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  1. BioHazrdMan

    Wifeys and my Bulls

    As luck would have it, the year I FINALLY draw my first ever bull tag, the wifey draws her first ever bull tag ON THE SAME DATES! She had the first MB rifle tag in the Valli Vidal, I was headed South on a muzzleloader hunt. I got her a guide and her brother went with her as I wasn't missing my...
  2. BioHazrdMan

    I think he's hooked!

    my 8yr old son shot his first big game animal yesterday afternoon. Yeah, he is hooked now!
  3. BioHazrdMan

    Got my antelope map today!

    Got my assigned ranch map in the mail today. That was quick. Good job NMDGF! Anyone else get theirs yet?
  4. BioHazrdMan

    Antelope Ranch questions... Kenyon Ranch

    I was blessed with a deer and speedgoat tag this year. First time I have been assigned to a Ranch chasing speedgoats. I got the Kenyon Ranch in Unit #32 close to Ft Sumner I believe. Anyone hunted there? Looked it up on the A+ list, it says Enrolled Private Acreage is 4,343 and Enrolled Public...
  5. BioHazrdMan

    What we all REALLY want to know how NMPaul and co did in draw....

    You always seem to do good.... How good was it? Nada for me but seems every other year I do good and it was my off year so no big surprise... Still bummed though.
  6. BioHazrdMan

    NMDGF called me today...

    I must be doing something right lately! Got a phone call this morning from NMDGF and was offered a antelope tag in the NE part of the state on a ranch. Of course I accepted! :) Just waiting on the Raton office to send me the ranch assignment now. I already drew the late 2B deer rifle hunt...
  7. BioHazrdMan

    The OFFICIAL what did you draw thread!

    Let's hear it! 2b late rifle deer for me! Also unit 15 ML cow tag! Whoo hooo!
  8. BioHazrdMan

    Draw Results Backdoor!

    Ok... MAYBE not quite but I think (correct me if I am wrong) that the draw results are back to April 23rd. I thought that on the NMDGF website it had said April 30th.... but looking today it says April 23rd! So if you are thinking the 30th still maybe you will get backdoored on the 23rd or...
  9. BioHazrdMan

    1st Speedgoat kill post of '13!!!

    I just wanted to be the first at something... Ha. Unit 50/52 muzzleloader hunt. Tagged out opening morning (today) at 11:30 or so. Chasing em all morning then sit my tired happy butt down for lunch and they were nice enough to let me finish before walking out in front of me. Taking good pics on...
  10. BioHazrdMan

    Fun with my TC Triumph at 200yds

    Took my ML out today to get ready for my upcoming ML antelope hunt. Goal for today was to be comfortable out to 200yds... Here is my setup. TC Triumph Bone Collector with Leupold UltimateSlam 3-9x40mm scope. At 200yds here is what it looked like. After shot #1, and #2 I made a adjustment and...
  11. BioHazrdMan

    Leftover tag list is up.

    For those interested, the leftover tag list us up on the NMDGF website and tags go on sale July 11th at 10:00am! First come, first serve so better be quick! :)
  12. BioHazrdMan

    Who's done and who's not?

    With the draw a week away who is all done applying and who is waiting till the last minute to crash the system??? I'm happy to say I am done! A buddy attaching to my app, well, I guess he's waiting till the last minute.
  13. BioHazrdMan

    ML freezer hunt sucess!!!

    My hunting season started in December... after months of waiting I am hunting offrange oryx and just got back from my ML cow elk hunt. No luck yet on the oryx... Elk hunting... with some snow we didn't hunt where I had previously scouted. To high with too much snow. So new to the area... Day...
  14. BioHazrdMan

    Unit 15?

    Well, I have a late ML cow hunt (Dec 10th - 15th) in unit 15. Went scouting over the summer and into the first part of Sep. but then work started out of town and couldn't get back. I don't know that the elk will be in the same area on this late hunt. Any tips on good areas if I can't find them...
  15. BioHazrdMan

    Where are all the oryx pics???

    There has been a few on range hunts lately... and off range hunting year round... but NO pics on here since (I think) July!?!? Anybody been hunting? I got a Dec off range hunt and am getting pumped to go!!! :)
  16. BioHazrdMan

    2010-11 Elk Harvest Report

    LAST EDITED ON Aug-02-11 AT 08:51PM (MST)[p]Did you notice it's out now? Think it's been out for a few days! 40% success rate last year for my hunt this year! I like my odds! :) Just a cow tag, but I'm stoked! Gotta wait till Dec to hunt though!!! Linky...
  17. BioHazrdMan

    Good Luck on July off range oryx!!!

    I know there are at least a couple MM members that have the July off range oryx hunt. Good Luck!!! Shoot a big one and take lots of pics! It keeps the rest of us sane seeing some hunting pics till our hunts come up! Mine is in December offrange... Oh yeah, and try to stay cool and not start any...
  18. BioHazrdMan


    Ok, here goes. Why lie? I have never even seen a blade of grass in Unit 15 but applied anyways and got drawn! :) Dec 10-14 ML cow hunt! I am fat, lazy, and have no intention of scouting one bit. I am not looking for general areas to hunt, I want honey holes and GPS coordinates!!! Preferably a...
  19. BioHazrdMan

    Changed CC and now...???

    Got a call from my CC company a few days ago, had a fraud charge and they closed the account and got me a new card with different numbers. Don't think it will affect the draw at all since all the hunts were pay up front, but (hopefully not) if I get a refund to a old account #### what'll happen...
  20. BioHazrdMan

    Got my oryx tag in the mail today!

    Wow, that was quick! Didn't expect it for another couple of weeks! Good year for me already! Better then last year anyways... :)
  21. BioHazrdMan

    It's that time of year again...

    ...when there is not much hunting going on and the New Mexico section turns into a lot of political talk (or whatever you wanna call it). I don't get into it much, I'm just waiting for the next draw to see if NM is nice to me this year (nicer then last year anyways)! I had a fun archery...
  22. BioHazrdMan

    Navajo Nation doe hunt! Unit #12 ???

    Hey guys! I usually visit the New Mexico section... but this hunt is in AZ so thought you might lend a hand! Taking my niece hunting for a doe on the Navajo Nation unit #12. Went up there 2 weeks ago scouting and saw a few deer kinda high but thinking it might snow before the hunt on November...
  23. BioHazrdMan

    Got my Antelope tag but no ###?

    Got my Antelope Population Management hunt tag (ANT-5-100) along with the wifeys in the mail yesterday but there is no ranking number on it! I know last year they screwed up the numbers, but there is NO ranking number this year. Anybody else get there tag yet? Guess I'll be calling or stopping...
  24. BioHazrdMan

    Taxidermists at McGregor Oryx Hunt??

    I know for the Stallion range hunt there are taxidermists camped outside the gate, is it the same at the McGregor Range hunt? I have the March hunt and if I 1) get lucky and get one that I would like to mount 2) be able to load it in the truck without quartering it Then I would rather pay the...
  25. BioHazrdMan

    Upcoming Fort Bliss/McGregor Range Oryx Hunt?

    I was lucky enough to get drawn for a oryx hunt in Feburary on the Fort Bliss/McGregor range! I have NOT received ANYTHING from them as far as instructions, access fee, maps.... Is this normal? Has anyone else hunted there or got drawn there and received anything yet? Is Fort Bliss/McGregor...
  26. BioHazrdMan

    Wifey's and My NM Bucks

    Well, I am kinda new here, but seems like a great place! Here is the Wifey's and My NM Unit 37 Bucks! Both got on the second day of the hunt. Hers was Sunday evening we walked the long way (1.5 miles) to the edge of a meadow... saw a buck and 3 doe 400 or 500 yds. away. sun had just gone down so...
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