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    draw results

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    credit card hits

    I knew that was coming...hahaha
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    credit card hits

    Just got hit for general deer tags.
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    Credit Card Hits

    Right!? I was fully expecting not to draw, just building points. In fact I was planning another hunt around that time. So when I saw the credit card notification pop up on my phone I thought WTF!?
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    Credit Card Hits

    I just got hit with zero points. I put in for some good units also, will be interesting to see which unit I drew.
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    Wyoming Unit 21- Antelope- 2020 Season Hunt

    Sent PM to you.
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    New to Muzzy

    Try loose powder and pellets as each muzzleloader may perform differently. I've been muzzy hunting for a while now but I bought a new .45 CVA LR Accura at the end of 2019 and sighted it in last summer. Loose powder is supposed to work best so I started with that and measured each shot by weight...
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    Utah Bear

    Me either, another point notched on my belt. My daughter is happy I didn't draw though because now she and I get to pull the trigger on an out of state bear.
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    Utah Bear

    Either no one has got hit yet or people who have are being tight lipped about it...haha
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    Utah Bear

    Anyone get hit yet?
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    Maven 12x50 vs 12x42

    I have the C Series 12x42's and really like them. I also have a pair of 12x50 Leupold Mojave's and the Maven's are better even though the Mojave's cost $200 more.
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    Utah Bear

    That's a real nice bear man!
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    Utah Bear

    Been putting in for 12 years to draw Nebo, this being my 13th year and the odds are I still might not draw this year...haha. I've contemplated other units but I want to hunt my backyard. Good luck Tiny, I bet the San Juan would be a real fun hunt.
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    Bass Pro buys Sportsman Warehouse

    Yeah, that sucks. Now they can ruin Sportsman's like they did Cabela's. Used to love going into Cabela's but most of their stuff now is like a department fashion show. Most of the decent and sometimes good products Cabela's used to manufacture are gone. Haven't spent a dime at Cabela's since...
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    I agree with Gunnihunter, I've had Leupold scopes and binos for years and really like them and you can never go wrong with Leupold in my opinion. I also bought Maven binos and a spotting scope this year and really like them as well. Lots of good brands out there, sometimes it comes down to...
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    Get ready!

    This is going to raise some blood pressures. I don't hunt any bull areas but I constantly hear complaints about how crowded it is...
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    Antelope Island

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    Antelope Island

    So I'm curious as to what this particular outfitter did on Antelope Island? I heard they got banned but never why exactly.
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    The orange army is rising!

    Record numbers of side by sides, 4 wheelers and trailers on the freeway today. Good luck to everyone tomorrow!
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    Muzzy Buck

    Great buck man, I do like mass!
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    Loads for .45 using BH209

    I have the same exact muzzy and was using everything you have listed. I could never get the BH to shoot consistent even after 50 shots trying various weights/volumes so I switched to pellets - 150 grain and it started shooting consistent so I stuck with the pellets and killed two animals on the...
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    Utah muzzleloader buck

    Very nice, well done.
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    My 10 yr olds first hunt and first bull!

    That's awesome! What type of rifle did he use? My 11 year old daughter really wants to rifle hunt next year but she's so tiny and skinny I'm worried she'll get knocked on her butt.
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    Heavy Hawg Down! Lucky Dude ME!

    Very nice! Like it when the velvet is like that.
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    WE'RE GONNA MISS YOU goofyelk!!!

    RIP Goofy.
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    Who gets the animal

    Almost had this happen to me once. This was the first time where I'd be doing the shooting instead of just tagging along. I was 15 years old and it was 94. I was with my cousin and father. We started hiking fairly early as the older bucks tend to head up the mountain when the orange cavalry...
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    video on KSL bear breaking down door

    I was thinking the same thing, man I’d like to have him in my sights.
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    Daughter got it done

    Very nice! Some good looking bears right there.
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    Antlerless draw odds for 2020

    That’s awesome, have fun on your hunt with him. I hope people do the same for me when I’m that age.
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    Utah general elk tags

    I finally got one after 2 hours of waiting.
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    Legal “spike” elk?

    If I had him in my crosshairs I wouldn't pull the trigger.
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    WIN a Pack! Easy to Enter!

    "I want that pack on my back!" Right now!
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    Hunting Bears in Unit 43 or 39?

    PM sent. Thanks.
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    Hunting Bears in Unit 43 or 39?

    Not yet, last weekend I went up for a few days and did some scouting, put out some bait and a camera. I’m going back in 2 weeks and will spend 8 straight days there. I’ll keep posting updates. Even though it’s pretty far back in the boonies I still get reception surprisingly.
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    Judge allows lawsuit to ban bear baiting in Idaho, Wyoming

    Great, that's all we need. Granola munchers never stop pushing their BS agenda. Hopefully it doesn't go all the way through. Thanks for posting it and bringing it to our attention.
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    Hunting Bears in Unit 43 or 39?

    Sounds good, thanks man.
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    Any Bears Down?

    Looking forward to some updates.
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    Hunting Bears in Unit 43 or 39?

    Thanks for the tip! I'll do that.
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    Hunting Bears in Unit 43 or 39?

    I'm going to be hunting bears in Idaho this coming weekend with my 8 and 10 year old. I've been doing a lot of e-scouting on both sides of 39 and 43 and I might have a few general areas picked out. Which would you say is a better unit? I'm not opposed to taking ideas or tips on where I should...
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    2020 turkey hunt

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