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  1. One_Duck_Limit

    5yr waiting period...

    IMO a 5 year waiting period for deer and elk is a bit excessive. Does the waiting period accomplish what it is designed to do? From the guide book. "Waiting periods keep successful applicants out of the drawing for a few years and give other hunters a better chance at drawing a permit." They...
  2. One_Duck_Limit

    Garmin Alpha GPS systems

    I'm looking at a dog tracking GPS system for upland game hunting. Does anyone have any experience with the Garmin Alpha 100? I've got a German Wirehair Pointer and we hunt mostly chukar and pheasant. The ground we hunt pheasant on has waist high extremely thick cover. It's easy to loose track of...
  3. One_Duck_Limit

    Middle of the day

    What do you all do during the middle of the day while deer hunting? Most of the time we head back to camp for lunch and a nap.
  4. One_Duck_Limit

    Velvet Thickness

    I found a decent buck during a scouting trip on August 1st that looked like he had good mass. I haven't been able to find anything bigger and have decided it's time to relocate him. How thick is antler velvet towards the end of the summer? Have you ever found a deer during the summer you thought...
  5. One_Duck_Limit

    Noisy backpack

    Yesterday I noticed my backpack was making a ton of noise. About 15 lbs of gear was all that I had. What have you all done to quiet down your pack?
  6. One_Duck_Limit

    LE Buck Quality

    Book Cliffs, Vernon and Diamond Mountain all take around 13 points to draw the rifle tag. On average, what quality of buck do you think is the upper end? 160"? 170"? 180"?
  7. One_Duck_Limit

    Kaepernick - not good enough or black listed???

    What do you all think of the Kaepernick situation? I read today that the NAACP wants a meeting with the NFL to discuss why he hasn't been signed. Is it because he's just not good enough, or teams don't want the distraction? Personally I think his style of play isn't what NFL teams want. RG3 is...
  8. One_Duck_Limit

    Deer numbers.. what you expected?

    Is the number of deer you seeing archery hunting or scouting higher, lower or what you expected? I've been archery hunting in one of the Northern Utah units that had a hard winter. So far the number of deer I've seen is lower than expected.
  9. One_Duck_Limit


    Anyone traveling to eclipse "path of totality"? If everything goes as planned I'll be on the South Fork of the Snake enjoying a day of fishing while the eclipse happens. Do you think the deer and elk will act differently Monday during the time the sun is partially obscured by the moon? Here in...
  10. One_Duck_Limit

    Bow noise - what do you do??

    What are you doing to your bow to make it as quiet as possible? What I do is tighten all accessory bolts and screws, replace the felt on the arrow rest, made sure all the Limb Saver products aren't split and in good working order. I have one leach in the buss cable but nothing in the string...
  11. One_Duck_Limit

    broad head allignment

    When building hunting arrows with fixed blade broad heads do you take the time to align the broad head blades with the arrow fletchings? Why or why not?
  12. One_Duck_Limit

    3 months???

    Why does it take 3 months to do Utah's big game draw? Is there that much work involved?
  13. One_Duck_Limit

    When to sit, when to move

    When you all are out scouting/hunting elk in an area you've found elk before how long do you sit and glass until you decide they aren't there and it's time to move?
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