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    Snow amount in SW Colorado

    Will be heading up to SW Colorado Monday. What kind of accumulations did they get in the high country above the Dolores area?
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    Stanislaus Forest &Others Closed

    This morning the southwest region of the US Forest Service announced that they will close the Stanislaus and all forests south starting this evening at 5pm. Only reference to opening is they will monitor conditions. We may not get an opener for deer
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    Let the Defense Begin

    Figure Tri might want to "help" this guy out too.
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    Dad's Grizzly Island Elk Hunt-Story & Pics

    LAST EDITED ON Oct-26-15 AT 05:52PM (MST)[p]Some of you know the story, or parts of it anyway, of my dad?s Tule Elk hunt on Grizzly Island Wildlife Area here in California. The hunt was September 10-13, 2015 but the story goes back much farther than that. Back when my dad worked for the Dept...
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    Rem 700 Mag spring

    I have a Remington 700 CDL in 300 WSM in which the magazine spring broke. Looking online I can find a spring for long actions easily. Short actions are tough and they only seem to be for cartridges based on the 308. Nothing listed for the short mags. I pulled the mag spring out of my 700 in...
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    Dad drew, dad drew!

    Thrilled beyond belief for my dad right now, he drew a period 4 Grizzly Island bull tag. Been trying for that tag forever.
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    Lopes for 2015

    I posted over in the Antelope forum too and got some great suggestions. As suggested, I'm posting over here and will take all info. My 77 year old father and I hunt elk in Colorado every Nov (we just got back). I really noticied he is having more and more difficulty with the elevation and cold...
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    Wy Antelope Help

    Just returned from Colorado from our annual elk hunt. No animals for us this year due to warm weather. My dad is 77 and goes with us every year but the elevation and cold are getting tough on him. I'd like to investigate the possibility of switching over to antelope. Can you guys provide...
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    G37-Anderson Hunt

    I posted my G37 hunt story and photos in the Mulie section.
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    California G37-Anderson Flat Hunt

    As many of you know, I was the lucky winner of the 2013 California hunting lottery. In June I found out that I had won one of 25 adult tags to hunt G37 (Anderson Flat) just to the west of Yosemite National Park during the late fall/winter migration. Ten junior hunters had also drawn tags for the...
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    Colorado 3rd Report-Long

    LAST EDITED ON Nov-14-13 AT 10:31PM (MST)[p]LAST EDITED ON Nov-14-13 AT 10:26?PM (MST) LAST EDITED ON Nov-14-13 AT 10:52?AM (MST) LAST EDITED ON Nov-13-13 AT 10:57?PM (MST) LAST EDITED ON Nov-13-13 AT 10:56?PM (MST) The end of October once again found us prepping for our annual elk hunting...
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    Colorado Bound

    Heading out Sunday for southwest Colorado on our annual elk trip. Will be back around the 12th with a report.
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    Anyone heard from Bess in the last 24 hrs?

    Its a little out of his home range but sounds familar...
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    Attention G-37 Hunters

    LAST EDITED ON Sep-13-13 AT 12:17PM (MST)[p]The USFS issued a forest closure order yesterday (Sept 12) for all of the Groveland District, including the Anderson Hunt area that goes through the end of the year. looks like we are screwed. Have had some preliminary converstations with DFG and as...
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    I drew the Anderson Flat -37 Hunt! This is up against the Yosemite Park Boundry in late Nov.
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    Colorado 3rd, Cow and Bull

    Dad, Keith and I left California on Monday, Oct. 29th heading for southwest Colorado. This was Keith?s first year to join us and his first time elk hunting. We arrived in Cortez, Co. on Tuesday and quickly picked up our tags and additional food/supplies. Dad had drawn a cow tag and Keith and I...
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    D-6 Opener

    Dad, Keith and I headed up for our long standing tradition of opening weekend in D-6. Weather was on the warm side and conditions were very dry, even at 9,000 feet. Opening morning found Kimber and myself sitting in my usual spot with dad down below me a few hundred yards and Keith over around...
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    Dad's 3rd season CO elk

    Sorry for taking so long to get to this. Its a small bull, but a big story. Dad and I left Modesto at about 6:30 AM on Halloween morning on our way to our annual elk hunting trip in Colorado. Spent the nite in Kayenta, AZ then made the final couple hours to Cortez, CO the next morning. The...
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    D-6 Success

    Dad and I hit our usual spot in D-6 for the opener. Dad missed a buck Saturday morning. Think he got a bit of buck fever, hope I still get that feeling when I'm 74. Sunday evening I had a small spike fork walk into the clearing I was watching and I named him "diner". That makes 11 bucks in...
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    Anybody get their tags?

    Anyone recieve there tags from CO yet? With them botching the mailing of the habitat stamp I don't want to have an issue with my tags.
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    Wife's 1st Buck (Calif D-6)

    LAST EDITED ON Oct-12-10 AT 09:56PM (MST)[p]Hey guys here is my wife's story of her first buck taken here in Calif a few weeks back. Hope you all enjoy. Calif_Mike The long anticipated story is now told? Ugh, the alarm. It's not even light yet, what am I doing awake? It's 4:00 AM Saturday...
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    D-6 Bucks

    My wife, father and I hunted California's D-6 opener last weekend. My wife and I both managed to get bucks, she got her first! I'm hoping she completes her story soon for everyone to read. Calif_Mike
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    Hornady Interlock

    I've been working up a load for my 338 Win. Have tried and tried Nosler Partitions with no luck for consistent groups. Wanted to try Accubonds but every place I check is out of 225 grainers. On a whim I tossed some 225 Interlocks down range last week and got a one ragged hole 3 shot group...
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    SW CO Bull

    We (my wife Robin, my dad and I) left Calif on Monday, Oct 26 and after a long day we spent the nite in Keyanta , AZ. Tuesday found us setting up camp in a lite snow at about 10,000 feet in Colorado?s unit 71. We were done setting up camp just before dark and Robin and I walked over to watch a...
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    My Colorado 3rd Season Buck

    I finally had a few minutes to put together the report of my 3rd season hunt in Colorado. We left Calif on Oct. 27 and arrived in Cortez, CO mid morning on the 28th under sunny and warm conditions. Day time temps were as high as 70 and conditions had been dry through the fall so far, things...
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    My little D-6 Jackrabbit buck

    We went for our annual opening week of the California D-6 zone rifle opener. We left town on Friday, Sept 19 with a full crew, my wife, my dad, my father inlaw and a buddy of his. Usually its just my dad and I. Friday was about getting camp setup and making a hike into our hunting spot to...
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    300 WSM, low velocity

    Have started testing handloads in my Rem 700 CDL SF. The two bullets I have been testing are a 180 gr Nosler Partition and a 168 gr Barnes TSX. So far with the 180 gr Nosler the best velocity I can get is 2750 using max loads of RE-19 and RE-22. Both my Speer manuel and the Nosler website say...
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    Anderson Valley G-37 Hunt

    Anyone know how it went this year? I think they went without snow which really hurts that hunt. One of these years I'll draw it. Calif_Mike
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    Looking for a piece of elk hide

    Looking for a small piece (1'x1') of elk hide with hair on. I want to roll it over the skull cap from my dad's elk antlers once I finish mounting them. If anyone one has a piece they want to part with I would appreciate it. Calif_Mike
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    Back from CO - Long

    Dad and I left California for Colorado on Tuesday Oct. 30th at 6:30 AM. Spent the nite in Kayenta, AZ . Headed out early in the morning and arrived in Cortez, CO around 10:30. Bought dad his over the counter bull tag (I had a cow tag already) and headed off toward the Dunton area of Area 71...
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    Dad's 2007 buck

    Since I'm new to this site I figured I would give a little story about myself and a story of this years California hunt. I'm 39 and have been hunting since I was about 12. My dad has been my steady hunting partner for all of this time. He turned 70 this year and the drive to hunt still burns...
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    SW CO Weather

    So what did this last storm drop up in the high country? We hunt in the Dunton and Lizard Head Pass areas during the 3rd season for elk. Calif_Mike
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