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    2021 Alberta Canada Mule Deer Whitetail combo hunts

    I have a couple openings for the 2021 Season. 7 day hunts open dates are first and second week of November. Pick up and drop off at Edmonton international airport. Hunt includes everything except alcohol and guide gratuity. Located in central Alberta so trophy potential of both species is very...
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    Alberta Giants

    One happy hunter from 2015
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    Alberta Giants

    Sent two buddies(clients) home with these two beauties in 2016.
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    Alberta 2015 Muley

    2015-2016 in central Alberta was a great year for the deer with warm weather,abundance of food and very little to no snow. I'm excited and I'm glad you guys enjoyed your hunt and are coming back to make some more great memories.
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    Alberta black bear

    Ya Gives him a little character that's for sure. He had a few other battle wounds defiantly a warrior.
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    Bear Down!

    LAST EDITED ON May-29-14 AT 10:21PM (MST)[p]Congrats. Those memories last forever awesome trophy!
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    Alberta mule deer

    LAST EDITED ON Dec-10-13 AT 01:40PM (MST)[p]Thank you. November was mild temp wise and snow fall. December started out fairly cold but weather is starting to break. The worst part of cold weather is when the wind blows. We are located in central alberta thank goodness there is bush so the game...
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    2013 deer

    Beauty buck
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    Alberta mule deer

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    Alberta mule deer

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