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    Who's Excited About Draw?

    Been thinking about that too
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    Who's Excited About Draw?

    In your opinion, what would be a good choice for 8 points? I also have bow and muzzleloader.
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    Who's Excited About Draw?

    I have 8 points, which is really a no mans land for close, yet so far
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    Who's Excited About Draw?

    Not much discussion going on about the upcoming Draw. Use to be a lot of talk anbout Zones and Points, etc., has everyone given up?
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    New Commissioners I don't think the new Commissioner is pro hunting
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    J & J vaccine.

    I had J&J shot back in March. Pausing the shot seems to be political since they didnt pause any of the others when they had negative effects.
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    This is ridiculous!

    We need to pass a Proposition that amends some of the language in Prop 117.
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    2020 Big Game Stats are up--FINALLY!

    My stats show that the last max point holders for sheep should last for 47 more years...that mean everyone with less than max points will affectively have zero points for sheep for 47 more years :(
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    Stanislaus Forest &Others Closed

    Or next week
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    SoCal Muleys

    Is there and accessible BLM in D13?
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    Chimineas dove

    I went once for Quail and once for dove opener in September. No luck for quail, but i did get couple of doves. One year I had a quail draw and it was cancelled due to rain. Muddy roads.
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    Share hunts

    No luck :(
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    Archery Bear

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    Archery Bear

    Have a tag. Never tried archery for bear yet. Season starts August 15 this year?
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    Idaho needs a point system now

    Points are a money making scam that divides hunters
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    Senator Hueso is definately anti hunting and anti gun, so if you're voting for him, then you are voting against yourself.
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    Idaho needs a point system now

    California should be the glaring example why point systems are horrible. Most people with Max points in CA for sheep and elk, will die with Max points. It also creates a division among hunters. It is a big money maker for the DFW. They love it.
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    Idaho needs a point system now

    Point systems are a way for States to make money and divide hunters into haves and have-nots.
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    Left Over Tags

    Thanks for info. I was hoping someone knew. I'll probably stick with D13. I picked up another hard hunt A32, so thatll be my late season hunt.
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    Left Over Tags

    Latest in season where it is valid. Are there any December hunts where an AO can be used?
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    Left Over Tags

    I was hoping for A31 to be on this list, but I took A32. Also interested in possibly getting AO tag...anyone know what the latest hunt is in AO?
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    Who's drawing G3 this year?

    Drew nothing...8 points for next year
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    Who's drawing G3 this year?

    Why are we oftened referred to as , "Sportsmen?" There was even a TV show on ABC back when I was a kid called, "TheAmerican Sportsman." All about hunting and fishing.
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    Who's drawing G3 this year?

    We've been losing licensed hunters for several years now in CA. It will be interestig to see if it the same or not this year.
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    Who's drawing G3 this year?

    When I first applied in 2018 I thought it said it was 50/50 on their website? Anyway, I see where its 75/25 now, however, I still wrote them for clarification. On a side note, I wonder how much revenue States that sell points, like WY, are making off hunters? Personally, I hate points...
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    Who's drawing G3 this year?

    Did they change this year? I wrote to them to find out what happened.
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    Who's drawing G3 this year?

    I put in for Wyoming. On their webpage it states that they do a 50/50 draw 50 point, 50 random, because they want every hunter to feel that they have a chance. Unlike CA, which doesnt care really. I'm sure the points system here was designed to make hunters give up. The tag allotments in CA...
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    Who's drawing G3 this year?

    In Californian the easy rule for once in a lifetime tags; If you have less than max points, you effectively have zero points.
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    CA Draw Coming Up, What to Do?

    Try this #: "At a license agent, CDFW license sales office or by telephone sales at (800) 565-1458, you will need to purchase a California hunting license and inform the sales clerk you are applying in the Big Game Drawing. " Got this out of older might lead you in rightdirection
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    Did California Today

    Yep, I made my donation last night as well
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    Did California Today

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    California fund raiser tag draw odds?

    Well, I'm getting up there in years and who knows how many more chances I'll get...probably not a lot. I have seven points that I dont know what to do with right now. Gonna have to pull that trigger soon....
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    California fund raiser tag draw odds?

    I put in for everything I can. You cant win if you dont play.
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    Los Padres National Forest

    What area are you entering at?
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    2020 turkey fans🦃🦃🦃

    Nice work. I've tried for two years now to get one with out getting a single shot.
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    X2 Archery

    How many points does it take to draw X2 Archery?
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