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    Early Velvet Bulls

    So cool
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    Jarbidge Elk 2020

    Awesome write up
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    NV Elk

    Great job
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    Successful 2020 in Nevada

    Awesome great job
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    X Zones

    impressive dam
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    30" Idaho buck

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    Stud moose

    Well done happy for her
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    30” California mule deer, they do exist!!

    Job well done
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    Boy got it done

    he is smiling away, great job
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    Wide Wyoming Buck 2020

    Great buck and story
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    Unit 161 162 for bull elk

    Jim can u send me ur ph number. Gordon is not computer savy, would be easier if he can call u. Thanks Mike
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    Unit 161 162 for bull elk

    Thanks for the reply. Gordon has the tag will be home, this coming monday. There will be three of us trying to help him, he is 80 years old he can walk. Thanks again
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    161-164 Late Bull Elk Rifle Hunt

    Thanks this is Gordons number 760 379 7990 he is old but still can hear a little bit. Thanks Mike
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    Unit 161 162 for bull elk

    He has the late rifle hunt.
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    Lyon Co Deputy poaching deer

    Just never know
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    Unit 161 162 for bull elk

    Looking for any information on 161 162 for bull elk. we are going next week look at the area. Old timer 80 years old has the tag, wilderness is out. He can walk depending on how steep, probably good for total three miles. Any information would help. Thanks Mike
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    90/10 not going away...

    As a nr paying my fair share in federal taxes, 90/10 would work for me. I think, that ever one pays 500 per deer tag 1000 per elk tag residents & nr. That makes it fair, then everyone then would be happy. Small business in town would be happy, fish and game happy, its a win win for ever one
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    Sheep guide

    I hunted with Dry Creek Outfitters. Cant say enough about them. A hard working group. U can't wrong. Good Luck
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    Idaho deer, elk, antelope, bear

    unti 40
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    Time guess game

    friday 15 4.45
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    Results up

    heck mine doesn't show anything.
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    When is the elk draw?

    hope they are not done that would be news for me
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    2nd draw results

    There always a chance small at that
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    They're Up

    Idaho75 that is what I meant, you could buy a second deer tag, just do away with it. I know not everybody, is going to agree. But in the long run it might help the herd. Maybe they should allow people from Idaho buy a second tag, at non resident price. Non residents cannot apply for a...
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    They're Up

    I am non resident, why don't they limit one deer tag per person. Not sure if it would mean a big difference, but you have to start somewhere.
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    I agree about being worthless, for sure.
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    He is not writing tickets. Is boss say it would be a education transition period. He told me have at it. I will shoot lead, until otherwise.
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    Game warden lives two blocks from me finally caught up with him. His response was chuckar was not listed in the regulations. Chuckar will treated like a quail. I shoot a over and under so it will tough to write a ticket. He said chuckar will be the same as quail non lead until 2019. Now thats in...
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    Thats what I thought. It was confusing to read. My son & I disagree i said lead was fine. Thanks for the replies.
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    Thats I thought but it is a little confusing. Thanks for the reply.
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    Can u still shoot chuckar this year with lead? Thanks
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    Aging Big Game Meat

    For deer I hang in garage during the night. In morning wrap real good and lay on concrete. I repeat this for about seven days when starts getting dark it is time. Lot of different ways.
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    Bogus basin buck

    The reason I asked, I was just in 39 hunting. Ran into a guy from Ca. said he was good friends with a guy, that just shot a 33 inch buck in unit 55. Don't recall his name.
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    Enter to WIN a Bino X Binocular Case

    Not sure why but every time i try enter a contest here, it say wrong formatted email address. Is there a way to correct this? Thanks Mike
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    Bogus basin buck

    Is your friend from Ca?
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    Bogus basin buck

    His he from ca?
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    Bogus basin buck

    i heard of a 33 inch shot in unit 55
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    meat process

    Thanks for the information. My son will be coming from Nevada on a hunt. So If he harvest one he will need to have it process. Thanks again Mike
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    First Nevada Buck

    One happy hunter. Great buck. Nothing better than sharing a hunt with family.
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