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  1. rraney

    credit card hits

    Congrats how many points it take
  2. rraney

    Sad news about my Best Friend

    Sorry for your loss
  3. rraney

    Ever had a new string blow up before?

    had one break on me one time at full draw with my little daughter and nephew standing beside me. Got really lucky the bow blew up and all pieces went down range away from us.
  4. rraney

    2 Days Poll

    0 percent chance if you dont go
  5. rraney

    Pre-1990 Photo Contest ... Let's See 'Um!

    Best thread ever amazing the body size of those old mulies
  6. rraney

    First buck

    Congrats nice first buck
  7. rraney

    November Muleys

    Great video thanks for sharing
  8. rraney

    Utah OTC Bison Adventure

    You earned that bull congrats you and your buddies are animals
  9. rraney

    2020 Colorado Muzzy Bull

    Nice bull
  10. rraney

    AZ Elk Semi-Live

    Good luck
  11. rraney

    2020 AZ Archery Antelope (pics)

    Congrats nice shooting
  12. rraney

    Book Cliffs archery

  13. rraney

    Mountain goat cape wanted

    Stud billy congrats
  14. rraney

    Any success?

    You had a excellent week
  15. rraney

    Beaver Mtn. Goat

    Easy hunt unless the altitude gets you. like others have said drive until you see them. My goat age came back as 8 years old from there. find the snow drifts they are usually not far from them
  16. rraney

    The famous poacher

    the fines and probation are a joke wish they would start hitting them harder
  17. rraney

    Likely Tables Period 2

    Easy hunt you should do fine make sure you have a good spare tire
  18. rraney

    Goat back from taxi!

    Looks great. I’m still waiting on getting mine back
  19. rraney

    Bull Elk Archery Success Photo Contest ... Easy to Enter

    My dad with his spike
  20. 0FAB70A1-02FF-485F-A66A-4437A1CB195C.jpeg


  21. rraney

    Bull Elk Archery Success Photo Contest ... Easy to Enter

    Last minute bull during a light rain
  22. 8FE5ED28-C8EA-4FE7-B40C-0DC85B360C0A.jpeg


  23. rraney

    Monster Muzzleloader Bull

    Amazing bull
  24. rraney

    When are most big bucks killed?

    My two biggest bucks have been shot around 10am
  25. rraney

    WIN a Pack! Easy to Enter!

    "I want that pack on my back!"
  26. rraney

    Who's drawing G3 this year?

    You can’t draw if you don’t apply plain and simple. As for needing max points that’s just a excuse I have drawn tuly elk tag and lope tag without max points and so has a few of my friends.
  27. rraney

    Oklahoma Grand Slam

    Pretty cool
  28. rraney

    Plague killing Yellowstone Cougars

    Can we bring a few of the infected cats to ca please
  29. rraney

    POLL: What species will you be applying for?

    20 elk points 13 deer points which I’m going to try and use this year
  30. rraney

    WIN a Gunrunner Pack! - Easy Entry...

    "Dude, of course I want to win the pack!"
  31. rraney

    Daughter's First Deer

    awesome job look at that smile
  32. rraney

    2019 Last Day Bull (pics)

    Congrats Roy
  33. rraney

    goodale fire

    Correct but it will keep them fat during the winter so the can make it to the following year
  34. rraney

    goodale fire

    I'm currently on the fire not a real big area burnt considering. Should be fine lots of green still around
  35. rraney

    WIN a Daypack! Easy to Enter!

    I want that pack
  36. rraney

    My archery bull from yesterday

    Congrats Paul
  37. rraney

    Draw done

    X zone
  38. rraney

    Elk hunt

    cow tag best chance but still slim odds at best
  39. rraney

    Camp Navajo Elk

    This is a military only hunt right?
  40. rraney

    Wyoming general elk

    It's great the way it is why change it
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