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  1. HAP

    Get ready!

    This is going to raise some blood pressures. I don't hunt any bull areas but I constantly hear complaints about how crowded it is...
  2. HAP

    The orange army is rising!

    Record numbers of side by sides, 4 wheelers and trailers on the freeway today. Good luck to everyone tomorrow!
  3. HAP

    Hunting Bears in Unit 43 or 39?

    I'm going to be hunting bears in Idaho this coming weekend with my 8 and 10 year old. I've been doing a lot of e-scouting on both sides of 39 and 43 and I might have a few general areas picked out. Which would you say is a better unit? I'm not opposed to taking ideas or tips on where I should...
  4. HAP

    Bear and Wolf hunting

    I'm a non-resident and I have an OTC bear tag and also snagged a wolf tag but I've never hunted wolves before. Any tips or advice on hunting wolves? Any advice would be greatly appreciated. I'd love to help out the elk and deer populations!
  5. HAP

    Willard Peak Nanny

    I was one of the lucky ones who drew a nanny tag for WP. I plan on scouting a lot this summer and hiking all over the mountain but any tips or info on which trailheads or areas to start from would be greatly appreciated. PS: I've been on this site for many many years and have contributed...
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