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    First buck

    Wow Nice an wide. Congrats to you on a great first buck.
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    Mind Tricks and Reality

    Nice job and nice write up congrats.
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    Kids Youth Cow Hunt Success

    Here are some pics.
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    Kids Youth Cow Hunt Success

    LAST EDITED ON Oct-21-17 AT 03:36PM (MST)[p]LAST EDITED ON Oct-21-17 AT 03:25?PM (MST) Sorry for the late response but had to install a new water heater, get a new freezer(a good thing), and process some elk. Well, we made it back late on Monday and had a blast. To update Gator's last post...
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    Has anyone gotten their tag in the mail yet?

    Alright, Alright, Alright, since everyone on here was posting they were getting tags I went down to the PO BOX and what did I find.... 2 tags for my kids. Super pumped. My kids first big game tag from the draws. They pulled a youth cow tag. Looks like I may need to get another freezer...
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    Has anyone gotten their tag in the mail yet?

    Has anyone gotten their hands on an actual elk or antelope tag yet?
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    Thanksgiving is Payson

    LAST EDITED ON Dec-09-16 AT 11:33PM (MST)[p]LAST EDITED ON Dec-09-16 AT 11:27?PM (MST) Here is my guide. Even packed out the head and both backstraps. Best guide out there. Enjoy
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    Thanksgiving is Payson

    Let me tell you about a guy named GATOR! Many of you have come to know Gator from his many posts on here about hunting and what not but that does not give the whole picture of this man. Gator and I go way back to when we were coaching on Rival wrestling teams starting in the 90's. He and I...
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    Success A3/X1 2015

    What a great buck. I like the character on that buck. Looks like a Whitetail racked Muley haha. Super sweet! Congrats! Kurt
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    20c youth late hunt December 18-30

    Sorry I have nothing for you, I hope that you get info for this hunt though I am sure someone has a little bit of info. This was the tag I put my son and daughter into and I hope they draw the tag next year. I will be interested in what you see, hear, info gathers etc. I do know that it is a...
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    toad B-zone buck

    Stoker buck for sure in the B Zones, congrats! Kurt
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    I hope they are there. Will this current storm drive any more elk off the Rim. Good Luck to all that have this tag. Under a week away. Hope I see a bull to just get a shot. Kurt
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    Anyone hunting the EARLY 22N in the next few weeks

    LAST EDITED ON Nov-01-13 AT 10:57AM (MST)[p]For those of you who were hunting the 22N early hunt in the last few weeks, if possible I would like to hear how your hunt went and what you have been seeing. ALSO all you 22N archery guys coming up. I have the 22N hunt at the end of the month. We...
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    Javelina Hunting

    We are in for Archery Javelina. Bringing my son this year again but he is packing a bow with him this year. Can't wait. Good Luck to the rest of you on the draw. Kurt
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    21 points in AZ = SUCCESS!!!

    Great story and great looking bull. I sent you a PM
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    WTB Video head for Manfrotto tripod

    Gator, they have one on B&H used for about $75. Kurt
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    Early Rifle 22 South Bull

    LAST EDITED ON Apr-14-13 AT 09:12AM (MST)[p]That is a great bull congrats. Hope to see some this year in 22N. That is the tag I have. Congrats again. Kurt
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    Non-resident (supplemental) class in Kingman Jan. 5 2013

    When will the next one be I need to get it done for my son and I. I will be in AZ but we are hunting during that time so that sucks. Anyway hope you can let us know when the next one is. Thanks Kurt
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    Here is a forky I saw while checking things out and it was a good 26" wide I would say. Not sure if this is on the one that was shot but he was the dominant buck on the hill that day chased several 3x's and 4x's away from does. Kurt
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    LAST EDITED ON Nov-29-12 AT 10:38AM (MST)[p]Well if you need to donate any of your meat let me know I have a great place for you, my Freezer. LOL Good Luck should be a great hunt with the weather. Kurt
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    Gator, Sweet I didn't know that you drew. Good Luck and tell me how you do. I have 2 pts and counting. Kurt
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    I believe you have to strip off the velvet to have it scored B&C so maybe that is the reason.
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    Find the buck

    Bottom Left
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    Nice Bull. Congrats he will eat well. Kurt
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    It's currently called the California Department of Fish And Game. So for short the other California Government Departments often shorten their name. Like-The California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection (CDF, or CAL FIRE). So the Cal Fire guys thought it was funny that if you take Cal...
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    I posted this on the other topic but my buddy said that the Fish and Game department was tired of being called Cal FAG. HAHA LOL
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    Our name change

    LAST EDITED ON Oct-08-12 AT 12:58PM (MST)[p]My buddy who is in Cal FIRE, laughed when I told him this. His reason he said was that the Dept of Fish and Game was tired of being called CAL FAG by the other State Agencies. HA HA
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    Hope Not, But...

    That is tough. Hope all goes well. D8 is way down this year. Was up for archery and buck numbers a super low. Good Luck
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    12 year old son's National History Day project on Conservation

    Nicely Done! Riverside has a more leaning conservative side than you would think. L.A. is the Lib capital. Tell your son good luck and I hope he inspires more to push this type of curriculum in education.
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    California Hunting Digest

    That is a funny picture he must be trying to get into the record books by using a "Bare Gun" like the Bare Bow category they have for archery. LOL
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    The first 2 are a no go. Too blurry. Hope you like the last one turned out a little better. Kurt
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    changes in mule deer draw system

    I think that has to do with any of the zones that sell out before the draw takes place. So if a zone sells out before the draw takes place the following year they will place that zone into the "premium status" and you will need to enter into the draw to get it or hope that there are left over...
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    ISE Expo Show in Las Vegas Feb 2-4

    Just found at link what does everyone thing. Something to go to?
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    ISE Expo Show in Las Vegas Feb 2-4

    Is there anyone on here that plans on going and have you every been to and ISE expo in the past.
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    Fix blurry photo?

    This was as good as I could get it. Someone can spend a 1/2 hour and get it a little better but not much. Hope that helped.
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    A wide ram from Unit 15D

    Stud Ram is right good luck. Kurt
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    Bass hill archery

    Strong work guys that is a great bunch of bucks. Congrats. Kurt
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    New G-3 Thread

    LAST EDITED ON Dec-16-11 AT 10:30AM (MST)[p]He was in the creek bottom with a bunch of does. Then this other knarly buck came over and ran him off and he just ran like hell up and across Onion Valley Road and then up above the road. You can see the road in the 2nd pic. If you want a high...
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