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    Phone Trackers

    Thanks for the responses. The wife did something w/Verizon.
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    Vaccine Side Effects

    There was little or no testing in the development process. Everything was rushed. You are more likely to get PG, while on the pill, than you are do die from COVID. Now that is a no.brainer. Take your Zinc, C and Melatonin and do t worry about it. They want you to be afraid.
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    Phone Trackers

    I am wanting to track my teenage daughter's movements. They have had some curious responses as of late. I have heard of Show or Track my Any ideas?
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    41,42, 421 Deer Tag Numbers

    There are about 10 bazillion deer in 3 and 301...not sure that you'd see a trophy.
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    Any of you ever drink this?

    AND, right now, somewheres, is a guy that is tired of her shi#
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    A tire/rim question

    IT sorta depends on how important your off-road handling matters to you. The taller rims are designed for road handling. Personally, I would keep the 17s. You get more sidewall flex...which as you mentioned will ride smoother. That translates to less stress on your trucks suspension, frame...
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    Chicken Fried Steak Night

    There is a Hawaiian restaurant in my town...they have a Spam special. 2 Spam patties, wrapped in bacon, w/melted cheese on top. Also, they have a #69 on the menu. It reminds me of the joke....
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    Navigating the Application Process of the Colorado Big Game Draw

    In AZ you need a hunting license to apply.
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    Places to backpack in southern Utah this time of year?

    Monument Valley....although I doubt they'd let you BP. But, Bluff and Canyon of the Ancient is just down the road.
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    SOLD 270 bullets

    Where ye be?
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    OTC Co elk

    I know a spot, in an OTC unit, and the elk still bugle there. You have to get in there w/a horse. I know a girl, here family hunts in 62...I have no idea of where, but they have been hunting the same spot for years. There are spots in 62 that are only accessible by horse....or a long long walk.
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    Asking for a friend...

    We were hunting a lettuce field...geese. both of us were working nights. We woke up and they were picking the field next to us....lots of traffic.
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    Weird find in Southern Utah.....

    The one in UT was removed by BLM, or humans, at least
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    Energy drink phase

    Got a friend that is an area manager, of some sort, w/a convience store chain....they removed the prices off the candy didn't affect sales one bit, in fact, they mighta went up. I work w/a gal...she never brings a lunch. But, she orders off-a Grub-Hub, EVERY-DAY. Sometimes a...
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    Unit 3/301 elk info?

    If you shoot a critter and it runs on to private, IMHO....they do not have to let you on their property
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    11/211 road conditions

    Who knows? I havent been up there. In Grand Junction, it has pretty much dried up since the last snow...which was a doosie. I'd expect the same up there. Now, the reason that I say, Who Knows...starting Saturday the 7th, tis supposed to rain, off and on, for 3 days..., the question, how...
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    .243 and 6.5cm

    Also, my daughter shot a group w.dat gun, that was covered w.a penny. Last deer was at 296.... Easy to shoot.
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    .243 and 6.5cm

    W.a .243, buy a premium bullet....a Partition, or Interlock, maybe a Federal Fusion, or a copper bullet. I am pretty sure that several companies load copper ammo now. If a .243 bullet starts breaking up, there isnt a lot left to do the job. My 1st .243 elk, bullet was high, clipped a lung and...
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    I guess that it wasnt hot in Phoenix in June, July and.August of 2020.
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    Maroon Bells weather. Enough to move them?

    I umped a game in Meeker, they played Aspen (CO is dif, SB is in the fall). The Aspen coach said that Friday was the 1st day that they could practice all wk, rain and snow (6-8") and that is is almost all gone. The Meeker coach said 4-6" of wet thick was 73 that day. We saw snow in...
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    Antelope 3/301 Rifle

    Ive never seen a rattlesnake in CO. But, Ive only been here 20 years
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    Colorado Covid Restrictions

    Aspen...twas a hotspot, and I would expect the mask nazis will be in force. Small towns should be no issue. In Grand Junction, it is pretty calm...although you have to wear a mask indoors.
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    What's wrong with this picture? cylinder swings to the right. Ruger, Colt, S&W, Taurus go to the left. If it went to the right, as mentioned, you'd have to unload it w/your LHand.
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    Well, I went back in and got an Antelope tag...ML doe...sporty
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    I went in at 9.02. I was able to get my last choice for elk entered and when I got my CC info all e tered and hit Enter....the quota was used up. Got my hopes up for nothing...sorta like when we double.dated for the junior prom.
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    First Striker Fire

    Nope, but I have fondled one or more at a Walther table at a show.
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    Out of box most accurate hunting rifle.

    No sir.ree....Western CO (Whitewater). I dont remember what I did w.the scope. It has a Redfield on it now....the optics arw way more important than the rifle.
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    Out of box most accurate hunting rifle.

    W.a pawnshop Savage 110 and factory .243 ammo, my daughter shot a 3 shot group that we covered w.a penny. Anything under 1.5" is fine. The next day, she shot a doe
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    I take it that you dont mean almonds...
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    The Redskins......

    I heard that the Washington Redskins couldnt stand the thought of being associated with oppression...inequality, injustice and etc. Theredore they are going to change their names to just the Redskins
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    S&W 40 caliber pistol Thoughts?

    3" at 15 yards is not acceptable...for a carry gun. I am rebarreling 2-1911s that will shoot about that at 25yds. Back on topic...the Colorado State Patrol likes the S&Ws. I forget the caliber. THE CPW likes em too, in .45. .40 is a good round. It will kick as bad as a .45 in that gun...
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    What state? In CO, edible meat is the 4 quarters, tenderloin, back-strap and that is it. Organs are not included in that. Everytime I carry out a liver, I wonder why I did it as I can't get it to cook worth a hoot. TR said that elk tongue was a delicacy.
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    Minimum spend for quality scope.

    Natchez Shooter Supply,, has a bunch of Nikons on sale now.
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    Minimum spend for quality scope.

    Redfield or Nikon start at 125-150
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    Toilet seat?

    Well...things came up, and we ain't staying overnight, so we don't need a toilet. 2 day trips...probably on the "Gunny."
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    Toilet seat?

    What the heck is going on here?...about a month ago I knew that I was going on the river Memorial Day weekend. You need a "Groover" for that (used to be an ammo can that left a groove in know) and it is required by the BLM. So, I look at em at Sportsman's Guide. I am looking for a...
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    Jumping Jack Trailers

    How about a trailer w/a PU camper on it. Hard sides are pretty darn nice when it gets down around freezing. I know a couple of wimpy guys, and they used to camp in a PU bed...verticle 2x4s in the corner and a tarp thrown over the top.
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    Flying with a ML

    I don't know..but I bet you can't fly w/powder. I wonder about primers. Other than that, no problem.
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    Dragnet, Adam-12 were on the ? channel, brain-cramp, channel 11-2, w/an antenna. Also, Hogan's Heroes, Green Acres and Star Trek
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    Safer at Home

    I am going out on a river on Memorial Day...not sure where yet, but it is gonna be outa duh county. There ain't gonna be nobody w/in miles of me, and my party. He can go....
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