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  1. Slayer

    CVA Wolf Accuracy

    What is considered to be accurate for the CVA wolf or any other similar muzzleloader. I am shooting the wolf at 100 yards and have groups the size of baseball with a rest. Is that good or should something be adjusted? Shooting 250 gr bullet with 100 gr Triple 7 powder. Maybe its what I get with...
  2. Slayer

    Nebo Hunts Status

    LAST EDITED ON Sep-25-18 AT 03:53PM (MST)[p]Any bulls killed on Nebo during the LE rifle or muzzy hunt? Or did everyone turn thier tags in due to the fire and nebo loop closed. Wondering what the muzzy deer hunters are going to do as well tomorrow?? Turning in tags? Hopefully the animals are...
  3. Slayer

    Speed Loaders

    What speed loaders do you recommend? I have looked at them and not sure which would be best. I have .50 cal and 209 primer. I like the T/C ones that have the little compartment for the primer, but not sure about having the bullet and pellets/ powder in the same compartment. Thoughts?
  4. Slayer

    When will CC hits start...?

    Some say this friday we might start seeing credit card hits. When do you think it will start?
  5. Slayer

    How does the Utah General Deer Draw work...?

    Can someone explain or point me in the right direction to understand how the General Season Deer Draw works...? I have seen the descriptions on the DWR website, but it is not crystal clear to me. Below are some sample questions that I have about it (and I'm sure I'm not the only one). When...
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