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    credit card hits

  2. Prime_Beef

    Who's Excited About Draw?

    I might wind up with an X9c tag this year, myself.
  3. Prime_Beef

    non res point cost

    Having to buy a hunting license in order to apply in the draw isn't any different than a number of other Western states - Nevada, Colorado, and Utah all do the same thing. The tag business and lengthy and convoluted refund process is the difference. CA is not particularly friendly to...
  4. Prime_Beef

    Drew my first NM tag - unit 18 deer

    What offends me is your negativism and non-helpful attitude. I am personally well aware of Unit 18 and what to expect. I've hunted it before. As far as anything you've said being untrue, I'll withhold comment.
  5. Prime_Beef

    Drew my first NM tag - unit 18 deer

    You two guys make quite a team.
  6. Prime_Beef

    Drew my first NM tag - unit 18 deer

    You're a real ray of sunshine.
  7. Prime_Beef

    non res point cost

    They take their sweet time on issuing that refund.
  8. Prime_Beef

    non res point cost

    Yes. Although a portion of that gets refunded.
  9. Prime_Beef

    Unit 16 Mule Deer

    Sorry. Only one. PM sent.
  10. Prime_Beef

    Drew my first NM tag - unit 18 deer

    We drew the second rifle. PM sent.
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  12. Prime_Beef

    Best opening day of my life!

    Unit 7 (just guessing)
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    Rain Please

    Try breaking your neck next time.
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    You need to be more specific. North end of the Whites versus the south end, or the north end of the unit (the Whites) versus the south end of the unit (the Inyos)? Yeah, you can hunt the deer in the Whites like you'd hunt sheep, but getting around at 11,000' + isn't much fun. You really...
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    Just lost my job to this virus crap

    A job is a job, I suppose, but I'd rather walk through 10 miles of broken glass and razor wire while undergoing a quadruple root canal than work for that bunch.
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  17. Prime_Beef

    Unit 63 4th season deer

    I drew it in 2015 AND in 2017. PM sent.
  18. Prime_Beef

    Unit 17 New Mexico Deer

    PM sent.
  19. Prime_Beef

    Nevada Unit 192 Deer Muzzle loader

    Try doing a search. There was a thread on this not long ago:
  20. Prime_Beef

    New Mexico - 2B - Late Rifle

    Bring a set of tire chains. The roads are abominable when wet. Carracas is as good as any other spot, I suppose. You'll probably have plenty of company.
  21. Prime_Beef

    Unit 30 cell coverage and camping conditions

    The wind always blows in Guads, especially off the Rim. Definitely be prepared for cold weather. It's been known to snow down there in December (or during deer season, for that matter). Yes, the Caverns are pretty cool. You might see more sheep there than on the hunt!
  22. Prime_Beef

    Unit 45 elk

    >It always amazes me how people >can put in for units >hundreds upon hundreds of miles >away and never stepped foot >in the unit..... Try it sometime, if you think you're up for the challenge.
  23. Prime_Beef

    2nd time in X9C

    Was it opening weekend? Given the limited road access and level of traffic (most of it non-hunters), I'd imagine that the deer are going to be long gone from any road after a few days. I'll send you a pm.
  24. Prime_Beef

    2nd time in X9C

    Tough unit to hunt. I spent 12 days in there last year and saw very little, although most of that time was in the Inyos. Good luck.
  25. Prime_Beef

    Unit 37 deer hunt

    LAST EDITED ON Jul-20-19 AT 10:19AM (MST)[p]LAST EDITED ON Jul-20-19 AT 10:18?AM (MST) Get a Lincoln National Forest map, if you don't already have one. The Jicarilla's are nice country, but the deer density was pretty low when I hunted there 10 years ago. It was also crowded. There's a...
  26. Prime_Beef

    Unit 192 Nevada

    >I would have thought a guy >from the other side of >the world would have done >a little more research before >applying for that hunt. What makes you think he didn't? It's certainly not the worst unit in NV. Close to the international airport in Reno. Plenty of lodging, too. Rent a...
  27. Prime_Beef

    Unit 17 Antelope

    For where you're probably going to hunt, the roads are fine. Plenty of BLM and Forest Service land to camp on. Don't worry about bringing a trailer. You won't need an atv to hunt antelope in 17. Yeah, the BLM is spread out, but you can also hunt State land, as well. You just can't camp on...
  28. Prime_Beef

    Unique Unit 13 Opportunity

    >hire a guide Maybe for elk. IMO, the only reason for hiring a guide to hunt deer in 13 would be to hunt on private property.
  29. Prime_Beef

    Hunting CA X10

    Amazing, really. When I hunted X10 in the mid-80's, it was one of the "hot" X-Zones, and the success rate was around 30%. Saw plenty of deer, and I wound up shooting a small 4x4 on the west slope of Olancha Peak out of Monache Meadows.
  30. Prime_Beef

    Buy Your Ammo

    Colorado is California Lite. Unfortunately.
  31. Prime_Beef

    Drew 68, 681, 682 and no clue

    PM sent.
  32. Prime_Beef

    General Unit, Late Muzzy Hunts

    LAST EDITED ON May-31-19 AT 12:32PM (MST)[p]i would be satisfied with a 150"-160" class buck, myself. Let's hope we get some weather.
  33. Prime_Beef

    Deer area 30 in NM

    pm sent
  34. Prime_Beef


    pm sent
  35. Prime_Beef

    General Unit, Late Muzzy Hunts

    I'll let you know. I drew the Wasatch East LE hunt this year with 6 NR bonus points.
  36. Prime_Beef

    Unit 16 Muzzy Mule Deer

    Got this buck on the same hunt a few years ago. PM sent
  37. Prime_Beef

    51 intel

    I've heard similar stories (and worse) for years. Funny, I hunt 5b regularly (which is next to 51) and have never had or heard of any problems.
  38. Prime_Beef

    Unit 14 Rifle Deer Hunt

    I shot these two bucks on the west side of the Manzanos in the early 90's. I imagine you could do as well if you get high enough in those steep canyons around Monte Largo. Good luck.
  39. Prime_Beef

    Unit 17 Antelope

    We drew that ranch last year and camped on the BLM about a mile west of the Sargents F.S. turnoff. That's just off the south end of the Brunton, which is where you want to be anyway (hint). Didn't see any snakes.
  40. Prime_Beef

    Unit 17 youth deer

    PM sent.
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