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    2020 Bonus Point Data

    no points are gone They look at all 5 of your choices before they move to the next app
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    AZ points are gone?

    Call them up and find out if you went into the draw with 0 If so, ask for a tag
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    Colorado 12 NR points for Mule Deer

    Jump on unit 21 2nd season or 66 or 67 With the great dates u can hunt a unit that took twice the points just a few yrs ago
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    ELR 50

    I tried them, great groups at 100 with 3 white hot pellets Shot a bull in arizona last fall. One shot kill at 150 yds Only problem i see is you need a special bullet starter on your ram rod.
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    Credit Card Hits

    Hours, days, or a week ???
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    Trying to understand draw odds...1st choice vs 2nd

    you can only draw your 2nd choice if there are tags left over after all first choice applications are looked at
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    No birds(waterfowl) in central valley yet!

    lots of birds today
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    Where to leave loaded ML overnight?

    I just got home from a elk hunt in Az I fouled the barrel the day before the hunt, loaded it and kept in it in the non heated garage at night and packed it for all 7 days of the season. Night time temps fell to 14. Day temps were 39-54. Day 7, bang dead elk. 150 gr 3 pellets of white hots, 325...
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    Season Dates Premium Hunts

    I wish they would use the dates of the doyle hunt on the devils garden muzzy hunt...
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    deer unit 90-1 question

    Well Buzz, Did your friends kill some big bucks?
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    X Zones

    any big bucks hit the dirt yet on the late devils garden muzzy/ archery hunt yet ??????? Were headed up tomorrow morning
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    Unit 36 deer

    just a couple yrs ago it was a general tag with lots of left over tags. They changed it to limited quota at 400 tags and now takes 1point to guarantee a tag
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    Eastman's in 102

    Guy's wife had the tag a few years ago on the tv show. Guy and his brother and dad hunt the private ranches They use all the TV $ and Eastman jourmal Mag. $$$ that alot of you read to buy hunts and hunt on private land. I don't see them hunting the publis lands like they did in the past. They...
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    deer unit 90-1 question

    Hows the hunt going Is the posse finding any shooter bucks. We plan to start hunting on the 20th Save us one... Howdy
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    Marble Mountain Apprentice Elk

    We hunted it 2 years ago. We are grand parents of 4. It was my wives tag. We had no trouble finding or killing a bull. I scouted a couple long weekends in the summer. There is sign all over the place. Call the biologist and warden in the area, Prime dates this year, We called the bull right out...
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    New Mexico landowner tag wanted

    look on craigs list Alb NM
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    COVID negative test.

    Can we self quarantine in our truck, wall tent and walking around deer area 90, with only 75 tags and a couple million acres should be easy to stay 6' apart
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    072 -074 Nevada Archery Bull

    We saw a bunch, 30+ bulls one summer morning in T & draw while scouting deer
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    Scored a tag! Anyone else?

    max points in 90 was only 7/13 chance to draw in reg NR pool. We drew one of them
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    FREE CVA 4 in 1 T Loaders

    I'll take them Drop them off with uncle john B. Thanks, Howdy
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    The ten point turbo GT has good reviews Tac driver at 20-30 yards 3" groups at 60 yds Accu draw crank I bought one last yr for my wyo elk hunt then a tore up my ankle and never got to use it Deadly on turkey
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    Deer 67 vs 22 third season.

    i hunted both 67 and 22 67 would be the best
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    10x42 Swarovski SLC Binoculars

    There on sale now for 1599. plus 10% off... $1439
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    7 Non Res Points

    Look at the northern bighorn mtns
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    Trash n the woods

    > Unit 51 NM tons of >bottles and cans. > >"I have found if you go >the extra mile it's Never >crowded". >>[Font][Font color = "green"][size="24"]Life member of >>the MM green signature club.[font/] 51 is about the worst I've ever seen in all the western states.
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    July velvet Bull

    Anyone know the story on this bull Posted on A3 trophy hunts Says 440 ???
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    Unit 10 deer October 25-Nov 3

    pm sent
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    What did you apply for??

    >Deer X6A Archery ( not likely >to draw ) >Lassen Antelope P2 3 >under max >NE Elk Max points >New sheep unit with Max and >from the early results from >this poll looks like I'm >a shoe in. I'm in with max points for the new sheep hunt Hope to see ya at orintation
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    New Hunter - Unit 12 Elk Tag

    Call the fish and game biologist and warden for the unit. They should point you in the right direction
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    Approx. what's a unit wide 52 rifle tag go for these days

    the last couple years on craigslist had them $3,000
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    Muzzle 6A elk

    PM sent Call me I've hunted the unit several times
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    2 @ -$760 credited to cabelas card
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    Is Gunnison basin a must see?

    WE hunted 67, 3rd season about 11 years ago Fun hunt tons of bucks We saw 50-100 bucks a day. Had a hard time finding bucks over 160"
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    It Was A Good Day...

    Put my 23 tag in the safe
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    Peak rut dates for elk in central Wyo.

    Those that have bow hunted in areas 16, 19 23 and surrounding areas, what dates did you find to have the best rutting activity? Thanks
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    Semi guided - Bull 16A

    >>JFW Ranch Consulting > > >I am also interested in this, >although maybe not necessarily in >16a but I believe 16a >and 16d are excluded from >JFW?s areas for their minimally >guided package. > >Ben This is correct
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    Today is the day for cc hits

    are cow tags 650
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    Colorado Unit 76 Elk Hunts

    anybody ever do a drop camp for elk in 76 with this outfit Thanks PM me if you would...
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    Wyo elk draw date ?

    What is the date that the results come out this year? Thanks
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    66 2nd or 22 3rd Deer

    I hunted 22 some years back 3rd season. The biggest problem is all the 3rd season elk hunters driving all over the place... Stick to your hunting style and go 66-2nd
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