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    3 guns for sale

    For price and pictures go to GUNBROKER.COM items 617109436 617156240 617173657
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    3 guns for sale

    Marlin model 336 in 30-30 Stoeger Uplander double barrel 410 Remington model 597 22 magnum Message me with questions. They are listed on GUNBROKER.COM under rooster52
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    Opinions Needed NR Archery Elk 16pts

    At 65 years old ,50 sounds like a kid. Seriously ,you should find a good unit with that many points. Can't help you ,I always hunt over the counter units.
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    Opinions Needed NR Archery Elk 16pts

    I do not play the points game. I just picked a unit that I can hunt every year.Learned as much as I could about the unit and the animals in the unit. It has done us well over the years.
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    Mossberg Patriot

    Anyone own one of these rifles? how do you like it?
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    Ruger American

    LAST EDITED ON Nov-18-16 AT 10:10AM (MST)[p]7mm08. 45.5 grains IMR 4350 and 140 accubond.1 inch constant groups when I am doing my part.very manageable recoil.Have not shot the compact yet.
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    Unit 82 for 2017

    Planning on returning to deer unit 82 in 2017.Hopefully hunting the last half of the season. Looking at elk units to apply for a cow tag.
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    Ruger American

    Just purchased my 3rd Ruger American,Bought the Compact 308. Already own a7mm08 and 22 magnum both grate shooters.
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    Recap Of My 2016 Trip

    WOW ! That was an awesome Trip !!
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    11-211 2017

    I have hunted 211 a few times in the past. Always found plenty of deer but never found any big bucks. Always second season,lots of other hunters . 20 inch muley is the best I ever found.I am sure there are some bigger deer there ,but public land gets a lot of pressure.
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    Whitetail success!!!!

    >Nosler trophy grade 64 grain. Regs >state at least 60 grains >or more. I shoot the Nosler Partition 60 grain. I like hunting with the 22-250 . Great caliber ! Again,nice buck.
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    Whitetail success!!!!

    Great Buck ! Congradulations. What bullet in the 22-250 ?
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    our unit 32 antelope hunt

    I have hunted 32 on public land and always had a good hunt.It just got to tough to draw now so I go elsewhere. Glad you had a good time.
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    Deer unit 82/elk unit 21

    I bought a point this year ,hope to get out there next year. A friend was out in 82 this year and took a monster buck.They are still there. Saw several smaller bucks.Looks good for next year.
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    Antelope hunt result

    Nice Buck. Love that antelope hunting ! Thanks for posting.
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    Deer unit 82/elk unit 21

    Anyone have success in this unit this year? Hope to get back out there in the next year or two.
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    Meeker/Craig rv dump and water tank fill

    Check at the fair grounds at Craig.
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    Colorado 2017

    Looking at making plans for NW Colorado for deer and elk in 2017.Hunted this area several times in the past and looking forward to getting back in 2017.
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    Unit 7 Elk help

    I had a cow tag that I bought as a leftover a few years ago.hunted on some public land that had a lot of pressure from other hunters.Never saw an animal,lots of old sign was there.It was the opening week of season. Been told since that late season would have been better,especially for a cow. If...
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    CO draw numbers/process 2017

    Returned tags for 2016 season will make no difference in 2017 tag allocation. Hope for a good winter as that is a big determination on the issuance of the following fall tags.
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    Nice classic Rifle

    Correct,my rifle is a Southgate production date 1953. Only 599 of these rifles were produced in that year. Mine has a 4 digit serial number.
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    Nice classic Rifle

    Having trouble finding the correct scope bases for this rifle. Weatherby could not help,leupold could not help. I took it to our local gushop andnothing lines up. Going to try Williams gunsight in Davison Mi.
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    Anyone hunting unit 15 ?

    I had planned to be there this yearbutsome healthproblems changed my plans.Looking forward to next year. Post your unit 15 hunt plans here.
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    Nice classic Rifle

    No thanks
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    Nice classic Rifle

    What to use for stock refinish to this rifle ? Poly ? oil ?
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    Nice classic Rifle

    LAST EDITED ON Sep-24-16 AT 04:25AM (MST)[p]Just bought this Weatherby pre Mark V left hand in 300Wby magnum.Production in the 150's.May need a stock refinish but still a real classic.all I have seen is pictures,will take a week or so to receive it.Was told this has the German built action.
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    NW Hunters

    Great Offer !
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    Granddaughters buck

    Mount Pleasant area.
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    Granddaughters buck

    LAST EDITED ON Sep-20-16 AT 07:36PM (MST)[p]LAST EDITED ON Sep-20-16 AT 07:28?PM (MST) Granddaughters fourth buck in 4 years of hunting.One shot from her 22-250. 200 pound 9 point. Michigans youth hunt.
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    Region A Deer Hunting

    As said,Black Hills forest has some good whitetail hunting.
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    Colorado fees inclease

    LAST EDITED ON Aug-30-16 AT 07:17PM (MST)[p]Like everything else in life,if it comes with to high of price ,you just have to pass.
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    Reloading scale

    I use a LYMAN DPS 1200 electronic measurer with built in scale and check each load with a RCBS 5_10 beam scale just to be safe.
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    eastern wyoming

    I have heard good things about the NE part of the state ,made me apply for Region A this year.
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    7mm08 help ASAP

    140 Accubond,Perfect !
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    Wyoming antelope unit 2

    LAST EDITED ON Aug-21-16 AT 07:19PM (MST)[p]Anyone hunting this unit ? I should be there in last week of October.
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    WY Antelope units 23 & 24

    LAST EDITED ON Aug-15-16 AT 06:38PM (MST)[p] I am also interested in that web sight.
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    leftover tags

    All my leftover tags came in the mail today !
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    Archery Cow Hunt - First or Last Week of September

    Last part of the month for sure. I hate hunting in hot weather.Try some cow talk. It has worked for me.
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    Gold Embossing

    Nice job. I really like the engraved guns.
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    First Scouting Trip

    Chase the ones you do not want my way ! Great bucks !
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