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    Sports Show in SLC 2020

    Has there been a date that they will be having this sports show. An exactly where is it located there? Brian[/IMG]
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    Refund of license BE DEER

    Colo said they send my money back due to the fire here in Calif. I lost everything. Will see soon if their true to their word. Brian[/IMG]
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    Special Forces MSG kicks Butt Kilowatt[/IMG]
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    Colorado Unit Boundry lines

    Been on CPW web site trying to find a certain units boundaries to get the exact wordage on all 4 sides of unit. Anyone know where I can find CPW wording. Thanks for helping. I might have to buy the high cost of chip for COLO for my GPS. Brian[/IMG]
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    Preference Points Link

    Could not find the link to check my PP anyone know how to find them? Thanks, Brian[/IMG]
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    Jim I need to talk with you when you get the time concerning hunting NM. I left a message on your home phone and also her on your MM mailbox. Thanks, Brian[/IMG]
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    Left Knee Replacement

    Well been off her for about three months now try to sit here and catch up with what is going on. But the left knee kept me away but getting better with the weekly exercising at P.T. class each week. Been watching a few younger gals and guys doing some of their training and they make it look...
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    Sanders buries Hillary Brian[/IMG]
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    American Cerekote

    Just recently a new business moved into a place that was and had been a Gun Shop for at least 5 years but moved out and this place just opened BUT never there. There is a number to call I guess if you want to ask questions. It is called American Cerekote but what kind of business is it? I...
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    How long have you gone between hunts??

    This year I will not be hunting at all and no fishing either. The last time this had happened with me was in 1984. I transferred jobs in 1983 and got some local blacktail hunting done and that was it that year....nothing. In 1984, my wife and I had saved up vacation and took a month off of work...
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    Not all blondes are stupid!!

    A trucker came into a truck stop cafe and placed his order. He said, "I want three flat tires, a pair of headlights and a pair of running boards." The brand new blonde waitress, not wanting to appear stupid, went to the kitchen and said to the cook, "This guy out there just ordered...
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    Photo Editing website

    I was using for a long time and really liked it and easy to use to resize pictures and upload to My Pictures or Documents folders. But recently I had to up grade with a new 'puter and got Windows 7 Professional and when the tech transferred over all my files this Irfanview...
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    Cabela's & Bass Pro Combined????

    Had a friend tell me yesterday morning that he either read or heard that the two Companies have joined together as one now. Anyone heard this latest scuttlebutt?? Brian[/IMG]
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    Partial Knee Replacement

    Have any on you folks out there ever had a Partial Knee Replacement done and how did it work for you later? Did it solve the pain problem? I have been dealing with pain in my left knee for almost 4 years now and after last seasons of hunting decided to get the Dr. to get an MRI done and see...
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    Tailored for slow-learning Males.

    "It is only when you see a mosquito landing on your testicles that you come to realize that there can be value in solving problems without using violence.? Brian[/IMG]
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    Eelgrass' SLC Escape Vehicle is a couple pictures of a 1932 Ford w/Hemi 392 that has a 671 Blower to help you with your trip. My friend built this car and painted it also. NO UHP is going to catch you... Brian[/IMG]
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    BigHorn Ram Strangled

    I went back into my old PHOTOBUCKET acct and found some interesting old pictures I had uploaded some time ago. Here is one I had saved and do not remember which year it was other than it was in Canada of a BigHorn Ram that strangled it self...check it out. Brian...
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    Rain n Windy

    LAST EDITED ON Mar-05-16 AT 08:58PM (MST) by 1911 (moderator)[p] Man it is raining hard and the winds are doing their thing...blowing. The lights have flickered twice and so hope it holds up till I get to bed later. Went out at 6pm and emptied the rain gauge it was full at 6". So will check...
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    52 Years Ago, where were you?

    Well a lot of you were not even born yet and some others were running around in diapers filled with poop. I was standing in line at Fort Ord, CA getting new clothing for the next 3 years....yea my first day in the US Army. In short order next was getting a military haircut and not to my style...
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    My New Title

    Back almost 19 years ago my Great-Grand Daughter was born and I was 19 years younger. Well just two (2) days ago she had her first child, an 8lb 8oz little boy. Born on 2-2-16. So now I am a Great-Great Grandfather and still sort of surprised that I would ever seen this moment but it has...
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    Only in TEXAS.....but maybe Utah too.

    Wife is Missing in Texas Husband went to the sheriff's department to report that his wife was missing. Husband: My wife is missing. She went shopping yesterday and has not come home.... Sergeant: What is her height? Husband: I'm not sure. A little over five-feet tall...
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    I up-graded my Home Security System

    I took down my Rebel flag (which you can't buy on e-bay any more) and peeled the NRA sticker off the front door. I disconnected my home alarm system and quit the Neighborhood Watch. Then I bought two Pakistani flags and put one at each corner of the front yard. I purchased the black flag of...
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    264Mag's 40" ORYX in NM

    Great looking ORYX tell us about the hunt Walt. Brian[/IMG]
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    New Mexico Havalina by Broadhead

    264Mag asked me to post for him on this Archery havalina he took with broad heads. He shot this pig after taking his 40" ORYX down there too. The ORYX is on the New Mexico Forum. Nice piggy there Walt. Brian[/IMG]
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    The Revenant Movie

    Well I went and watched this movie today and wish they had chosen a different actor to play the part, but that is another story. This film was good and has already won some award I just seen in todays paper. Most likely it will be up for an Oscar of sorts, it was good and I had heard of the...
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    Stacey's Idaho Cow Elk Hunt

    Here are two pictures of the cow Elk that Stacey took in Idaho this year. She did not say what her MM name is but hope that she comes on and gives us a story about her hunt in Unit 39. Brian[/IMG]
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    Dani's PA Whitetail Buck

    Dani Crawford's whitetail buck. Dani is Paul Crawford's daughter that is back in PA. Brian[/IMG]
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    Seen this PU in Afton

    I seen this PU in Afton, WYO on Saturday Dec. 5th behind a building off the main street. Wonder who it belongs to as someone on MM goes by this name...just saying. Brian[/IMG]
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    FLAG MAN Brian[/IMG]
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    SPECTRE....James Bond newby.

    Well I went to see the latest version of James Bond and after 2-1/2 hours there glad it was over. Too long to sit there during some very dull parts. No sex scenes and some shooting but nothing like one of the older Bond movies. Daniel Craig is not a Sean Connery and no one played the part...
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    HuntNevada website

    Has anyone tried to access this website for Nevada hunting etc?? I have tried for 4 days and can not get online with this site. What results do you get or not get please post so we can contact them and find out why? Thanks Brian[/IMG]
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    Eelgrass remember Sept 2007

    Steve...that was the year we met up at LaBarge for our separate Antelope hunts. It was my first try at Lope hunting. We both tagged out on our 2nd day out due to SNOW that first morning. I was in one unit and your were in a different unit and got them almost the same time. I went back through...
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    Heading out to Wyo

    Well I will be gone about 3 weeks unless we connect early on as we have both Deer and Elk (cow) tags in western Wyo....Region G....and it is a BIG AREA. Be back around middle-late of you won't hear a thing from me till I return home. Those of you going later, good luck. Brian...
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    Sept Big Bucks Wyo

    Sept bucks in western Wyo Brian[/IMG]
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    Bessy...Goodyear Wrangler DuraTrac

    Bessy these were inside on display at America's Tire today....looked at tire close and they were stamped Made in USA. Guess that is why they are high priced, lots of rubber there. Damn cell phone picture. Brian[/IMG]
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    Airborne All the WAY...

    Watch this clip and turn up your speakers. Awesome. Brian[/IMG]
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    President Trump's 1st lady

    Would be the best in White House ever....wishfull thinking. Brian[/IMG]
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    How to travel to MARS! Brian[/IMG]
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    55th High School Class Reunion last night.

    We had 34 classmates showed up and 4 no shows and all had paid to attended. Today we met again at another ladies home for a smaller get together for BBQ Burgers and chatting. Before I left I was told that I had been voted again to put our 60th together.....oh how great it is to be loved....LOL...
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    Happy Birthday Dad

    Here is a picture of my Dad taken around mid-1930's. Today would have been his birthday, but he passed away way to young back in 1958 at age 55. Still think about him today and miss him along with my Mom and younger brother. Wish I had that pistol on his left hip and those GOLD NUGGETS on the...
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