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    Genetics and mule deer.

    I believe we as hunters are almost certainly having an impact on antler genetics. The argument that does are the primary contributor is incorrect; it's 50:50 and a mature buck will breed multiple does. Example, a hunter has an opportunity at a group of bucks, or several opportunities at...
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    Breaks Deer 2021

    Their seemed to be a really good crop of 2.5 year old bucks this year (must have had a good fawn crop in 2018). So there should be some 3.5 year old bucks left after the annual November slaughter. Fun place to hunt, but not much for older deer; I just take my daughter's there, never shoot...
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    Western Wyoming Deer Opener

    My vote would be to make the area open sight or muzzleloader only, rather than trying to limit resident (not going to happen). This weapon restriction would probably reduce the # of hunters as well. I'd rather see giant deer and not harvest because I can't shoot 500 yards. Only downside, may be...
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    1st safari planning

    Went on my first trip last year, going back again in 2021. There is a good forum that should not be hard to find, I'd start there looking at the hunting reports. The good outfitters typically have several positive reviews, and no negative. Hunting SA is not like hunting the western US. There's...
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    Deer Region 7

    LAST EDITED ON Nov-20-19 AT 07:04PM (MST)[p]I moved to Montana years ago, lived in NV and WY before. It's the "Bubba" state of the west. Poaching is almost a culture - Herd shooting elk, Trespassing, Grown men shooting forky mule deer from the truck in late November. Many hunting tales begin...
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    Deer Region 7

    LAST EDITED ON Nov-19-19 AT 06:37PM (MST)[p]There's an easy solution w/o losing opportunity. Stop hunting mule deer until December 1st with a rifle. I don't understand why most hunters in MT think it's their god given right to roll up on a a rutting mule deer and shoot it from the truck. We...
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    Mule Deer Counties

    LAST EDITED ON Aug-14-19 AT 12:44PM (MST)[p]LAST EDITED ON Aug-14-19 AT 12:41?PM (MST) LAST EDITED ON Aug-14-19 AT 12:40?PM (MST) Great or crappy genetics don't really matter at all with FWP management practices... 6 week general season until Dec. 1st Some simple math from MT FWP's own...
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    Ranking state game and fish agency

    Buzz bit the mail on the head with Montana being the worst. Moved here from Wyoming, and don't even bother hunting deer or elk, just doing unlimited sheep and hunt other states for deer.
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    Better elk than deer in those parts (Bighorns & Absarokee if you have stock); draw odds are not too bad as a resident. For deer, I always went down to the areas South of Jackson. Decent antelope in the Big Horn Basin, not as good as south central Wyoming.
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    (10) NR Elk, Deer, Sheep Points

    Statistically speaking if you are a NR, you are in "no mans land" for everything except deer in the early or mid seasons. It's not going to change, you will probably draw one of those tags in the next 20 years if you keep at it.
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    Judging sheep

    LAST EDITED ON Mar-02-19 AT 10:02AM (MST)[p]LAST EDITED ON Mar-02-19 AT 10:00?AM (MST) Don't get to hung up on score. Look for a ram that has the look you like. If I ever draw a good tag, I like the look of a ram with a tight curl that comes around, with the tips flaring outwards. Only ram I...
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    Another Bad Winter

    LAST EDITED ON Feb-26-19 AT 07:24PM (MST)[p]LAST EDITED ON Feb-26-19 AT 07:23?PM (MST) For those thinking about applying. February has been brutal in Montana as far as cold and snow (2nd coldest in recorded history). 2 bad winters in a row on an already depleted deer resource - I would not have...
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    AZ Draw - 1 Tag Quota Question

    For hunts that only have 1 NR tag (early rifle elk), does the tag go to the highest point holder or to the bonus/random applicants?
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    Good high country deer hunts

    LAST EDITED ON Oct-24-18 AT 01:50PM (MST)[p]LAST EDITED ON Oct-24-18 AT 01:49?PM (MST) Agree with Deerlove - Most any unit in NV will have mature bucks. But most units will not produce deer like region G can. Genetics and probably summer feed. I think you'll see a lot less hunters in the NV...
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    Why Not Africa??

    billc - could you PM me the shipper contact info you use? I'm going to the Eastern Cape next year and am on the fence about bringing stuff back due to cost & hassle. Thanks
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    Headed to Montana

    Hyalite is very scenic & close and good for small cutthroats (8-14"). Helps if you have a boat or kayak to troll. There's some cool waterfalls with short hikes (Palisades) for the kids. Gets a little crowded on the weekends
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    Extreme Animal Weapons

    LAST EDITED ON Jun-16-18 AT 08:31PM (MST)[p]>Every year there are more record >book animals entered into Boone >and Crockett's record book then >the year before. And it >isn't just because every book >animal gets entered. Can you back this up? Maybe for elk, not for mule deer...
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    Extreme Animal Weapons

    It's likely not just the high end trophy hunters affecting the gene pool. For example: Joe Hunter rolls up on a couple of 2.5 year old bucks. One is a 18" 4 point and the other a 14" 3 point - Joe Hunter kills the 4 point. Repeat thousands of times per year on an animal that has a new...
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    CO Draw

    LAST EDITED ON Jun-04-18 AT 08:10PM (MST)[p]Betting they also wait until after the ID deadline. Approximately 13,000 more 0 point NR applicants than last year. I'm wondering how these people can afford to take a week off of work and gas money if they don't have the ability to front $350 for 2...
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    Back Door Draw Results

    Think the back door got welded shut this year.... Hoping they can open the front door before May 31st.
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    How is the winter going?

    It's been bad and we're still getting good amounts of snow the past few weeks/days. After the drought all summer, it's not going to be a good outcome for the deer and antelope herds. I hear that the eastern part of the state is even worse off.
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    Wyoming - Montana connection

    Going to agree with Buzz. Moved to MT from WY a few years ago, piss poor management by fwp for mule deer. As a MT resident, my mule deer season is focused on other states. We continue to hunt mule deer until thanksgiving so everyone can shoot a forky off the road; we don't hunt elk with a rifle...
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    Is it time for the state of Arizona to change how it views guides & outfitters?

    LAST EDITED ON Jan-28-18 AT 10:47AM (MST)[p]LAST EDITED ON Jan-28-18 AT 10:45?AM (MST) Just what we need in this country, more regulations to keep the little guy from trying to start their own business/follow their dream. I just don't think it's the governments job to restrict competition just...
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    Wyoming Range Mule Deer Study

    LAST EDITED ON Jan-24-18 AT 09:36AM (MST)[p]Thanks for the link. Some really interesting research that I think needs to continue for several more years. The information on elk browsing the same diet as deer and how a doe's health affect their offspring's entire life growth potential was...
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    Wy wilderness outfitter

    Never hunted with them, but have heard good things about Trophy Mountain. Have run into a couple of their guides in the Gros Ventre and they seemed pleasant. Rifle Deer & Elk seasons both in September too.
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    Mule Deer Crisis in Western Wyoming

    I think he's correct that something (a lot of things) needs to change Although some of his recommendations like lengthening the season are probably related to business interests. I too love the idea of making these units open sights or even muzzleloader hunts. I'd rather see & hunt big bucks and...
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    Starting All Over

    LAST EDITED ON Oct-11-17 AT 02:26PM (MST)[p]CO 3rd Season Elk is OTC for most units, right in your date window. Also Whitetail in Northern Idaho.
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    Honda Pioneer 500

    Anyone have any reviews on these? Thinking about selling my 4 wheeler and getting one. Looked at one today and my main concern was the low ground clearance - any issues getting hung up or in the snow?
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    Box Elder Grouse Creek Mid - Elk

    LAST EDITED ON Jun-15-17 AT 05:00PM (MST)[p]I'm aware there's a lot of private/CWMU's, 2 hunts before mine, and a general spike hunt during the same dates; with 0 points I figured I'd at least give myself a chance of drawing. I'm spent a fair bit of time in that area on the NV side of the...
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    200" realistically??

    Assuming your not going the high dollar route, I would say it's very possible if you have the time and ABILITY TO PASS VERY GOOD DEER. Concentrate on areas that have the genetics; it will probably take you 200+ days of hunting and scouting on average. Could happen on da 5 or day 395... You'll...
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    Montana results?

    LAST EDITED ON Apr-20-17 AT 07:22PM (MST)[p]I've lived in a few western states, and right now a resident of MT. I have to say MT is just substandard on how they manage anything at fwp, or conduct the draws. They manage to politics & ranchers vs. healthy game populations. So much potential...
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    Montana results?

    I wouldn't assume that yet. I believe fwp has to perform the NR general tag draws before doing the permit draw. Basically you have to have a general tag before being considered for the special permits.
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    Can't decide between 53, 54 and 67 3rd season

    LAST EDITED ON Apr-02-17 AT 08:08PM (MST)[p]53 can be tough either 2nd or 3rd season, if you get enough weather to get them out of the high country and into the oakbrush zone. There's more oakbrush in 53 compared to 54.
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    sad situation

    Moved to MT from WY couple years ago. Not impressed with the hunting quality, especially mule deer....
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    Wyoming License Fee's Going Up!

    The math didn't make sense to me since I started applying a few years after preference points started. $200 a year was too much to swallow for the slim odds in the 25% random pool.
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    Wyoming License Fee's Going Up!

    Also looks like preference points may go up. $75 for deer, elk & antelope. $150 for sheep moose. Already dropped out of the sheep & moose when they went from $7 to $100.
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    What does this buck score?

    I would say low 170's. Looks like he's missing eyeguards.
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    UTV near Afton
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    region h fire

    In the long run I think this fire will be a good thing for the habitat/feed in the future. Hopefully it's not burning too hot.
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    Lets play a game-guess the score

    I'll guess 188". Great buck, the inside spread/main beams hurt his score a bit.
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