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    3 guns for sale

    Marlin model 336 in 30-30 Stoeger Uplander double barrel 410 Remington model 597 22 magnum Message me with questions. They are listed on GUNBROKER.COM under rooster52
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    Mossberg Patriot

    Anyone own one of these rifles? how do you like it?
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    Unit 82 for 2017

    Planning on returning to deer unit 82 in 2017.Hopefully hunting the last half of the season. Looking at elk units to apply for a cow tag.
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    Ruger American

    Just purchased my 3rd Ruger American,Bought the Compact 308. Already own a7mm08 and 22 magnum both grate shooters.
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    Deer unit 82/elk unit 21

    Anyone have success in this unit this year? Hope to get back out there in the next year or two.
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    Colorado 2017

    Looking at making plans for NW Colorado for deer and elk in 2017.Hunted this area several times in the past and looking forward to getting back in 2017.
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    Anyone hunting unit 15 ?

    I had planned to be there this yearbutsome healthproblems changed my plans.Looking forward to next year. Post your unit 15 hunt plans here.
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    Nice classic Rifle

    LAST EDITED ON Sep-24-16 AT 04:25AM (MST)[p]Just bought this Weatherby pre Mark V left hand in 300Wby magnum.Production in the 150's.May need a stock refinish but still a real classic.all I have seen is pictures,will take a week or so to receive it.Was told this has the German built action.
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    Granddaughters buck

    LAST EDITED ON Sep-20-16 AT 07:36PM (MST)[p]LAST EDITED ON Sep-20-16 AT 07:28?PM (MST) Granddaughters fourth buck in 4 years of hunting.One shot from her 22-250. 200 pound 9 point. Michigans youth hunt.
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    Wyoming antelope unit 2

    LAST EDITED ON Aug-21-16 AT 07:19PM (MST)[p]Anyone hunting this unit ? I should be there in last week of October.
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    leftover tags

    All my leftover tags came in the mail today !
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    Gold Embossing

    LAST EDITED ON Jul-26-16 AT 05:13PM (MST)[p]LAST EDITED ON Jul-26-16 AT 05:12?PM (MST) My first try. turned out pretty good.
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    Archery last of sept. region A

    Got a Region A deer tag in Wyoming. Planning an archery hunt the last few days of September. Anyone else archery hunting the Black Hills ?
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    Wyoming antelope unit 2 Walk In Area

    Anyone ever hunt the Walk In Area in unit 2 up by Colony for antelope ? Inever have been there but plan on giving it a try in late October.
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    Region A Black Hills Wyoming Deer

    I will be n Region A for rifle season for whitetail deer,should be a good hunt.
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    couple of classics

    A couple of my classic rifles.Both marlin 30-30 precrossbolt safety. Great older rifles.
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    Looking to buy a left over

    Hope to buy a leftover buck deer and a B list elk in NW Colorado . August 2nd !
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    High Country Deer

    LAST EDITED ON Jun-23-16 AT 07:32PM (MST)[p]Mid September, Great time to be in the high country chaseing big bucks !!
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    Muzzleloader deer unit 15,Rabbit Ears

    I drew a muzzleloader tag for deer in unit 15,I was there several years ago and thinking there still must be a nice buck in the area.Getting there a couple days early to scout some.Hope to have a great time.
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    Tags in the mail.

    The 2016 hunting tags should be in the mail as of yesterday.
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    Peep or Fiber optic ?

    What do you prefer for your hunting rifle ?A peep rear sight or Fiber optic front and back sights ?
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    Left Hand Remington BDL 300 RUM For Sale

    LAST EDITED ON Apr-16-16 AT 04:16PM (MST)[p]In great condition,left hand Remington 700 BDL in 300 Ultra Mag with muzzlebreak .Has recoil of comparable to my 243. Can post picture if interested. $750 shipped to your FFL in lower 48 states only.
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    Powerbelt bullets

    Anyone have any experience with Powerbelt Platinum Bullets on deer or elk ?
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    Blackhorn 209 load

    LAST EDITED ON Apr-06-16 AT 06:10PM (MST)[p]I am shooting Powerbelts,295 for deer and 348 for elk. 95 grains of blackhorn 209 works for me.
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    unit 15

    LAST EDITED ON Apr-05-16 AT 05:07AM (MST)[p]Applied for unit 15 muzzleloader elk and deer again this year.
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    Remington SPS 7MM Mag

    I just found out that I won a Remington 700 SPS in 7mm magnum right hand bolt rifle new in the box.I am picking it up Wednesday this week.I do not need it and will sell it.PM me if interested.
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    app is done

    Got my app in for elk.Decided not to apply for deer this year.Thinking of just saving my deer points for a muzzleloader hunt in a couple years.
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    LAST EDITED ON Mar-30-16 AT 06:04AM (MST)[p]LAST EDITED ON Mar-30-16 AT 04:15?AM (MST) Used Zeiss Conquest 3-15X42 ,Z600 Reticle .In like ne condition. $625 money order or PAYPAL Shipping included to lower 48 states. Great Scope ! Also listed on
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    Left Hand Browning A-Bolt II SS

    Left Hand Browning Stainless Stalker with BOSS CR SYSTEM..In 280 Remington caliber.With Leupold VX I 3-9x40. Send me a PM if interested.
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    What load and bullet for 7MM Mag

    LAST EDITED ON Mar-17-16 AT 06:36PM (MST)[p]What is a good all around hunting load and bullet for the Remington 7MM mag. Antelope to Elk? Sugjestions ?
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    NW Colorado Packer

    Looking for a packer to pack out my elk if needed in the area south of Steamboat. first rifle season.
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    Rabbit Ears Pass

    Making plans on hunting unit 15 North edge of Sarvis Creek Wilderness. Just deciding first rifle or Muzzleloader season.Do not want to be snowed out .Never can count on the weather.
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    Browning XBOLT

    LAST EDITED ON Feb-26-16 AT 08:36PM (MST)[p]I just purchased a new Browning XBOLT in left hand, the caliber is 300WSM and topped it with a ZIESS Conquest H5 3-15X42. Will not be able to shoot it for another month or so but have heard good things about these rifles.Primarily going to be kept for...
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    Sarvis Creek Deer Muzzleloader

    Looking at a muzzleloader hunt for the north side of Unit 15 / Sarvis Creekk Wilderness.How are the deer doing in that area this winter?
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    117 Hornady in 25-06 for deer and antelope ?

    LAST EDITED ON Jan-12-16 AT 04:20PM (MST)[p]Just bought a 25-06 rifle and hand loaded some 117 BTSP for it along with some accubond 110,working a loadup for pronghorn/deer hunt for next fall. weather here is not helping for going to the range. What is your experience with these bullets ?
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    Black Hills deer

    Planning a archery hunt in the Black Hills.Public and private land. Muley or whitetail does not matter. Should be a fun trip.
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    Wyoming Black Hills deer

    Any pictures of your archery hunt in Wyoming Black Hills ?
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    Blackhorn 209 in side lock

    Anyone ever shoot blackhorn 209 powder in side lock guns ? Just picked up a nice good condition TC New Englander with 50 cal and 12 gauge barrels. All I have around my place anymore is Blakhorn 209.
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    Nikon Buckmaster 3-9x40 BDC

    I have bought a couple of these scopes for arround $100 on EBAY. Good scope for the money. Very clear and bright.Several still available.
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    Winchester model 70 sporter/leupold scope

    LAST EDITED ON Aug-15-15 AT 05:39AM (MST)[p]For Sale ,Winchester Model 70 7MM Magnum with boss System topped with a Leupold VXII 3-9x50 . All in very good condition.Asking $900
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