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  1. 3TOE

    My Oregon turkey hunt

    I posted a full story on the Oregon page, but wanted to share my success here with my fellow Nevadan’s. The short version of the story... I made some great new friends as a result of MM’s. We put down 6 birds in 3 days. 👍🏻 It simply doesn’t get much better than that. 👍🏻
  2. 3TOE

    My first turkey hunt in Oregon, won’t be my last

    To start... I have to say that I have met some amazing & generous people here on MM. I received a PM one day from Jim (aka Desperatehills) offering the opportunity to turkey hunt in Oregon. After weighing my options & multiple PM’s later, I was booking a flight, hotel & rental car for myself &...
  3. 3TOE

    My MS turkey hunt

    I just boarded a flight in Memphis headed back home to Vegas. In 5 morning hunts, I managed to put down 2 birds this year. The hunting was super tough this year with very little gobbling. I’m not sure if it was the weather or if maybe the mating season started early. Either way... I had a great...
  4. 3TOE

    People crack me up!

    I’m in LA for work & thought I would order a pizza since I can’t go out for dinner here. I found a pizza place near by & posted under the reviews was this post. 🤣😂🤣 Im not certain what rocket surgery is... Do you think he meant brain science? 🤣😂🤣
  5. 3TOE

    Not holding my breath this year!

    Every year I get excited for the draw then end up disappointed when I don’t draw. This year is going to be different.... I know for a fact that at a minimum, I will pick up a bonus point for EVERY animal I applied for!!! 🤣😂🤣
  6. 3TOE

    My 2020 hunts

    Thanks to Covid, I had to cancel a turkey hunt in OK & MS. I managed to sneak into UT for a general season hunt and took this nice bird. My next hunt was in NM for pronghorn & I took this guy with some long cutters. I struck out in AZ on an archery deer hunt. The heat was absolutely horrible...
  7. 3TOE

    Turkey Draw

    So the draw is supposed to take place at some point tomorrow. Does anyone know if it will occur at night like the big game draw or at just some random time throughout the day? So how many of you are competing for those whopping 85 or so tags? I threw my name in that hat, even though I think...
  8. 3TOE

    Pine Valley turkey hunting

    Just curious to know if the Pine Valley area has a decent turkey population? If so, where would be a good area to start to focus? I’m considering hunting the unit during the general season turkey hunt to learn the area a little. I have a high probability of drawing a deer tag for Pine Valley...
  9. 3TOE

    Precision Rife Dead Center bullets

    Just curious if anyone has any recent experience or opinion on the Precision Rifle bullets. I read a few of the older posts & responses, but there isn’t much info.
  10. 3TOE

    For Sale Paramount Variflame kit & breech plug

    I have a Paramount Variflame kit that I no longer need since I upgraded my muzzleloader to a different ignition kit. Included are 50 Variflame adapters The Variflame priming & de-priming kit & the original breech plug. All items are New & have never been used. The value is around $130 but I will...
  11. 3TOE

    For Sale .50 cal Lehigh muzzleloader bullets

    I have 4 boxes of .50 cal Lehigh 220gr. bullets I want to sell. I would take $50 for them with shipping included. 80 count total with sabots included
  12. 3TOE

    SOLD LARGE rifle primers

    I’m having a really hard time locating Large rifle primers. If you have either standard Large or Magnums I would be interested in purchasing them. I need them for my new Paramount & I can’t shoot the dang thing because I can’t locate primers. Lol PM me if you have some you would be willing to...
  13. 3TOE

    Some Merriam’s help

    I was hoping to obtain some direction / assistance for a good area to focus on this next spring turkey season for Merriam’s. I have a few friends coming in from other states to hunt with me & I really want to focus more on hunting than scouting & trying to locate the birds. I know of a few good...
  14. 3TOE

    Fiber optic upgrade for the Williams globe sight

    So I recently received my CVA Paramount Pro recently & I wasn’t too happy with the insert set that came with the Williams Western globe, my eyes just aren’t what they used to be & I had a hard time seeing the fine crosshairs in the globe with my glasses. First I tried to dab some luminous paint...
  15. 3TOE

    Pretty disappointed!!!

    I received my NRA Golden Eagles ball cap yesterday & when I pulled it out of the box, I thought “That’s kid of cheesy looking!!!” I flipped it over to inspect the inside & it has a MADE IN CHINA tag inside. Just a little disappointing IMO. 👎🏻
  16. 3TOE

    Looking for some advice on a new muzzleloader

    So I ordered a 2020 Paramount Pro Colorado back at the end of April. Yesterday I contacted & they informed me that the Colorado version will not hit the shelves for at least 2 more months. I’m ready to cancel my order & request a refund. I “chose” the Colorado simply because...
  17. 3TOE

    My NM pronghorn

    I also posted over in the NM forum but I wanted to share my success with the guys & gals that frequent the NV forum. I booked a private land hunt with Peter, aka live4 muleys here on MM over a year ago. This past weekend by noon, I was blessed to put this guy down. A huge thanks to Peter & his...
  18. 3TOE

    NM Pronghorn & a big thank you

    I booked a private land hunt with Peter, aka live4muleys here on MM over a year ago. This past weekend, Peter went above and beyond to put on a great hunt. Both myself & another hunter were fortunate to tag out by noon on opening day. We had a great hunt with a good number of quality animals to...
  19. 3TOE

    Gunwerks releasing a new muzzleloader sight design

    Pretty cool idea!
  20. 3TOE

    Muzzy One

    Just curious if anyone has shot / hunted with the Muzzy One broadhead? I was a Muzzy guy for many years and strayed away. I like the one piece design & old school cut on impact. Just want to know opinions on accuracy, penetration etc... Thanks!
  21. 3TOE

    WANTED a sling made in the Original mossy oak Bottomland camo

    If anyone has one of the old slings made in the Original Mossy Oak bottomland camo in fair condition that they would be willing to sell I would greatly appreciate it. I can’t find one anywhere online. Allen makes one with the black webbed strap, but I want the old one that came with the brown...
  22. 3TOE

    Best guess when NV draw will post?

    So a bunch of us are already chomping at the bit wondering when our CC’s will see a hit in the UT draw. Anyone want to guess when NV’s will be? Last year I received my emailed results on 5/24. This year they say on or before 5/22. Who wants to go first? Lol
  23. 3TOE

    My UT 3toe

    I posted my bird already in the UT forum since I actually harvested my bird there opening morning of the general hunt. I just wanted to post here also to share with my fellow NV folks that don’t frequent the UT forum threads.
  24. 3TOE

    Shepherd scopes

    Just curious if anyone knows anything about this line of scopes? If so, if you have personal experience with them please let me know what your opinion of their product is. I’ve seen the brand pop up a few times before I went to their site to check them out. I like that it’s a US based company...
  25. 3TOE

    Paramount Pro Colorado

    Previously I had posted asking if anyone had installed open sights on a CVA Paramount. At the time the Paramount was not drilled and tapped for open sights, only for a scope mount. Well I’m happy to say that I held off on purchasing one last year because I just preordered the Paramount Pro...
  26. 3TOE

    Applying for deer

    Can someone tell me when the application period will open to apply for deer this year? I can only find suggestions that it opens in May. Have specific dates been set yet for the opening & closing for applying in the draw? Thanks!
  27. 3TOE

    2020 NV draw

    So I have spent about 12 hours total going over the harvest data, points etc.... researching each animal that I’m applying for I’m ready for the application process to start. I’m only making a few minor adjustments from last year, but I’ve made my choices & ready to go. I really enjoy doing...
  28. 3TOE

    A few of my pics from last year on the road

    The small buck was in the shipping & receiving lot at Coca-Cola Denver. The next 2 turkey pics were in Oshkosh Wisconsin. The bull elk was in southern NV. The next turkey pic was in a Hilton Garden Inn parking lot in San Bernardino CA The desert bighorn were near a park in Boulder City NV.
  29. 3TOE

    Shed hunters

    I was just reading that NV passed a new shed hunting law in 2018 stating that in 6 of the counties you cannot she’d hunt from January 1st - April 30th. In the other 11 counties you can hunt year round. I was just curious to know when the deer & elk start to shed their antlers here. Back east...
  30. 3TOE

    Another UT draw question

    Let me start by saying that I have already submitted my draw choices for the 2020 big game draw. After reading a few responses to my LE Pronghorn post, I went online to do a little research. I applied for Zion for the Desert Big Horn. Yesterday as I was looking at the tag quotas & return data, I...
  31. 3TOE

    Just curious... LE Pronghorn

    I’m aware this is probably an impossible question to answer... If you were to take a guess, how many NR points would it take to draw a NR Pronghorn tag? No particular unit, just in general. I have 7 points & I was just curious to know when I may have a chance at drawing. Thanks!
  32. 3TOE

    New turkey gun project

    I bought a new Stoeger skeet about a month ago & turned it into a project gun. I first ordered some Indian Creek .660 choke tubes, swivel studs, fiber optic pin & a sling. I then ordered some Duracoat woodland tan for the base coat & matte clear to finish it off. I stripped it down, removed the...
  33. 3TOE

    Turkey shells

    Just curious to know what shells all of you are using for turkey hunting? I shot Nitro’s for 6 or 7 seasons. At the end of 2017 I made several phone calls, left messages & emailed Nitro without a response for months. I ended up switching to Apex & started hunting with their 12ga 3”, 2.25oz 8...
  34. 3TOE

    NV 2020 Turkey draw

    The draw results for the 2020 turkey draw are scheduled to post tomorrow. Has anyone else on MM applied this year? I have lived in NV for 9 years and this is my first year applying.
  35. 3TOE

    Turkey hunters

    What is your preferred weapon for chasing turkey? I’ve personally hunted with a bow & shotgun. Hands down I will grab one of my O/U’s unless I’m hunting with someone else. For the past few years that I’ve hunted with a friend, we alternate between a bow & shotgun. Post up some pics of your...
  36. 3TOE

    This is too cool. Makita battery powered coffee maker

    Not only am I a coffee freak, but I’m also one of those guys that buys tools that I may only use once every 10 years. I’m thinking I may need one for the garage and it would be funny as hell to break this bad boy out at base camp while my buddies are waiting on the ol’ percolator.😂
  37. 3TOE

    Any Utah turkey hunters out there?

    Hey guys! I’m a SE turkey hunter relocated in Las Vegas NV. I was hoping a few of you could shed some insight & direction on a few places to check out for the general season turkey hunt. I’ve hunted South of Filmore & found a a few birds there & elk hunted East of Beaver & saw birds on that...
  38. 3TOE

    Wounded from fighting or shot?

    A buddy of mine sent me these pics of a buck that he let walk this past Saturday. I was just curious to know what everyone thinks... Was this deer injured from fighting or possibly shot? My thoughts were that the deer was shot & no-zoned. My buddy never saw his opposite side & said the deer...
  39. 3TOE

    Open sights on a CVA Paramount

    I live in NV & all of my mule deer hunting takes place here & in UT. I have been considering buying the new CVA Paramount & as most of you probably know it isn't offered with open sights as an option. Since I cannot hunt with a scope here in NV or UT I was wondering if any of you have tackled...
  40. 3TOE

    My muzzleloader whitetail from OK

    LAST EDITED ON Nov-10-19 AT 11:42AM (MST)[p]After eating my NV muzzleloader mule deer tag, I headed to OK in hopes of some redemption. On the morning of 11/1 I was quietly slipping into my blind location just as it was beginning to crack daylight. I thought I had been busted as I approached from...
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