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    Unit 21A Late Season Archery Hunt

    Hey everyone, I was one of the lucky 15 people to draw the unit 21A December archery hunt. Being as I have never hunted this unit I know I'm in for a rough go. I will not be able to scout as far as I know. I have done a lot of time on the OnX looking for spots to hunt. I had looked at the...
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    Pack it in Pack it out!!!

    Here?s a hard issue to talk about but it needs to be said. We have people in the sport of hunting and even camping that ruin the opportunity for everyone else. We degrade our wild places by littering and then wonder why more and more of our public lands are being taken away. Come on guys please...
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    Meat eater Podcast 145

    Hey guys, there has been a lotta of bashing on NMDGF and how they manage some stuff. I encourage you all to listen to this podcast with the Idaho Fish and Game director to see what is going on with how they decide management and to understand how large scale they manage on. If we want better...
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    New to Winnemucca

    Hello everyone, I am going to be moving to Winnemucca for 6 months starting May 29th to do work for NDOW and I was wondering if anyone thinks there could possibly be any leftover deer licenses for archery in the surrounding areas, or any other opportunities to hunt. I am originally from New...
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    4 in 4 years Unit 32

    Got it done again on opening day this year. After a late night finding somewhere to camp and hunt the next morning after running into two locked gates, we got started at around 5:45 AM. The wind was making it tough to glass in the morning. Hands were way too cold to do anything. We walked 8...
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    North end of 27

    Hey guys! I had an unfortunate event that took my hunting partner away for my coues deer hunt in 27. I'm going to try to get down there for two days but I don't really want to get all the way down to cloverdale and there if I don't have someone with me. I was wondering if anyone has ever seen...
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    16E wolf situation

    Hey guys, Hate to beat a dead horse here with the way that the wolves seem to be headed these days and the many threads that have come up lately. However, I'm going to be in 16E for the first archery season and I'm wondering how much an issue it is going to be there since I will have a first...
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    Unit 27 Archery Coues

    Against my better judgment, I decided to pull the trigger on a leftover coues tag. Will be nice to get to be in the mountains at least. Just wondering if anyone has hunted the unit and has any advice? Mostly looking for how to keep safe with all the illegal activity. I have hunted coues with a...
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    2017 Barbary Sheep Hunt

    I drew a Barbary sheep tag for the 3rd year in a row this year so I planned out a weekend with my dad and a buddy to go out and try and make it three years in a row. Made it out friday the 10th and checked the rifle at the bottom of the mountain. That afternoon we were up on a mountain and...
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    New Mexico Archery Deer Success

    After missing 2 big bucks on two consecutive days and having missed 2 other bucks besides that I finally switched releases and discovered my rangefinder hadn't been on the angle compensation mode so once I switched and made sure that the angle compensation mode was on and made my way out the...
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    Archery Deer Success

    LAST EDITED ON Jan-11-17 AT 08:31PM (MST)[p]After missing 2 big bucks on two consecutive days and having missed 2 other bucks besides that I finally switched releases and discovered my rangefinder hadn't been on the angle compensation mode so once I switched and made sure that the angle...
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    Burro Mountain Coues

    Hey guys I was hoping to get a little info on this area. I have a few spots I've looked at but I know nothing about coues deer and the hunt is fast approaching. I'm pretty good with my glass and my bow so I was planning on hunting the thinner areas. If anyone has any info it would be greatly...
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    Javelina in the Burros?

    Anyone know whats the situation with javelinas in the burros? I drew a archery coues tag and I figured why not try and shoot a pig while I'm at it.
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    Unit 23 Burro Coues Archery

    Hey guys I seem to have drawn a burro mountains archery coues tag and I am totally dumbfounded. I have never even seen a coues deer let alone kill one. Anyone have any advice on how to hunt them? I just want to get familiar with how to spot and hunt them. Any info is greatly appreciated!
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    In over my head with Barbary Sheep

    Well my first barbary sheep hunt was a success; however, it did not go off without any hitches to say the least. I took off from NMSU at around 10 and got to my spot around 1. My dad and brother were going to meet me down there when I came off the mountain that afternoon. Well I started hiking...
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    OTC Barbary

    Hey guys I posted earlier this year about barbary in 29-30 but it doesn't seem as though I'm going to be able to make it out to the actual units for more than maybe a day or two. I have a full week off school in march because of spring break so I was wondering if anyone has any spots to just...
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    Barbary 29-30

    Hey guys this year is my first time grabbing a barbary sheep tag so I don't know anything. I was wondering if anyone could give me a general area to start looking for them? I'm willing to hike a ton to even just see some. Thanks anyone for your help!
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    2nd January Mule Deer in a Row!

    After drawing a unit last year by accident, I thought I had found a place I could hunt consistently every year. Boy was I wrong. We went back this year to our spot and all the deer were scattered way away from the road and we only saw two bucks of any size compared to last year when we saw 11 in...
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    Gila Bull

    So after the luck I had last year, I never believed that I would get another opportunity that good. Well I drew the same tag this year and prepared all summer. With all my college stuff going on, I only had a day and a half to hunt. So the 12th my brother and I headed to camp. The next morning...
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    1st Mule Deer 2014 archery

    Well after 7 hunts, 5 archery 2 rifle, I finally got a buck on the ground. I had a tough time with this hunt. My bow was somehow off for the first 5 days of the hunt and I missed a few shots. I went back last friday with the intent of hunting saturday and sunday. We started out saturday morning...
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    Kryptek Cadog Pants vs. Sitka Mountain Pants

    I'm looking for a new pair of pants for late season hunting and I'm stuck between these two. The late season hunts are going to be mostly January archery mule deer hunts here in New Mexico. I wasn't worried about it until this years January when we hunted out of a pop up camper in below zero...
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    Statewide Javelina

    Anyone know where some pigs are in the statewide units? I have a unit 20 January deer hunt and am contemplating getting a leftover archery hunt.
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    Fra Cristobal Mountains?

    Does anyone know how much of this range is private?
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    Gila Second Season Success

    I've been meaning to post these up for about a week now. I shot my bull in 16E on the morning of the second day of the hunt. He's a nice 6x6 around 280-285. Three out of the other Four members of the group tagged out with my dad and brother being two of them. 4 6x6s in camp. Funny story is I...
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    Archery Off-range Oryx Tags?

    Does anyone else think this is a good idea? I loved the rifle hunt off range and I think trying with archery equipment without rifle hunters in the area would be awesome.
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    Unit 20 Archery Deer

    Anyone know anything about this unit for deer? I saw a few deer last year on an October off range oryx hunt but I don't really know where to hunt. And does anybody know about whether the small mountain range north of the Butte is public or not? Any info will be greatly appreciated!
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    Statewide Barbary unit?

    I was wondering if anyone knows of a unit on the statewide hunt where there would be barbarys. Im going to be at nmsu and would like to try and hunt these animals but i don't have the money to put in for the draw this year. Any information would be greatly appreciated!!
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    Unit 25 deer?

    Does anyone know about this unit for deer hunting? I'm going to be at NMSU next fall and I need a third choice for my deer application. I'm trying to decide between this hunt and the Organ Mountain hunt.
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    Off-range Oryx Double

    Me and my little brother took down these two oryx in October off-range. I shot mine the first of October and he got his this wednesday when we were off school. My brother took a while to take his down because he missed a few times. Mine: 380 yards 2 shots, 1st takes it down, 2nd takes it out, 34...
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    CO elk and antelope

    I need help with deciding on a unit for both of these. we will be going OTC archery but we were looking for units to go to. For elk we were looking at the southwest/southcentral part of the state and for antelope we were looking at southeast. Does anybody know of any units that are decent?
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    CO elk and antelope

    I need help with deciding on a unit for both of these. we will be going OTC archery but we were looking for units to go to. For elk we were looking at the southwest/southcentral part of the state and for antelope we were looking at southeast. Does anybody know of any units that are decent?
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    Just wondering here if anyone else on the January deer hunt saw the amount of big forks and 3s that we did. We hunted in 17 and we didn't see a single 4 point buck just some small forks and big forks and then 3 2x3s.
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    Any one doing good in 17?

    We were down there the first three days then we had to go to school. We haven't seen much the bucks aren't really chasing the does. My brother was 20 yards from a buck but there was a bunch of brush and he was bedded under a cliff and picked him off and got the *%&$ out of there. Has anyone else...
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    Wanna see some unit 17 bucks

    Anyone got any bucks down in 17 yet? If so let's see them!
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    Unit 17 January Deer

    I drew a january hunt in 17 and i need some advice for stalking the deer in the open and where to hunt. I only have three days to hunt and i'm definitely not the sneakiest person.
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    My NM Bull

    A Miracle in ?God?s Country? This year started out really good with me and my dad drawing oryx tags and both killing good oryx. Then I found out I had drawn an archery elk tag in a not so good unit, a deer tag with my brother and uncle, and a javelina tag with my brother. Also my dad went...
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    2005 Mathews Outback

    This is a 2005 Mathews Outback with a mathews quiver. It does not come with vibracheck because it is loose and won't tighten because we don't have the original screws. It is my dad's bow but I shot it for almost a year before he got a new bow and I got his old one. It will drive tacks I have...
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    Quest Primal vs Mathews Z7

    I've been in the market for a new bow about a week now. I'm 15 and shoot a mathews outback and I'm working as much as I can to get a new bow. I need an opinion between these two bows. Thanks
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    Antelope Unit 135

    I'm hunting this unit archery in a few days and am wondering if anyone has hunted there and had success
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    Unit 23 Archery elk

    Does anyone know anything about this unit I drew it on a second choice this year. My Dad knows some about the unit but I have little time to hunt. Thanks
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