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    Lets see some NM fish

    Not in NM but found some cooperative fish this week....
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    Some advice to any and all posting for help in units they drew and never been in.....

    Roadrunner, You are 100% (sticking with the odds theme) wrong that studying and planning are irrelevant. You can draw far more by understanding the system and using it to your advantage. I'll offer a simple breakdown that will increase your odds more than any point system here could. All...
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    Some advice to any and all posting for help in units they drew and never been in.....

    Yes, no points here please. We all have a chance every year. Odds go way up if you study and plan. Also have an opportunity to buy a hunt every year here for any who want to. The bottom line is more people want to hunt than tags are available. Nothing can be done about that! Small game...
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    Youth deer 58 private access

    My son and two nephews drew this after just passing hunter safety. It’s eswtd, and it’s each of their very first tag! We have an idea of where to hunt on public land. I’m looking for a landowner that would grant access as another option. I can pay a fee. I want them all to have a good first...
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    Unit 16 Mule Deer

    I’ve elk and/or turkey hunted 16 quite a few times over the last 10+ years and have pretty much always seen deer in September. I could point you to a few spots that are consistent for mule deer and other spots for coues, not sure if they will move out before your hunt as I’ve never been there...
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    results up. all red!

    My son got his first deer tag! Awesome Red for me...
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    Arrowed this Gila bull in September with these 4 midgets by my side. When my 9 year old saw him coming in he told us all to freeze. My 6 year old hit the dirt facedown and stayed like that for 3 minutes until he got in and got stuck! Afterwards I asked what they thought of watching him come...
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    Results Today!

    4-22 last year was the Wednesday 7 days before the scheduled Wednesday release date. that would mean wed 4/21 this year, the day after tomorrow...
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    Results Today!

    There is a guy on bowsite who has a release date chart for NM G&F. It has been one week early, on a Wednesday every year since 2015. I'm feeling lucky! Anybody remember the time from last year?
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    Results Today!

    Anybody think they will hit today? Part of me thinks there is no reason they should take longer than this to run the draw and audits. The other part thinks there is maybe more to it than I understand and we have another week to wonder..... The weeks before are one of the best parts of the...
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    Well Boys....

    I’d like to see where that number came from also. Any separation of R vs NR?
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    OTC ibex

    I live in NM and have been lucky to hunt ibex with a bow a few times. Its about as good of a hunt as you can dream of. However, you have to hunt on one of the draw tags to have that experience. I have looked in the nearby otc units and not a goat to be found. I know of an Alaska Sheep guide...
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    Well Boys....

    I’m thinking it will be the 21st also. Turkey and bear were super quick this year. I think they have the system buttoned up finally, no back doors to be found anymore. I’ll miss that, it added to each years excitement. Years ago when they were consistently sending success emails at 5pm the...
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    Well Boys....

    Dillinger River Outfitters
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    Well Boys....

    Good Luck! Yeah, this is an exciting time of year. This year is easy for me. I bought a few raffle tickets from Epic Outdoors and two weeks ago I won an Alaskan Dall Sheep hunt in August. I actually got on NM G&F and cancelled my antelope and sheep applications because the dates overlapped...
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    Best in America

    We haven't committed to moving. We live 30 minutes out of Abq in the mountains, nothing really in between us and Santa Fe. Looking at a 5 year plan as that's about the time our oldest son will be driving and we hate the thought of him being down in Abq. This spot would be near perfect if Abq...
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    Best in America

    I love living in New Mexico, but enough is enough. If you were looking for a better home where would you look? For me, the primary criteria would be a safe and conservative (I know that's redundant) place. I like our weather here and would not want to go any colder, or somewhere that is too...
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    Tax question for guides

    Both. An accountant will not be able to do anything if you don't have a detailed record of income and expenses. I guess you could skip the software and have an old school ledger, but that would end up increasing cpa costs as you would use more of their time explaining what and where. The...
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    Backpack Recommendation

    Mystery Ranch is unbeatable. You pick your pack based on required size for the way you hunt and then they put it together with the correctly sized shoulder strap and waist strap for your body build. I have a dragonslayer I have had for almost a decade and it has held up unbelievably well...
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    NM unit 53

    I’ve been working in red river weekends for the last month and it’s consistently rained. Haven’t ventured anywhere else in the unit other than commuting in from abq area. Good luck.
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    Thanks. Yep, hunting with the boys is great. They will be in the hills with me in September for my 16A bow tag.
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    I will be helping a friend with a November cow hunt in 52 this year. I've hunted 51, 53, and 55, but never 52. He just moved to NM from the south and this will be his first elk hunt. We will have his son and two of mine with us (ages 6, 9, and 10) so need to find elk that aren't too difficult...
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    New Forest ORDERS

    It’s time to get back to work. Every life is valuable, don’t misunderstand me. Bluff may be an er doc, he may be chief of staff, he may be a nurse. It really doesn’t matter, he may be face to face with death and hurt from this that few of us can imagine. That’s hard, and bluff, I appreciate your...
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    New Forest ORDERS

    Burns Your hypocrisy is amazing. Your post has nothing to do with hunting. So this is a great place for you to voice your politics and world views but you are mad that others do? For the record, abortion is horrible and one of the most disgusting acts in the world today. However, people line up...
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    What’s everyone’s back up plan?

    Rio Where do you fish? I’ve been a fly fisherman my entire life and have owned many rods, mostly sage. After fishing extensively 6’-10’ rods from 1-10 weight I almost never use anything in N.M. but my sage 3 weight 7’6”. Just upgraded this year to the new Dart. It will cast any dry or dropper...
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    16A/16D Collins Park

    Thanks for the info. Is Bursum Road easy to follow all the way to Collins Park? On google earth it looks pretty small with many other roads forking off of it. If thats the best access we will take it but need to be prepared to get all the way to camp. Thanks Cory
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    16A/16D Collins Park

    Heading down over the weekend for an epic elk hunt. I have a family member with a 16A tag and another with a 16D tag. I am coming along strictly as a mule. We are going to set up a base camp in the Collins Park area so we can camp together and be close to the areas in each unit we have lined...
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    Bow Sight: Fixed or Dial?

    I've narrowed it down to the spot-Hogg fast Eddie or fast Eddie xl. Anyone have experience with both? I like the idea of the increased length of the xl but am a bit worried about reduced durability and increased weight. It seems fine for elk and deer but may be a liability for ibex....
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    Bow Sight: Fixed or Dial?

    It's the time of year when I dream of all I will draw and what new equipment I want for the hunts. Of course, it's usually all red and I won't need new equipment. But, just in case... I've been looking at new bow sights and like the idea of an adjustable pin. I like the ability to practice...
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    Rookie Duck Hunting Question

    Leave the calls at home or have the discipline to use them only as a last resort to turn ducks that already passed you by and are definitely leaving. 9 out of 10 duck hunters kill less ducks because of their calling, or the calling of other hunters near them. If you watch ducks in the wild they...
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    Meat Processor | Santa Fe

    I do my best to stay away from butchers and haven't had many good experiences with them. On the few occasions I've used them something is always fishy. Once, I took two head of beef that were supposed to be separate (one belonged to me the other to my brother) and his came back with tons of...
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    Alaska fishing trip

    We did Salmon with Rob Freeman years ago and it was great. Short bush flight out to a river we had all to ourselves. You can find him on the web... Cory
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    Elk in Sandias

    I've seen tracks near my place at frost and 14. Also know a credible local rancher who has seen them on his stock ponds. Cory
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    Who wants an English Pointer?

    Buck is no longer available. Thanks to everyone who contacted me.... I appreciate your time. Cory
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