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    2020 Bonus Point Data

    Bonus point and preference point is very different. Bonus points doesn’t really allow for point creep when preference point does. I know guys that have drawn bull tags with zero points in Nevada
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    How wide is he?

    What unit? Head size differs quite a bit in some units.
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    Bull Elk Hunt 161-164,171-173

    Bull or cow? What are the season dates?
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    051 youth deer

    Figured I should get back on and post a pic of my sons first buck. This was my first year in the unit. Didn’t see a ton of bucks but we did see some good ones. This was our 4th trip and he said he was gonna shoot the first buck he saw. He did indeed and it worked out perfect. Thanks to...
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    Wells area camping spot

    Take a look at the winecup area. Lots of places to put a trailer
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    051 youth deer

    Hey everybody, my 12 year old son drew his first deer tag this year in 051. We went scouting once, and hunted once during archery. He missed a couple bucks with his bow so now onto rifle. I am posting on here hoping to get a starting point we haven’t tried yet. Due to a foot injury, I’m not...
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    Nevada 162 wilderness

    I have. Feel free to pm me
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    Nevada 162 wilderness

    It’s a good unit for both. Archery deer in there is fun. Elk is fun too if you’re not afraid to hike
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    Nevada 162 wilderness

    Deer or elk?
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    It will depend on the dolphin populations in the lakes in those counties.
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    Rut activity?

    Hey all, leaving for my bull hunt in two days and curious if anybody has been seeing rut activity in the north yet?
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    Area 6 late cow elk

    Big 6. I am very familiar with 61/71.
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    Area 6 late cow elk

    Anybody have any insight on where the elk in area 6 winter at? A buddy of mine drew a late cow tag in there and I will be going with him. I have been in that unit but it isn’t one I put in for. Any starting points would be appreciated. thanks
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    Meat Locker/Storage In Elko/Wells Area

    In October you should be able to just hang the meat from a tree for the week. Definitely cold enough
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    Otter hunting

    If you did your homework you would know that otters are only legal to take in certain counties, and washoe isn’t one of them. If you are such an avid outdoorsman it would seem you wouldn’t get on this site and ask so many stupid questions. I’m beginning to think you just get on here to get a...
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    Anyone Scouting?

    That’s a stud there
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    Pine Nuts Fire...

    Used to be good hunting up there
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    181-184 Second Draw Archery

    Feel free to pm me.
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    Unit 61, 62, 64, 71 & 73 Antelope

    That’s the Charleston jarbidge road?
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    Humboldt-toiyabe National Forest

    Might be bragging rights in California, maybe you should go post in their thread. You can’t teach common sense and you can’t fix stupid......
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    072 -074 bull Elk

    I know the trail you were on, there will be water in it all year. Pretty good fishing in it though if you have time
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    Unit 61, 62, 64, 71 & 73 Antelope

    Did you see any sheep herders in the high country? I have the 072 muzzle bull tag and when the sheep herders are in there it changes everything
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    tag just showed up?

    Feel free to pm me
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    072 -074 bull Elk

    If your willing to work for one you may check out the gods pocket area. Not many guys are willing to do it but you will find elk, probably more in archery than some of the other spots you mentioned
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    tag just showed up?

    Great tag
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    Unit 61, 62, 64, 71 & 73 Antelope

    Sunflower flat is a good starting point.
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    Norther Nevada taxidermy

    Appreciate the info guys thanks
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    Norther Nevada taxidermy

    Hey fellas, Does anybody have a taxidermist in the Fallon/Reno/Carson area they recommend? I have seen a lot of different work come out of these areas I am not extremely impressed with. any pictures you may have would be appreciated. Happy hunting.
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    Mule Deer 171-173 muzzleloader

    I know the unit pretty well. Pm me
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    Unit 071-079,91 Muley Doe

    I wouldn’t do copper mountain for a doe. I would look more in the wine cup area. Should be about a 20 minute hunt
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    Antlerless Elk unit 61 and 71

    Pm me, I know the unit well
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    Thoughts on purposed changes

    I think the changes they have made this year already will help a lot more people draw as it is. Now a person can only draw one elk tag, and the “dell” tag was done away with. In addition if one person in a party turns in a tag they all turn in a tag. This will help with the folks who have...
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    19 NR Points for ELK

    I used to put in for 072 but the last few years there have just been too many people in there...guides and non guides. The way they have broken the seasons all up combined with the number of tags they give out makes it really tough. Last time I was in there two year’s ago I was over 6 miles in...
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    Mule Deer Counties

    Out of curiously why would you want to know that? All three of the counties you list hold big deer. I think in some areas a lot of deer don't get a chance to get to get that old. Of the three you listed I think Esmeralda might have the worst genetics but there are some big deer in there too...
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    Any idea on score on this buck?

    I don't see 182 on this buck.
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    Unit 61/71 Late Cow

    Pm me, I'll give you some info Josh
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    Nevada Unit 108 first time Mule deer hunt

    You have all of area 10 correct?
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