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    Post them up

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    Post them up

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    Post them up

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    Valle Vidal

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    Valle Vidal

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    Valle Vidal

    Go with US Outfitters... Tega is the man. My wifey could tell ya, she used them last year for first rifle hunt. I was on my own hunt or would have joined her. Ha. Year 2020.
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    Unit 15 ML

    Throw a dart at a unit #15 map. Where dart hits go hunt. They are all over the place.
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    Results Today!

    I want to say about 8pm.
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    Results Today!

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    Results Today!

    Back on track.... hopefully less then 48hrs till we know red, green, or Christmas!!!
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    Well Boys....

    1 week early is only 3 weeks and 2 days away! ;) Been so busy at work it keeps my mind offa it sometimes.....
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    Call the Governor

    Couldn't have said it better myself, Mozey.
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    Youth encouragement success

    Its awesome to see youth successful! Nice job to them AND the parents.
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    Unit 51 muzzleloader bull

    Nice bull! A fighter... much like my bull from down south this year.
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    Game Proscessing

    Eagle rock meats on 12th
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    truck tires poll

    Nitto Ridge Grappler.... Hybrid tire between a AT and a mud. I ordered em for my truck 3 days ago... cant wait. Good reviews!
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    NM valley Vidal youth

    Wifeys from weekend of Oct 17th, 2020.
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    Wifeys and my Bulls

    As luck would have it, the year I FINALLY draw my first ever bull tag, the wifey draws her first ever bull tag ON THE SAME DATES! She had the first MB rifle tag in the Valli Vidal, I was headed South on a muzzleloader hunt. I got her a guide and her brother went with her as I wasn't missing my...
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    Youth Elk Unit 15 for my 15 YR. Old Son

    I hear the same from Brother who is in 15 now. I am headed that way scouting for next weeks hunt.
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    Any Reports From 15

    I got the first ML hunt also. Scouting again a week or two before my hunt.
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    I think he's hooked!

    Thanks guys! My son missed a few times in the AM, but kept a good attitude and connected around 4pm. He was so excited. It was awesome.
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    I think he's hooked!

    my 8yr old son shot his first big game animal yesterday afternoon. Yeah, he is hooked now!
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    Are BLM Lands State Parks?

    Wifey got a VV 1st rifle elk tag.... are those campgrounds state campgrounds?
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    Youth 15 Elk 2020 Full Send

    Last year
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