Still not green nor is it cool weather but it's a start.
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    Doctor 40x80

    What is the best adapter to connect phone to the Doctors? Does phone skope sell one or is there another one that you would recommend for taking pictures with my phone? Thanks
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    Nevada Success

    Another incredible year with G&J outdoors, We had the most amazing guides, cook, and weather you could have asked for in Nevada. They put us on great bucks every day. You always hear stories of that "one year" where everything went just the way it was supposed to, and we lived in that moment for...
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    Hopefully other D8 hunters had better luck than myself, started out by missing a nice buck in the archery season, and never found him again, he's still on camera, just never got the timing right. Saw a few young bucks a week ago but nothing that I wanted to harvest this year. How did anyone else...
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    Hey guys I've got a question for you. I just missed a solid buck this morning at 50 yards. I rushed the shot like an idiot. Do you think that deer will be back in the same area? And if so, how many days would you wait trying to get on him again? Thanks in advance. And it's not because of...
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    A Zone Opener

    Did anyone out there have success on their opening weekend of "A" zone? I saw plenty of bucks, made a few stocks and didn't seal the deal on a deer. But we did happen to run across a group of hogs and a friend and I both managed to stick our first hogs with a bow. So we didn't come home empty...
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    CA Sheds

    I've been shed hunting for years and never picked up a set, that changed this year! I've been very blessed to pick up my first brown set a quarter of a mile away from each other. Then on my last trip up the mountain I picked up a giant side by side set! Hopefully some of you are having similar...
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    Bear Hunting

    Just curious if anyone has had any success with the bear hunting recently? I haven't been up lately but hopefully I'll get a free day soon and can turn something up. Lets see those pictures if you got em!
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    Nevada Success

    I have hunted all over the west, and my Father in law introduced me to Cary from G&J Outdoors this year. This was the best guided hunting experience I've ever had! When we showed up he'd already been scouting the area for three full days and we spent little time looking for deer because he'd...
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    031 Late season

    I Drew the 031 late season tag this year and was curious if anyone has hunted here before. I don't want locations, more curious on the caliber of deer I can expect to see so I can set a realistic goal. If you have any pictures I'd love to see them as well. Again I DON'T want your location, just...
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    Archery Success

    Anybody tag a bear or buck on the opening weekend here in CA? We went out and did't see anything. Hopefully when it cools down in the next few weeks the deer will start moving a little more.
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    No Show

    Did anyone else not get their license and tags sent to them yet? I only had one tag show up. A zone opens in a few days and I just realized I can't go unless I get this straightened out. Anyone know who to contact? I bought the tags online during the application process.
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    Funny Trail Cam Pics

    You know it's getting hot when they jump in the trouph!
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    Any Big Sheds?

    Since the grass is getting taller and shed hunting is getting tougher, I wanted to see if anyone else found any Giant ones this year? I found my first dead head with my son but had a tough time finding the good ones this year. Hopefully you guys have had better luck than me! I'll post some...
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    Big Game Draw 2018

    Hey guys just wondering if anyone knows the date on which the big game draw application period opens for the 2018 season? Also I have 4 preferance points and I'm thinking about a few different zones such as X3a, X3b, or X9a. Just curious on what you guys would put in for based on the points I...
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