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  1. ironhead

    2020 Nevada Archery Buck

    I arrowed this buck in Nevada this week. 23" wide, 25" Tall with 19" G2's.
  2. ironhead

    53 or 67 for 3rd season Deer?

    I can draw 53 3rd this year or can wait a year and hunt 67 3rd. Any thoughts which hunt you would rather do. I have been leaning toward 53 but I am always open to others opinions.
  3. ironhead

    Antelope 202, 204

    Looking for some info on this hunt. I put the wrong hunt number down in my application. Looks like some later dates which could help. Any info helps
  4. ironhead


    I killed this Bear a couple weeks ago on a guided hunt. We saw 12 Grzzlies on the trip and this Bear stood out like a sore thumb. We saw him 6 of the 10 days we were there. I killed him the evening of my last day to hunt. We were joking that he was part Panda,Polar Bear and Grizzly. Here are a...
  5. ironhead

    Unit 3 4th Season Deer

    Looking for some info on this late deer hunt. PM's welcome Thinking about burning a decade worth of points.
  6. ironhead

    Washington Moose

    I took this guy on a solo hunt 20 miles from the WA, BC and ID Border. I had broken 2 ribs on an Idaho Muley hunt the week prior (bike wreck), and when I spotted this guy bedded above the skidder road I was hiking I couldn't pass him up. Took 4 1/2 hours to get him quartered up and packed out...
  7. ironhead


    Wanted to give a shout out to Bryon for the great info on the Antelope hunt I drew this year. He gave me some awesome info on the unit. The area he told me about held the biggest goats I saw on the unit in 7 days. I looked over 400 bucks in the 7 days, and we killed the biggest buck we saw on...
  8. ironhead

    Leica Televid 77

    I have a used Leica Televid 77 with a brand new 20x60 variable eye piece. A few nicks in the paint on the scope body, but the eyepiece glass and objective glass are in excellent condition. I have attached pictures so you can see the paint nicks on the body, comes with soft cover. Asking 1150.00
  9. ironhead

    Greybull Scopes

    LAST EDITED ON Jan-31-12 AT 08:05PM (MST)[p]Does any body have any experience with these scopes. They are a Leupold VX-3 4.5-14-50 with laser etched yardage turrets. I am thinking about putting one on a 7 RUM for a long range gun.
  10. ironhead

    Deer and Elk draw

    If you want to put in for deer and elk, do you have to submit the price of both tags or just the higher priced of the two. Thanks
  11. ironhead

    Relocating to MT.

    3 of our 4 kids have left the nest and the youngest is wanting to go to college in Missoula. My wife and I are wanting to relocate to your beautiful state. I am in construction management (superintendent), I know with todays economy that construction is hurting, but I have had enough of the rat...
  12. ironhead

    Late Buck

    Taken on a late Washington permit hunt.
  13. ironhead


    I haven't seen the traditional Chukar thread yet. Has any body been out? Opens here this weekend, I will probably chase quail this weekend though. We need a couple good frosts to put the buzz worms to sleep in the chukar hills.
  14. ironhead

    New GSP

    Last year I picked out and paid for a female GSP from Rockin G kennels in Oklahoma. I had been looking for a black and white female and finally had the one I wanted. I worked out a deal with a guy from Rexburg Idaho that was going to drive down and pick up a pup of his own, to also pick up our...
  15. ironhead

    8 archery late

    Any thoughts on this hunt. How tough is it?
  16. ironhead

    Lets see your bird dogs

    LAST EDITED ON Nov-10-09 AT 08:20PM (MST)[p]After seeing pics of shummy's pointers, I thought it would be nice to see some other dogs and a little info on them. This is my GSP Zeke, he's a year old. We chase Huns, Chukar, Pheasant, Quail and an occasional Blue Grouse.
  17. ironhead


    My buddy and I brought in 2 Antelope to a taxidermist in eastern Wa. in Sept. 2006, my buddy got his back in sept. 08 I still have not gotten mine back as of March 09. I gave them a 100.00 dollar deposit on Sept 26th, 06 and have called several times with them telling me each time it would be...
  18. ironhead

    truck radio

    Took this from another site. I bought a new Dodge 3500 4X4 and returned to the dealer the next day, because I couldn't get the radio to work. The salesman explained that the radio was voice activated. "Nelson," the salesman said to the radio. The Radio replied, "Ricky or Willie?" "Willie!" he...
  19. ironhead

    07 Iron

    Here are a few Skykomish river natives, all caught in 07. I have more but thought these turned out descent.
  20. ironhead

    Sheep pics

    Here are a few sheep pics from north central WA.
  21. ironhead

    Snow Pacs

    What boots are the best in the snow? Do you where your regular boots with gaiters or do you where snow pacs? I have been wearing Schnees 13" pacs and really like them in the deep snow great traction and the 13" leather upper keeps you dry, downfall 5.3 lbs.
  22. ironhead

    CO. 35

    I am lookin for some info on 35 in Co. Is there much public land to archery hunt for Deer and Elk or is there to much private to make it worth while. I am trying to get things in order for next years hunts. Would you get an archery Deer and an Elk tag or just one or the other. PM me with any...
  23. ironhead

    mass and trash

    LAST EDITED ON Nov-01-06 AT 09:01PM (MST)[p]Check out this WA buck. My friend owns Sky Valley Taxidermy and had this Blacky come in the other day. It's a shame about the cape but it should make a nice euro mount. Its 18" wide but check out the mass and trash. 6" bases too. The left eye...
  24. ironhead

    270 wsm

    I have been looking at buying a new rifle and really like the 270. I like the tikka 3 lite by sako. Would you go with the 300 wsm or the 270 wsm. It will be a deer gun not an elk gun. Any comments?
  25. ironhead

    Idaho Goats

    We hunted for 4 days in ID for these 2 goats. 2 of the better bucks we saw. Lots of little guys but only 6 or 7 good bucks. Thanks to shelbys for a little info and inspiration from the pics he sent me. My buck Darins buck
  26. ironhead

    ID unit 29 Lopes

    Anybody hunt this unit for antelope before ? Looking for some pointers on areas. PM me thanks
  27. ironhead

    Blacktail pics

    Here are a few pics from around our area.
  28. ironhead

    Few pics

    These were taken around my house in WA. This curious little guy came buy the back deck one afternoon. This guy lives across the street I think he is safe for a year or two. Sorry about the fuzzy photo. This guy is the other bucks older brother. bigger body, still can't tell if they will be 2...
  29. ironhead

    WA multi weapon draw results

    LAST EDITED ON Apr-25-06 AT 12:31PM (MST)[p]The results are now on the web. and yes I was succesful. Deer and Elk Good luck
  30. ironhead

    polarized filter

    I have been having trouble taking pictures of fish. My problem is the fish are so bright I seem to get a reflection off the water or something. The belly of the fish just seems to wash out. Here is an example I have asked this question on a couple of fishing boards and they say to use a...
  31. ironhead

    Fish pic

    I know this has nothing to do with hunting but,I took these pics of a steelhead the other day and thought they turned out pretty sweet.
  32. ironhead

    Snow pics

    A couple of snow scenery pics from last week.
  33. ironhead

    Idaho bow hunt

    Here are a few pics from our Idaho bow hunt. Saw this guy the first day. One of the canyons we were hunting. Chased a herd in here for three days but couldn't ever get things right. Saw these three little bucks on the way to an evening hunt. Fire around Challis and finally buddy dave...
  34. ironhead

    Fish pics

    Thought it was about time for some steelhead pics to hold us over till the archery seasons kick off full bore. The first picture is of my wife fish with a 13# 35" summer run caught off our property on the Sultan River. The second picture is a winter run from the Skagit River. also about 13 to...
  35. ironhead

    3 Sisters

    3 Sisters I took these on the way back from bear hunting yesterday. This one is of A bear I took the week before.
  36. ironhead

    new camera pics

    Here are a few more pics from WA state. spooked these guys off a dead blacktail trying out the new camera and haven't figured out how to resize pics yet.
  37. ironhead

    4th of July pics

    4th of July pics Few pics from July 4th on the river.
  38. ironhead

    Steelhead pics

    Here are a few pics. The top two are sky river steelies the bottom one is a 7lb. Dolly Varden my wife caught out of the sky river. ironhead
  39. ironhead

    Canon zr 65

    Does any body have the Canon zr65? My wife got me one of these for an early Christmas present. She is the best. Just looking for some input on this camera. Thanks guys Steve
  40. ironhead

    Steelhead pic

    Here is a nice steelhead caught behind my house last year. Steve
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