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    Best Tasting Venison???

    Pronghorn Whitetail Elk Mule deer That’s my order so all of you agree with me!
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    How many of you kill meat bucks the last day?

    I take my little kids and shoot one the last couple days of the hunt if I don’t get a bigger one earlier. I see so many people demeaning other hunters for their choice. Shame on you. If it’s legal and you want to shoot a deer and the meat is most important to you, great! If you hold out and the...
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    Eastern Kansas buck

    Congrats! You got to spend time with your kids and kill a great buck! Best of both worlds!
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    WY Whitetail

    Congrats! Great buck
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    Neighborhood buck dead

    No, I don’t have room for it anyways. I wish I would’ve thought to ask to get it for someone I know that could use it though
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    Neighborhood buck dead

    Exactly. People who think we shouldn’t kill animals with guns or bows don’t understand the brutality of real nature. This is really one of the more pleasant way for a deer to die.
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    Neighborhood buck dead

    Lmao we don’t have the time or space here for me to get into that question! But I could t have got him in my freezer right now even if I tried. But I do wish I’d have thought about getting it for someone that could use it
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    Neighborhood buck dead

    “One shot, one kill” ain’t got nothing on me!
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    Neighborhood buck dead

    I honestly didn’t even think to ask until a few hours later and they had already taken it somewhere to dissect it and just make sure they didn’t find anything suspicious. I didn’t press the issue too hard
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    Public whitetail adventure

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    Neighborhood buck dead

    There was a pretty intense blood trail. Tons of blood, I think he took one perfect to the jugular
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    Neighborhood buck dead

    I saw this buck and another buck and some does just behind my house on the way to the store the other day. On my way home from the store this buck was laying there dead, bleeding from the neck. I called the fish and game and they came and determined he was gored by the other buck. Pretty crazy
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    Vortex viper riflescope

    Vortex viper 6.5-20X50. Used for one season. Works good, just wanting to upgrade. $425 shipped or best offer.
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    Public whitetail adventure

    My first public land whitetail. What a great time! Got to spend quality time with my dad and learn new country and a new species. Got our butts kicked for 4 days and finally sat a good spot on day 5 and couldn’t pass up this decent 8 point. Then day 6 we truly needed to get on the road and we...
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    Check Out Our Christmas & Year End Sale Section

    Just ordered the Leica hd-b 3000 binos! Can?t wait to get them, thanks for the good deal!
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    LEICA HD-B 3000 10x42 **BNIB**

    Do these take the sd cards?
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    WIN a New Pack! - Easy Entry...

    Heck yes I'd like that pack!
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    2019 antelope

    Yes, Utah
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    2019 antelope

    I spent a LOT of time finding and watching this buck. When I drew I set my bar at 80? and this buck went 81 5/8? unofficially. I'm super stoked all my time and effort paid off in the first 2 hours of opening morning!
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    Browning hells canyon

    >The women's line is called Hells >Belles. I got a coat >for my wife and she's >worn it to church functions >;-) 😂 I actually got my wife some of the hells belles and she loves it
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    Browning hells canyon

    Anyone use browning hells canyon clothing? Looks like it's not bad stuff but I don't see anyone wearing it or talking about it. Just wondering since it's on sale on camofire today. Lol
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    San Juan Bait hunt

    Just go with your instincts. I've learned that if it looks like a good spot it probably is. But also if you have no bears hitting t, try moving it across whatever road you're on, those bears know not to cross certain roads or they will get chased by hounds every time. It's the funnest hunt I've...
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    Pulled a LE cougar tag.

    Call Hightop Outfitters and ask for Brett Guymon. He lives on that unit and has the best dogs around.
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    Late Manti Elk... Guide Needed?

    Good luck!
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    Late Manti Elk... Guide Needed?

    I would call Brett Guymon with high top outfitters. Best there is on the Manti.
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    Garmin xero

    I think it's awesome as well! And it is legal here in Utah so I will have one. I was going to buy a new bow but this on my existing bow will be much more deadly I think
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    Garmin xero

    Just wondering what all the ethics police have to say on the garmin xero sight
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    Utah Bear

    I live on the San Juan and have baited for myself and for my mom. Hands down my favorite hunt and we both killed nice boars. Be a hell of a drive from Idaho though
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    La Sal Muzzy!

    >Thanks Twabbis, much appreciated. PM sent >back. I havent recieved your mesage for some reason
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    La Sal Muzzy!

    Pm sent
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    Less than a week out!!

    I read this thread yesterday and it's just been eating at me. Buckhorn, you are the one who is disrespectful sir. I've taken plenty of pics just like this one. And it had nothing to do with disrespect or "showcasing my bow." I like to put it there because that's what I shot it with. I'm proud...
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    San Juan Summer Bear

    Awesome bear! Were you camped by foy lake?
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    To Call or Not To Call

    I'd have my buddy hang back and try to keep him bugling every 20-30 minutes while I stalked in and tried getting a shot. Or do the same for my buddy.
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    Thank you Sheriff, Emery County, Utah

    LAST EDITED ON May-11-17 AT 08:33AM (MST)[p]He was very happy that you called to thank him. He's usually out on duty instead of dispatch and all those guys put up with a lot of crap doing their jobs. Thanks for showing your appreciation, it went a long ways!!
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    Thank you Sheriff, Emery County, Utah

    AJ is my brother. I guess I'll claim him as blood relation now! Jk he's a good egg! :)
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    Gobblers and Elk!

    Got to borrow some avian x decoys from a friend this year and I'm sold. This coyote locked on these decoys and was fully committed to grabbing one like I've never seen. I've seen them come up and look at them but never commit like this one did to the avians
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