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    Phone Trackers

    I am wanting to track my teenage daughter's movements. They have had some curious responses as of late. I have heard of Show or Track my Any ideas?
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    Toilet seat?

    What the heck is going on here?...about a month ago I knew that I was going on the river Memorial Day weekend. You need a "Groover" for that (used to be an ammo can that left a groove in know) and it is required by the BLM. So, I look at em at Sportsman's Guide. I am looking for a...
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    Shifting deck

    I was outside yesterday, and the daughter says, dad, did you know about this? OMG...3 joists have pulled out of their brackets. The sill plate has 2 boards, and the bottom board, on the wall, is not flush w/the top and it doesn't come all the way to the bottom of the board that bolts to the...
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    Stucco and insulation

    I know that this is not exactly the spot for this thread, but here goes, I am gonna get my log house stuccoed. It needs to be re.chinked and some other stuff to the finish and this seems easier. I have a bid...oddly enough, they seem to be busy right now. The bid is for 1/2" foam under the...
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    River gun

    I'm thinking about getting a dedicated rifle for use while rafting and/or canoeing. It would be to use in camp if varmints show up, hunting rabbits and etc., possibly varmint calling. It will get wet, or damp at the least. Stainless would be a big plus. I would want it compact, possibly a...
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    RFW and 12 deer points

    I am pretty sure that I am gonna apply for a Ranching for Wildlife Deer hunt. I sorta prefer them. I have 12 points. Anybody know anything about these properties in the NW part of the state: Agner Mountain Four Mile Snake River Visintainer Blue Sage...I was supposed to be in there for elk...
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    Blued and stainless mix in a 1911

    I am trying to get a match 1911 on the cheap. A fellow shooter has a 1911 upper for $350. It has a good bbl, slide, rib for $350...all quality parts, for about half price. I want to find a lower. One of the options is a Rock Island 9mm (not generally considered a quality gun). I can get...
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    The Backdoor method...amended.

    LAST EDITED ON Jun-05-19 AT 11:05AM (MST)[p]I heard that the method is dead...that is incorrect. I now know that I've been drawn even though I ain't done did got no email from duh state of Colorady. In, I notice that my elk preference points have vanished in to thin air. Deer and...
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    LAST EDITED ON Apr-10-19 AT 09:53PM (MST)[p]My daughter is looking at a 2002 VW Beetle. A co-worker is selling it for $1,000. It has 185K on it and is an auto (which I don't like). Of the foreign cars, my impression is that the European stuff should be avoided. What is your impression? John 14:6
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    Antelope and duh wind

    LAST EDITED ON Oct-12-18 AT 09:07PM (MST)[p]How do antelope react to smells? Do they? Or are they only interested in what they see? John 14:6
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    Well, I just got an email from the CPW and it starts out congratulations. Then, it says that I got drawn for my 59th choice (an under-subscribed cow unit), and that I got a preference point. So, I'm not sure what I should be so happy last choice, or a preference point (about my...
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    Trailer tires?

    On trailers, I have friends that swear that they use LT tires (235/85-16) and that they last longer than trailer tires do and that they have fewer blow.outs. Anybody use trailer tires on a car/truck? John 14:6
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    Backdoor code decyphering

    Does anybody know what the heck the backdoor codes mean? For kids have a 594 code. I know that the 500 means that they drew. Well, what does the 90 mean? Does the 4 mean that they got the 4th choice? I saw where somebody had a 562 Antelope code. How do I find out? John 14:6
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    Does service still sell...(Anti-Cabelas rant)

    A few days ago the Cabelas flyer comes to the house...I scan it for goodies and 2 are selected. About 2 days ago, I go by there and look at the HD chairs (rated at over 300#) and XL sleeping bags (38-42" wide). I pick out 2 chairs that will work and then move over to the "Fart-Sacks" I notice...
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    Steel booolits

    I've got a 7.62x39 bolt gun. My kids are gonna hunt deer w/it for awhile. The pawn shop had some trade in ammo, some Silver (soft-nose) and Brown Bear (HP) ammo. Afterwards, I started thinking, I put a magnet on stuck. I has a copper jacket, but steel core, or something. So...
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    Have you been to Supai?

    We are planning a trip to see the Havasupai Falls. Have you been? Where did you stay? How good/bad is the caf?? How good/bad is the trading post? Can I buy all the food that I need there? John 14:6
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    Lyman Ezee Prime

    Last night my Lee Hand-Prime broke. I don't really think that I've loaded that much ammo w/it...but I don't have an exact count. I need some .38 Special ammo, badly, so today, I went to Sportsman's Warehouse and got a Lyman E-zee Prime hand primer. I looked at a RCBS handpriming tool 1st...
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    Pink is in!!!

    I just heard that florescent pink is now legal, as an option, for hunting apparel. Orange or Pink, take ur pick. John 14:6
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    Plated bullets?

    I was thinking about getting some plated bullets to load. Has anybody used them for target ammo? I was thinking about loading some 158 38Sp ammo at about 750 fps. I was wanting them to be accurate at 25 yards. I have a friend that reloads and he says stay away from them. He loads a lead SWC...
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    Cross Mountain Ranch

    Anybody know how good the Cross Mountain Ranch is for deer...and elk. I have enough points to hunt there. John 14:6
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    Phone GPS tracking

    Anybody use a GPS program/app in order to track their kid's, wife's, girlfriend's or girlfriends' cellphone location? Which one would you recommend? John 14:6
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    Unit 34

    I've got 2 kids w/a doe license in unit 34. I've driven past it a ton (and will do it again tomorrow). but, I've never really been in it. Tis north of New Castle. Anybody got any general ideas? John 14:6
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    RBs in a TC Black Diamond

    My family drew 3 elk tags for the Grand Mesa (out my east window). That presents somewhat of a problem as I only 2 have smoke-poles. So....I'm rooting around a the local pawn shop and find not one, but 2 Thompson Black Diamond rifles. I was going to put 1 on lay-a-way, but he let me take 1 to...
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    Barska scopes

    Anybody got any experience w/Barska scopes? A search didn't come up w/anything. John 14:6
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    TCC bulk powder

    Anybody know anything about this powder? 30-35 years ago you used to see their ammo at gunshows in AZ and I shot my first deer w/their ammo. I see that they have bulk powder for $108 for 8#. The powder numbers don't match anything that I've seen...I think. I could easily swing by their place...
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    How do you use a rest to test-fire a pistol

    LAST EDITED ON Jul-20-14 AT 05:57PM (MST)[p]On a pistol or a revolver...when you test-fire the gun, for accuracy, using a rest, there are some folk that say just rest your barrel, or fore-end on the rest, and there are some that say don't touch the barrel, or the frame on the rest as it won't...
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    Target arrow tips

    My kid has just started re-shooting archery in 4H. Today, I buy new arrows and then glue the tips on, at about 4p. At about 6p, the tips were coming off at the a side note, when I got home, I grabbed the remaining ones, and pulled em all out w/pliers and the glue was still wet...
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    Ruger MKIII Grips

    LAST EDITED ON Apr-10-14 AT 09:31AM (MST)[p]I am looking at getting a target gun. I am going to put a dot on it. I've pretty much decided on the Ruger MKIII or 22/45. I like the 22/45 grips, but I like the MKIII Bbbls better. How good are the aftermarket grips for the MKIII and how good...
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    What is the best website to sell a gun on?

    What is the best website to sell a gun on? I've got a Olympic 9mm AR-style carbine and I want to sell it. I can't really sell it in my beloved state because the mag capacity limit is 15 rds and I can't transfer my mags in my state...therefore, which website? John 14:6
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    Folks, The local shop has a 1917 Enfield that has been customized. It has an aftermarket plastic/fiberglass/composite stock of some sort w/a custom finish...a scope of some sort and a new bbl chambered in .25-06 for $400. It is a first class kind of a deal/gun....but it could be shot-out. My...
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    Units 31 & 22 late season youth elk

    My son has an un-filled cow tag. He can use it in units 31 & 22 for a late season cow hunt. We were hunting in units 30 & 21. But, those units do not have a late season hunt. I've hardly ever been in 21 & 22. I've never been in them when they have 6-12" of snow on them. I've talked to...
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    Backdoor Antelope

    Boys and girls, antelope is up by the back-door. I got drawn for something. Presently, the Preference Points page is not loading...error message, maybe they are loading the changes (positive thinking). John 14:6
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    Tri-Star Shotguns

    LAST EDITED ON Jan-09-13 AT 02:26PM (MST)[p]Anybody have, or had, a Tri-Star shotgun? I was wondering what sort of quality do they have? John 14:6
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    New 20 gauge pump

    I am looking at getting a 20 gauge pump shotgun for the kids to use. I would have to be steel shot compatable. I am looking at a JC Higgins M21, w/a poly choke (the price winner at $175, and not sure if that is bottom dollar), a Mossberg w/a factory camo paint job, the shortest bbl (i'm...
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    units 61 & 62 quality comparison

    Folks, I've never hunted in either unit. But, I have heard the theory/idea/rumor, many times, that when comparing units 61 & 62, that they are close to being equal. Although one unit is managed for quantity, and one unit is managed for quality, that the two units are pretty much equal in...
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    Deep Cycle Battery Q's

    The battery for my Canoe is KAPUT!!! It is 6-7 years old and won't hold a charge. My trolling motor is only 35# (a small one). Will a standard car battery work? IOW, is there any real dif between a car/truck battery and a deep cycle battery, comparing apples to apples....say a battery for a...
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    Anybody got a Garmin GPSmap 60csx

    I am looking at getting a used Garmin GPS. It is a GPSmap 60 CSX. The pawn/gun shop has one at a good price. I want to be able to use it to navigate between public and/or privateland. It can upload maps, but does it have the capability to upload a US Forest Service or BLM map or other maps...
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    gas vs propane vs CNG

    LAST EDITED ON Mar-09-12 AT 09:51PM (MST)[p]I am thinking about getting a new hunting rig and was wondering about converting it to run on LPG or CNG. Does anybody have any experience w/either one? Will it start when it is cold out? What sort of affects will it have on power and mpg? John 14:6
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    Need knee surgery advice

    Boys, I tore my ACL, about 2 weeks ago, while deer hunt'N. Me fall down go boom. I am scheduled to go under the knife on 12/08. Originally, the doc was planning on using a portion of my patella tendon. The doc says that he does this for athletes all the time, w/good results. He was...
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    How do you hunt elk?

    The title is supposed to be an eye-catcher and is not totally related to the questions. #1 We are aware of an area that bulls tend to hide in...not real rocket science, it is about 2 miles from a road and the slopes are 45-60 degrees, rough and in an area of the honey-hole that is not normally...
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