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  1. NeMont

    Last goose hunt

    Sunday was the last time I will be out for this season 7 man limit It was fast and furious on to fishing for walleyes and lakers
  2. NeMont

    Jan 10th goose hunting

  3. NeMont

    We need some snow

    Been out a few more times Never have I had to wear rain gear while hunting geese in Mid December in Montana but I did on Sunday.
  4. NeMont

    Grocery Run

    My son was home from Bozeman for Thanksgiving and said he wanted to put some meat in the freezer. Whitetail does are abundant so on Friday after Turkey day, we head out. Spent an hour waiting for my nephew to arrive with the his tractor to help me correct a driving error. It's good to...
  5. NeMont

    More geese and bonus ducks

  6. NeMont

    Great Niece got it done

  7. NeMont

    Veterans Day geese

  8. NeMont

    Quick Hunt with the kid

    Got to spend Saturday afternoon with my son. Only had a short window to get it done. What a difference a week makes, snow is all gone, it is 70 degrees today. Fun time to have him home for a short visit from Bozeman.
  9. NeMont

    Speed Goat

    Spent the deer and elk opener filling my antelope tag.
  10. NeMont

    680 Ewe Hunt

    My brother has a ewe tag for HD 680 east. spent 5 days down there enjoying the country side. No ewes were harmed yet. Learned lots and had a great time. Spotted sheep every day just so many rams is all. Lunch Break Kicked back, boots off, glassing Lots of this It's either go down...
  11. NeMont

    Eastern Montana Summer

    Because of the restrictions on traveling internationally my wife and I decided to do some of the local things we have been wanting to do but just never did. So everything is in Eastern Montana Kayaking on Fort Peck at Duck Creek Mustard field Near Ophiem, MT Sunset on Fort Peck The...
  12. NeMont

    NE Montana weather

    After moving snow all weekend, again, the weather is getting a little tough on the critters. Here is a muley doe looking into our back door when it is -10 with a stiff 15 mph breeze. Hopefully they get a break soon. Nemont
  13. NeMont

    Montana youth Whitetails

    Wife's niece sent me pics of their kids whitetails success on Saturday Nov. 10th. Government is like a baby. An alimentary canal with a big appetite at one end and no responsibility at the other.
  14. NeMont

    Man Cave/Shop Ideas

    LAST EDITED ON Sep-27-17 AT 01:43PM (MST)[p]I am in the process of building a 40x50 shop/man cave, it has 14 foot side walls, and 2 12x12 garage doors, radiant floor heat, interior is going to be finished with OSB so I can hang things kind of anywhere. Was wondering if any of you guys have...
  15. NeMont

    USFWS wants to bans lead ammo

    Trump needs to get this one rescinded Nemont
  16. NeMont

    Pics of HD 630, 631 and 632

    It was too windy to fish so my son and I took a 200 mile drive around southern Valley and Phillips Counties on Saturday. Nemont
  17. NeMont

    Bird season is over

    November, December and the first half of January is dedicated to me hunting birds. .
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