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    Birds of Marquez

    Hope everyone's doing good waiting for draw results to post , good luck to everybody.Hope my Turkey draw tag is sign of good things to come.I was wondering if someone had this same tag in recent years, n would let me know what I should expect, like access into unit, water , chances of filling at...
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    Sept.archery deer

    Well I was lucky enough to draw archery deer tag, unit 36.I am familiar with area but never hunted the unit before.Hoping someone can help a returning to archery again hunter with starting points to scout for areas to scout, camp,roads, watersources.I know unit is more known for its elk...
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    First rifle elk 51

    One of three tags filled,partner put nice 4x4 on the ground on first morning .elk were not vocal n bear hunters were running dogs in area near Canjilon lakes,lots of a atv traffic, lots of people out in general.Would hunt other areas of unit in the future.More moisture in summer was needed,all...
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    Area 51 sightings

    Thanks on advise on possible hunt locations vinnihunt,will keep you all posted on hunt,hopefully with pics,when I return.wish me luck,can't wait one more week yeah!
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    Area 51

    Anybody have luck putting elk on the ground during archery hunts.Would like to hear how things are going in unit 51,are they still talking,how's weather,roads?Any n all info is of interest to me as myself n 2 tag holders will b heading to unit in a week for first rifle hunt.Looking forward to...
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    All most here!

    Bow season for(deer n elk)is all most upon us,I wish all the archery hunters the best of luck on ur adventures.I will be looking for pics n story's on ur adventures on this site .I have first rifle bull in 51 so ,hope to here good stories on this unit, please share.Anticipation is part of the...
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    51 intel

    My partner n I drew unit 51 1st rifle bull tag,was asking hunters in the know of 51 ,where we should start our scouting.Never been hunting in this unit, have heard unit should hide a bull or two.Hunters willing to chime in would much appreciate it.Feel free to p.m.
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    Not seeing all red

    Red deer red Oryx redpronghorn,but green elk,bull tag,rifle, oct. Unit 51.Good luck to those that drew,have fun n be safe.
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    O r Oryx hunt

    Happy New Year mnm ers.writing in on how my Oryx hunt went.I didn't get to go out as much as I had planned on due to unforseen circumstances. But here goes.Had one day to hunt from Fiteranch to Carrizozo no sightings.Then I moved south by TorC . Hunted 2 days, drove miles of roads n saw one...
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    Off range oryx hunt

    Hows it going guys n gals.finally got out 4 myoryx hunt wentout to unit 20 to try n hang my tag on a oryx.No luck first time out definetly not an easy hunt.Put some miles in searching high u low no luck yet.Awesome country for sure,hope to be out there again saw 8 to ten yoties n one wolf...
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    Muley down S central n m 2nd day
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    LAST EDITED ON Nov-12-18 AT 01:46PM (MST)[p]Howdy, how are u all hunters doing Guys & Gals. Hope the hunt gods looked on u favorably in the draws.first time posting on forum. I live in central N.M. raised hunting n fishing our great state. I am on back side of 50 yrs.old. Have hunted deer n elk...
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    How's all the hunters doing guys n gals. Hope the hunting gods r looking upon u favorably, starting with draws.first time posting on in central N.M. raised hunting n fishing our great state. I am in back side of 50 years old. Have huntedrifle,bow,muzzy for deer n elk. Got lucky drew...
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