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    Any SPOT GPS Deals?

    Getting ready to start scouting. Looking for a deal on a SPOT GPS and the service. Anyone know of any out there? A few years back, I found a deal where the service was free with the purchase of the unit. I think that was posted on either a motorcycle or off-road forum. Thanks!
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    Border Huevos in TX, Az to Follow?

    Will Gov. Brewer follow Gov. Perry in sending the Guard to the border?
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    How do the AZ people feel about Sen. McCain?

    Seems like he is more Independent like Lieberman. Is this a false perception? Presidential bid was a failure. Does he bring home the bacon for AZ?
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    John Deere Gator XUV

    LAST EDITED ON Aug-31-13 AT 09:44AM (MST)[p]Wondering if anyone has experiences with the Gator line of John Deere side-by-sides? Looking for one around the property, hauling wood, and overall hunting. Had an older Polaris Sportsman that I was not too impressed with.
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    Labrador Breeder

    Looking for recommendations for a Montana breeder that specializes in Labrador Retrievers. Don't mind paying for a lab that is going to be a waterfowl dog. Any recommendations?
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    General Deer Combo Questions

    I took advantage of the left over general deer tags and this will be my first hunt in Montana. The hunt gives me a reason to visit my son at Malmstrom. I have not seen him since November and hinted to him to pick a tag up as he is considered a resident. Are there any areas that I can not use...
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    Deer Results are Posted

    Check the DFG site. Deer is the only species up as of now. D14 here. Rest should not be far behind.
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    Deer around Malmstrom

    Hey guys, just a quick question. My son is stationed at Malmstrom and up until he went in the military, we hunted together almost every year since he was old enough to hunt. We skipped last year as he was in basic training and tech school. I would like to hunt with him around the Great Falls...
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    Watch out CA Lt. Gov. Newsom coming to MT

    If you are not aware of what is going on in the land of fruits and nuts and how it has a MT connection, I'll keep it brief. Lt. Gov. Gavin Newsom has called for CA F&G Commissioner Dan Richards to resign after legally harvesting a mountain lion in ID. Newsom was interviewed today saying he...
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    Going Sheep Hunting

    Drew Zone 3, the Clark/Kingstons. To say I am shocked is an understatement. I usually apply for everything under the sun in multiple states but this year I had to curtail my hunting with my daughter going off to college and son entering the military. So I figured I would stick to the dream...
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    Game Damage Roster District 315 Opportunity

    Just got a letter indicating I was selected for white-tail in the Game Damage Roster Drawing. The hunt kicks off 1/16. This is on the Livingston Angus Ranch near Clyde. Is this worth going to my boss to whine for time off to make the journey to Clyde?
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    September 2011 hunts?

    I am looking for recommendations for the first week of September for an elk or deer hunt. I am moving my daughter to UofM and will have two weeks to hunt after I drop her off. I am looking for a reputable outfitter and would like some suggestions. Thanks!
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    Anyone else doing 6A?

    Tomorrow is opener and there are bunch of camps getting set up. Saw a few cows scouting this morning. Good luck if you are doing it!
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    Watch out for Wolves!
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    Verde Valley Taxidermy

    Any good? Staying in Camp Verde for the 6A elk hunt in a few weeks and wanted to be prepared if we are lucky.
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    Killer around the strip
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    Bonnie and Clyde

    Where were this morons found? Know it was around Springerville but what campground? Good guys won that one...
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    Dove in 2B?

    I have the antelope muzzy hunt the 1st week of September. My son and I usually hunt doves in Wickenburg. We were wondering if it would be worth taking a shotgun along so when we are not hunting antelope we could try some dove hunting. Can anyone comment on if this is doable? Thanks!
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    Legal Muzzleloader

    Is the Knight Bighorn good to go?
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    Laramie to Jackson

    Currently visiting this great state and going to be on the way to Jackson from Laramie tomorrow. Mapquest takes us one way while google maps takes us a different way. From a resident perspective or anyone who has done this drive what is the best way to go? Thanks!
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    New Fire?

    Saw on CNN there is a fire in N. Az. Any details?
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    WTT: Diamond Black Ice for S&W 19/66

    I can no longer use my archery gear so this has to go (bad shoulder). I only used it for one hunt and is like new in the hard case. 29" Draw length, 70 lbs. Similar to this and has the quiver, arrow rest, sights, and hard case. I shot my...
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    Is it going to be 6/10?

    Last year we learned the draw results on June 10. Think it will be the same this year? FYI, 6/10/10 is a Thursday.
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    Pronghorn CC Hit

    Drew one of these: 1) 822 - LE MUZZ BUCK PRONGHORN - PLATEAU (SEPT 29 - OCT 7, 2010) 2) 845 - LE ANY WPN BK PRONGHORN - SAN RAFAEL, NORTH (SEPT 18 - SEPT 26, 2010) Any idea what to expect?
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    You out there Bullwidgen?

    Sent you a PM.
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    Snowballs Chance in He##

    Drawing both an elk and antelope tag in AZ has its problems. I really don't want to draw NM now but have applications in for deer, elk, and antelope. Fortunately NM allows us to edit the application. I want to modify my application hedging my odds against drawing. Any recommendations that...
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    Pronghorn/Elk Bullet

    This year was good so far for Big Game Permits. I have an AZ 2B ML antelope tag and an AZ 6A ML elk tag for me and my son. Question is... I was planning on shooting the Thors out of my Accura for elk. Is this too much for antelope? My thinking is that it would be nice to have one load for...
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    AZ results are up!

    Found out online. Got a 2B Muzzleloader pronghorn tag!
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    They are up boys!

    Elk and antelope!!!!!!!!!!! Hell Ya!
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    Calm before the storm

    Think the results will be released today? Good thing I don't have to work today and tomorrow because I would be checking for the results too much.
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    Why did the extend the deadline?

    I am guessing the all mighty dollar. What say you?
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    No Excuses out of Accura

    Anyone ever tried the NE 460gr. conical in their Accura? The instruction manual indicates not to use a conical over 400 gr. I have some left over when I had them for my Bighorn.
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    Garmin Rebate

    LAST EDITED ON Feb-07-10 AT 09:47AM (MST)[p]Last year I bought 2 Garmin Rinos and sent the rebate in to www.status-now well before the expiration date. This process has been a big headache. I am guessing Garmin contracted with this company to handle the rebates. If so, someone is taking...
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    Williams Fire

    What's the latest? Where is it?
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    Anyone else packing a Redhawk? Here is mine. It is a .45 Colt. Just put a Bowen Rough County sight on her. Show 'em if you got 'em.
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    Wall of Shame-Draw Related Comedians

    Post your nominee here for the Wall of Shame. Those who have acted both childish and less than responsible and those who mess with our emotions in these difficult times. First up.... Boskee btw: this is all in fun... (and subject to recall next year)
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    Inside Info from F&G

    Who has the hook up to tell us when we will know the results? Most of us figured it would be last Friday. Educated guesses?
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    Antler Growth

    If you were curious... I took this pic this morning.
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    Nevada Sportsmen and Harry Reid

    Friend or Foe? Someday I would like to retire in NV and would you consider it a blue or red state?
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    It was 6/18 last year

    Results were posted 6/18 last year guys, FYI.
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