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    July velvet Bull

    Anyone know the story on this bull Posted on A3 trophy hunts Says 440 ???
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    Peak rut dates for elk in central Wyo.

    Those that have bow hunted in areas 16, 19 23 and surrounding areas, what dates did you find to have the best rutting activity? Thanks
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    Wyo elk draw date ?

    What is the date that the results come out this year? Thanks
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    Marble mountain Bull.

    Looking for some help on this tag. I'm Hoping I could talk with someone who has hunted this area before. Years back I hunted the Klamath and big lagoon hunts. This time around its my wife that drew the tag. Marble mts and the trinities are new to me. Any help would be appreciated , Thanks Howdy
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    23-1 elk

    Is access to public lands a big issue? thanks
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    Topo maps in Elko

    Any place in Elko carry a good selection of usgs 1:24,000 topo maps. Looking for maps in unit 61 I have the 100,00 blm map and forest service map looking for winter ridge, hicks mtn,mountain city,merritt mt
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    GPS with ONXmaps

    What is a simple to use GPS... with the onXmaps chip. I use a cheap Etrex to get around with my paper maps. But don't know anything about onXmaps chips. Too dam old...
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    3c Late rifle...

    We drew the late rifle hunt in 3c and would like to get as much info on the unit as possible. I have hunted in 3b and 6A several times and 23 late once before but 3a-c are new to me. I'm going to rent a cabin for 12 days to call home for scouting and hunting out of. But not having scouted the...
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    Cow elk unit 31

    Looking for some last minute help for elk in 31. We have 2 cow tags for 31. Always wanted to hunt there and look over the area and scout for a future 102 deer hunt. We have antelope tags in 59 and 112 too. But need help with areas to scout in 31 for elk. will be in the unit a week before the...
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    Shed antlers

    When do the bucks typically drop their antlers in the northern X zones??? X2 , X3B
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    Antelope unit 59 private lands

    For those who have hunted the unit or other areas south of Rock springs... Is all the checker- boarded private/ pubic land a problem to hunt? Is some of it open to hunting on the private. Was it part of an old land swap with the railroad? Who owns most of it.??? Anyone know the facts? Thanks,
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    Got credit for Licenses on visa account But not high priced elk tags. Guess they want to hang on to our $$ a little longer, I'd trade for a couple tags
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    Found dead archery Bull unit 76-81

    This week we came across a bull that was killed during the archery season. The broad head was stuck in the spine. The bull was just a complete skeleton Very sad but cool too... Nature really cleaned him up. If you lost a bull, a nice bull let me know where...
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    081 elk

    Any archery or Muzzleloader huinters have any up to date info on bulls in unit 81? Were heading over Monday for the first rifle season. Scouted the area in july and turned up 34 bulls. Nothing BIG... Hope to do better scouting a few days before the hunt. We plan to hunt 10 days if need be. I'm...
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    Forest roads and trash...

    New mexico has more beer cans per mile along the forest roads than any other state. In 6 miles we counted over 400. Those were the ones we saw, I bet we missed a couple hundred too. Lots of new cans. We were in the carson national forest. These were back roads, rough 4x4 roads too. # 1 can, Bud...
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    Unit 34 muzzy bull

    starting to load the truck now. heading out saturday. should be in the unit Sunday night. Gives me a good 5 days to scout. are the bulls still fired up? I see the weather is a little warm.. Anyone hunt the last bow season in 34 have any advice? Thanks, Howdy
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    3B,Camping with the Bulls

    I'm headed to New Mexico this weekend from Northern calif. to a muzzleloader hunt I have that starts oct 12. that gives me 5 or 6 days to scout before my hunt. I would like to camp out in 3B and listen to bulls if they are still talking. Any reccommendations??? I have a hunt in 3B during the...
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    When do they mail out the elk tags...???????
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    Unit 80 or 81 Muzz elk

    Unit 80 or 81 Muzz elk Anyone hunt this area in the past? whats the good ,bad and truth about the unit. i hunted on the new mexico side in 52 years back and had a good hunt, saw lots of bulls. How is the access, PM's welcome, thanks, Howdy
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    22 South, Muzz ELK

    Only a month to go. I'll be heading into the unit on Sept 22 to scout til the opener. Anyone have info on the unit that they are willing to share. I've hunted 23 and 10 and 6a but new to 22S. Have talked to several others who drew the tag, And always looking for others imput. what areas should...
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    Ely motels, lodging

    Looking for cheap, hunter friendly place to stay... Thanks,
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    34, Are the bulls still talking

    Just got home yesterday from Wyoming and the bulls were still screaming every AM, PM. How about in 34. I leave monday for the muzzleloader hunt to scout and set up camp. What are you hearing,NM Paul, S. Stomper ? Thanks, DBB
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    Ely area Elk

    Are the bulls talking much? I want to come over this weekend to do some scouting in 121 for my late rifle bull tag. Thought we'd stop by on our way to Wyoming. anyone hunt the archery season in 121,104,108. need some more help on the unit, thanks, Howdy
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    Devils garden elk

    Finally saw elk in the garden. Any one have a tag, i'll tell you where they are. Did put a 15" goat on the ground sunday...
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    Elk,121,104,108 Scouting help needed...

    Used my 13 points and now need a little help. Would like to ask anyone who has hunted the area or with vast knowledge of the area to help me get started looking for places I should scout for this once in a life time tag. I just received my maps and need to further my research.. Thanks in...
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    Nevada, unit 121, 108,104

    Anyone hunt there the last few years, or with first hand knowledge? I would love to talk with ya. Used my 13 points to draw the tag. Shoot me a P.M. Thanks, DBB
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    Az refund checks

    Checks showed up today...
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    Green Mountains, Elk 024

    Back in the late 80's and 90's on our trips to Wyoming we'd stop in at my buddy's uncle's place at Split rock, on the sweet water river. We hunted some on the place for antelope and deer. They always talked about Green mountain. They ran cows on the place. They have since moved to eastern Wyo...
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    Res- non res- 2nd choice Quest...

    If you apply as a Non res for a unit on your 2nd choice and there are no tags left in the non Res 35%, but there are left over tags from the res. draw, where do these tags go??? Left over pool, or do they give them out in the draw to non residents? Does this make sence?
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    The Colorado way...

    We set off on our Colo 3rd season deer hunt the monday before the season opened. started scouting tuesday evening. saw some great bucks on private land in the river bottom. took a long Quad ride on wed. am. Spotted some good bucks and a little rutting activity. found a great place to camp. Went...
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    Doyle Hunt ??

    Any news yet? that snow should have helped?
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    Unit 22, - 3rd season Deer, * Help needed !

    We are leaving Tuesday early for the hunt. Need some help on places to add to our scouting list. Anyone hunt the 2nd season and leave a few good bucks? Do I need a Quad with all the roads in the unit ? please shoot a PM our way. Thanks in advance, Howdy
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    Elk hunts 09 Age data

    The age data from the 09 hunts are out after a year of waiting. Look up on the F&G web site. Need your Hunting lic # from last year, or tag # or possibly date. If you killed an elk you can look up youir bull or cow's age. They age from 1 to 20 years old! My Rooseveldt bull was a heavy 9 years old.
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    014,Chuckers & Twins, Antelope too...

    While scouting and hunting Antelope we ran into a lot of big covey's of chucker and quail. A few sage grouse too. A lot of the mule deer had twins. This area is coming back! Saw some great bucks too. The wife took a nice 14" speed goat. great country up in the are hard on tires...
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    Antelope Nv. 012-014

    Any bow hunt success? Miss or seen any big goats that you are willing to give up locations? Need a little updated info. Hunted the unit 3 years ago. Now it's the wifes turn. Heading over a week from today to scout and hunt the first 9 days if needed. Looking for a better than avg lope. Any help...
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    Unit 22- 3rd season Deer, ELK ?

    We drew 3rd season deer tags. new to the unit. Had friends hunt it 3 years ago. Is it worth buying an elk tag in the unit? Any one want to share some info on the deer #'s and elk #'s. Places to start scouting? Places to stay away from. Maps in hand. thanks, DBB
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    Big game Books

    The big game books, regs and applications are here At the office in sacramento, anyway. for real!
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    Calif. elk Hunters

    Any one want to kill an old big bull? Do you have max points? The avg. age bull in the northwestern hunt in 2008 was 8 years old. (7.5 really) they killed 15 bulls, the oldest being 15 years old. i got the info off the Ca. dept fish & game web page. Elk tooth data.. it shows age of bulls and...
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    Unit 1, public land elk.

    If a guy had a ton of points and was lucky enough to draw one of the very few tags, Is there big bulls on public lands??? Thanks... Is it as good as 10, 2,or 201 ???
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    2010 New mexico bull, 419 gross

    Any body else see the email floating around? The hunter killed the bull Jan 30, 2010 on an Enhancement tag ??? With High lonesome outfitters... 419 gross great looking bull
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