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    Birds of Marquez

    Hope everyone's doing good waiting for draw results to post , good luck to everybody.Hope my Turkey draw tag is sign of good things to come.I was wondering if someone had this same tag in recent years, n would let me know what I should expect, like access into unit, water , chances of filling at...
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    Sept.archery deer

    Well I was lucky enough to draw archery deer tag, unit 36.I am familiar with area but never hunted the unit before.Hoping someone can help a returning to archery again hunter with starting points to scout for areas to scout, camp,roads, watersources.I know unit is more known for its elk...
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    First rifle elk 51

    I would have to agree outdoorsdude,I was expecting more from this hunt, we hunted hard and not much action to show for it.I would have to think twice about putting in for this unit again,seriously.Hope others had better hunt n tagged out.
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    First rifle elk 51

    One of three tags filled,partner put nice 4x4 on the ground on first morning .elk were not vocal n bear hunters were running dogs in area near Canjilon lakes,lots of a atv traffic, lots of people out in general.Would hunt other areas of unit in the future.More moisture in summer was needed,all...
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    Area 51 sightings

    Thanks on advise on possible hunt locations vinnihunt,will keep you all posted on hunt,hopefully with pics,when I return.wish me luck,can't wait one more week yeah!
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    Area 51

    Anybody have luck putting elk on the ground during archery hunts.Would like to hear how things are going in unit 51,are they still talking,how's weather,roads?Any n all info is of interest to me as myself n 2 tag holders will b heading to unit in a week for first rifle hunt.Looking forward to...
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    All most here!

    Bow season for(deer n elk)is all most upon us,I wish all the archery hunters the best of luck on ur adventures.I will be looking for pics n story's on ur adventures on this site .I have first rifle bull in 51 so ,hope to here good stories on this unit, please share.Anticipation is part of the...
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    51 intel

    E scouting is over,time to hit the hills.Will b looking for roads,trails, water, camping spots,glassing spots and not necessarily animals.Am excited to learn new unit,will post again after a couple of scouts,wish me luck, n thanks to all who chimed in
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    51 intel

    Thanks 4 the headsup,with wet weather happening this year,will probably encounter slick stuff.we will b driving in on two pickups,pulling a popup,n utv on small trailor,chains,towbelts,winches will b onboard.But,back to the hunt,would appreciate tips on where to start our scouting.Hope to be...
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    51 intel

    >Similar experience washing the underside of >my old toyota after getting >home from 51. > >Made the mistake of waiting a >week or two and about >had to chisel it off >from inside the wheel wells! >
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    51 intel

    My partner n I drew unit 51 1st rifle bull tag,was asking hunters in the know of 51 ,where we should start our scouting.Never been hunting in this unit, have heard unit should hide a bull or two.Hunters willing to chime in would much appreciate it.Feel free to p.m.
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    Not seeing all red

    Thanks badger,I haven't been on here in a week,but sure glad to hear of ur success past couple of years.i have never hunted this unit, only fished by canjilon lakes.I,will start my scouting in coming weeks as time n family allow.If u have any advise on areas I should checkout feel free to pm me...
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    Not seeing all red

    Red deer red Oryx redpronghorn,but green elk,bull tag,rifle, oct. Unit 51.Good luck to those that drew,have fun n be safe.
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    O r Oryx hunt

    I hear u CP keep applying u never know ur luck could change this year.Idrew on my first try even if it was an of range hunt ,got my feet wet so to speak, will keep trying for oil on range tags or broken horn tag.Time is near not to early to start research,good luck to you n all in 19 draws
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    O r Oryx hunt

    Happy New Year mnm ers.writing in on how my Oryx hunt went.I didn't get to go out as much as I had planned on due to unforseen circumstances. But here goes.Had one day to hunt from Fiteranch to Carrizozo no sightings.Then I moved south by TorC . Hunted 2 days, drove miles of roads n saw one...
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    WIN an Eberlestock X1A2 - Easy to Enter as Always

    I want to win a pack
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    Off range oryx hunt

    Good luck to u all get a bigone
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    Off range oryx hunt

    Hows it going guys n gals.finally got out 4 myoryx hunt wentout to unit 20 to try n hang my tag on a oryx.No luck first time out definetly not an easy hunt.Put some miles in searching high u low no luck yet.Awesome country for sure,hope to be out there again saw 8 to ten yoties n one wolf...
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    Offrange oryx

    Congratulations to u n your son raising them right. Awesome animal I have tag 4 offrange in dec.Hope to get a shot at one also not trophy hunting first time oryx hunting.Scouted some near WSMR no sightings yet. Open to suggestion on areas I should try .Any n all help appreciated thanks in advance
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    Muley down

    Thanks m n mers muley harvested n one offrange oryx in my near future I hope. Will try n post pics of hunt when done.
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    Muley down S central n m 2nd day
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    LAST EDITED ON Nov-12-18 AT 01:46PM (MST)[p]Howdy, how are u all hunters doing Guys & Gals. Hope the hunt gods looked on u favorably in the draws.first time posting on forum. I live in central N.M. raised hunting n fishing our great state. I am on back side of 50 yrs.old. Have hunted deer n elk...
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    Win a PhoneSkope Prize Package ... Easy to Enter

    I'd like a phonescope
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    How's all the hunters doing guys n gals. Hope the hunting gods r looking upon u favorably, starting with draws.first time posting on in central N.M. raised hunting n fishing our great state. I am in back side of 50 years old. Have huntedrifle,bow,muzzy for deer n elk. Got lucky drew...
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