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    I got a text today from Homer about this post and a little later got a phone call from "eelgrass" about this post. Hard to believe it has been 9 years since that sad day for the whole family. I remembered that day and will call my friend that was with me there and the way it all effected the...
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    Stock Market Madness

    been awhile since I have checked in here still above ground. Hello guys finally got settled into our new home and with some good health back to hunting in 2021.
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    Nevada Desert Sheep unit 267

    Good luck Bill on both hunts, still have not gotten over to see you with this coronabeer virus still going on.
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    robo calls and junk emails

    What model is your new phones you got at Costco. Only problem up here is the long line of people waiting to get in store, what a joke that is .
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    Not likely there Paul, I have been home bound since Dec. When the wife and I got moved into our new home spent time in hospital from July 2019 till Dec. 2019 then all this crap because of BEER IN MEXICO.🤣
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    vaccine coming? looks like it.

    Then they will run short on the shots . Brian
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    Commercial Casino Elko

    Lots of the old mounts and pictures were lost a number of years ago in the hotl-caino fire there. Brian[/IMG]
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    Restaurants in Elko

    Susan's just block from STARS use to be the best for furburgers. Go to STARS. Brian[/IMG]
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    On this day in history

    Bunch of young "whipper-snappers". Brian[/IMG]
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    Whatever happened to Oregon?

    Who really cares have a beer PC. Brian[/IMG]
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    Your First PM/Date?

    My oldest that I have not deleted is from bigmoosie and that was in June 2, 2007. My first one was most likely way back in 2001 from Founder about my language... so that was filed in junkmail. Brian[/IMG]
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    WTT Kuiu Waist Belt

    I don't know anyone with a 30-32 waist, sorry can not help. Brian[/IMG]
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    Man on the Moon

    I arrived in Hong Kong that day and that evening while I was sitting in the bar at hotel they had it on the TV. I was there for 6 days and a lot of the locals there thought it was just another "movie, not the real thing". I had other things to do so ignored the talk. Brian...
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    Sports Show in SLC 2020

    Robb the EXPO. Brian[/IMG]
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    Sports Show in SLC 2020

    Has there been a date that they will be having this sports show. An exactly where is it located there? Brian[/IMG]
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    Blaze Orange ?

    Too bad COLO should do like WYO, they even sell their own Camo Orange hats with different game on them. Brian[/IMG]
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    Antelope Tags

    Or is it Paul does not know where to look. Brian[/IMG]
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    Moment of silence

    I am with you on that elkass on the Crown. Brian[/IMG]
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    6.6 shaker Bakersfield

    I counted 28 of these on the interior walls of the new house being built. Brian[/IMG]
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    6.6 shaker Bakersfield

    Eel here is what is required in this part of my world on all construction. Brian[/IMG]
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    WY antelope draw?

    Hey Paul....if your that lazy, stay home and drink some beer. Brian[/IMG]
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    Monster Muley from 1954

    That's a 3x3? Brian[/IMG]
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    Anniversary Present

    Not yet long story but my new contractor just broke ground and started to frame for foundation. Might be in house just before this coming fall. Brian[/IMG]
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    Anniversary Present

    Happy Anniversary to you both. You must have been newly weds when I first met you too. Brian[/IMG]
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    Let Newsom hear this and it will stop. Paul where in Ft.Bragg is this "egg heads" place located, never heard of it? Brian[/IMG]
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    Not all the time but I do have Belgium style waffles and if really hunger, will order a NY cream on top for breakfast. Brian[/IMG]
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    Mmmmmm, pork chops! this your new signature line? LMAO Brian[/IMG]
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    Anyone remeber name of Tripod and accesory booth at expo in Mossbacks mount area at expo?

    RE: Anyone remeber name of Tripod and accesory booth at expo in Mossbacks mount area at expo? Go to and check out their new "tri-clawps" or word something like that, cost is $150. Brian[/IMG]
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    SLC vs EL

    JB...How much you want for them EL's? Brian[/IMG]
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    Info on old type gun rack

    I had a pair of that actually had a clamp that could be locked with a key. Everything was coated with black plastic on the metal. Had them behind my seat in a std. Cab pu...out of sight and mind. That was close to 50 years ago. Brian[/IMG]
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    Topgun and Cancer

    So sorry to hear this about Mike. RIP Mike and get together with Joey "sageadvice" who also just left us too. Brian[/IMG]
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    Sad news

    This is another shocking news of pending death or death this week. Sage will be greatly missed by so many here including myself. I always had good talks with Joey and if I would draw the Lope area here in CA he told me to put in for that he would even guide me and Eel grass would go Along too...
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    Topgun and Cancer

    Sorry to hear this about gunnie wishing him all the best. Over the years we traded talks about Wyo and areas. He was younger than me and we laughed together over that fact. Tell him he will be greatly missed, but don't give up to this deadly illness fight till the end Mike. BRIAN...
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    Losing my Spark

    Fred so sorry to hear about Sparky. Remember him in your pu when we met back in 2013. Yes 17 years is hard to forget being with you all the time. Rest in peace Sparky. Brian[/IMG]
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    Just for Bobcat

    1911 been in hospitals seeing lots of pretty, young nurses. Been home 2 weeks now from CPMC where they replaced my aorta valve In my heart. 2 more days get to go back to driving PU and regain my strength. Hope to see you and Red next year. Brian[/IMG]
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    Sleep Apnea?

    My nephew tried it but did not work for him. Brian[/IMG]
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    Just for Bobcat

    Homer has a better mount in his bathroom mounted on the wall above the toilet. Kind of scary though...yotes pee hole is at your eye level. Brian[/IMG]
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    All about the family...

    elks96 Congrats to the whole family on a great hunting trip and get some meat for the coolers. With luck maybe next year can make one trip back to Rifle area with my new rifle, a Savage in 6.5 Creedmore. Brian[/IMG]
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    Lysite, WY

    My hunting buddy an I drove all the way up to the north through there about 3 or 4 yrs ago, and Lysite did not have store or place to eat. Thanks for the update. Brian[/IMG]
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    Lysite, WY

    Hunted there about 25 years ago on a private ranch, a few bucks were taken but not on their land. A long story but there is some BLM around but very limited unless you get access. Brian[/IMG]
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